Bands: D-A-D, 77 & Taras

Venue: The Garage, London

Date: 3 April 2014



30 years in the music business are a long time and rarely achieved, so it was no surprise when D-A-D invited to a night full of rock n roll at The Garage, London, on the 3rd of April to celebrate that success.


To my surprise the night started out with Taras, a girl band from Denmark. Nevertheless, if you expect Avril Lavigne pop-rock, you are wrong. These chicks rock the stage with a raw, slightly grungy sound and a full on rock n' roll attitude – think The Runaways or Hole.



Cecilie’s deep, rough voice and kickass attitude reminded of a young Joan Jett while Sara’s drumming created a catchy and energetic beat which made me think of some Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs.  Natasja’s power chords and short solo added to the rough sound. You could clearly see that the girls were enjoying themselves – finally living the opportunity they had been given after winning the audition to support D-A-D in Denmark.


After a shy start, they quickly upped their game and won the audience over making people clap along slowly to their songs. A great band to start the gig with and definitely worth checking out!


This was followed by Spanish band 77 who basically blew your mind. I have been to many local gigs, seen many bands, but very rarely have I seen a band with so much energy. Not only were they entertaining and engaging with the audience a lot but their performance was full on crazy and wild. The main troublemaker, lead guitarist Lg Valeta, reminded of AC/DC’s Angus Young jumping around on stage and to everyone’s surprise into the audience. He basically ran around in the audience playing his catchy hard rock melodies, jumped back on stage and pointed his guitar like a gun at the excited crowd.  Singer Armand Valeta’s high pitched voice reminded of Bon Scott in Highway to Hell and was accompanied by drummer Dolphin’s catchy beat and Raw’s bassline.



This band blasts with energy and once they started playing a song from their second album, they had already won over the crowd who enthusiastically clapped along and banged their heads. Exactly how rock n' roll should be!


This was topped by D-A-D’s energetic and diversified performance. One of the reasons for it being diversified was Stig Pedersen’s unique 2-string bass collection that included bass guitars in a shape of a rocket, back of a car, buffalo skeleton, guitar that had been turned around and a transparent one with lights.


The performance was full of great guitar and drum solos thanks to guitarist Jacob Binzer and drummer Laust Sonne. All accompanied by Stig Pedersen’s catchy bassline and punk rock manner which he proved by jumping on the drum set. All the while Jesper Binzer’s powerful voice filled the room with the lyrics to tunes like 'I Want What She’s Got', 'Sleeping My Day Away' and 'I Won’t Cut My Hair' all of which made the audience sing along. In the second encore D-A-D played two slow, acoustic numbers 'Laugh 'n' a ½' and 'It’s After Dark' that created a magical atmosphere when Jesper Binzer stopped singing for a few minutes and the crowd sang the lyrics out load, smiling, swaying and enjoying themselves.


You could clearly see that the more songs went by, the more excited the audience got. They clapped, started dancing, engaged with Jesper Binzer who also jumped of stage to sing directly in front of the first row and who also laughed at his little story about how Islington got its name. You could tell a lot of them were die-hard fans that had been with the band for many years and loved every single song. The 30 years of hard work and dedication D-A-D have put into their career had paid off and it was beautiful to see how they enjoyed every minute of being on stage making music.

D-A-D’s '30 YEARS 30 HITS – Best of D-A-D 1984 - 2014' gig at the Garage in London was a proper rock gig filled with great songs and a passion for music while blasting with energy and making the crowd go crazy. Totally worth it.

Setlist: Jihad, Evil Twin, Overmuch, Jackie O', Point of View, Grow or Pay, Reconstrucdead, Monster Philosophy, Everything Glows, I Want What She's Got, Sleeping My Day Away.

Encore: Bad Craziness, I Won't Cut My Hair; Encore 2: Laugh 'n' a ½, It's After Dark

Review by: Anna Zurek





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