Band: Fahran

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 25 July 2014



In today’s high speed internet, social media dominated world you’d think a venue would promote the bands on their gig list a little better, as it was just a few days prior to Friday’s show that we found out that Fahran were playing Trillians, this once sacred Rock venue. 

In fact it was only a few months ago that Trillians was threatened by permanent closure, until a local brewery rescued Newcastle’s famous Rock Bar.  However sadly now without any proper promotion of the bands playing there, I’m afraid history will repeat itself.  OK, rant over now and on to the main reason for our return to Trillians.  As I looked around the venue I could see one Fahran poster advertising the show. 

After catching Fahran at S.O.S. Fest the weekend before and recently in support of Eden’s Curse in Wakefield, I was really looking forward to catching the guys again performing a full set. 

Matt and the rest of the band consisting of Jake, Chris, Josh and JR, set about their task in front of a handful of fans, a few regulars and some passing trade, but put on show worthy of hundreds.  Opening up with ‘Silver Scene’ taken from the debuts self titled debut album, (which originally had Nick on vocals), but this is a song Matt has made his own and it sounded great. 

However it was on the new material that the band were able to really show just how far Fahran have progressed as a band since their debut.  We got the first taste of this as the band went to the new album ‘Chasing Hours’ for the groove filled rocker ‘Take The City Alive’.  A real barnstormer which showcased perfectly the twin guitars of Jake and Chris so well.  The pair were throwing out the licks like six string confetti, all the while the powerhouse rhythm section of Josh and JR on bass and drums respectively, laid down the perfect foundation for rest of the band to build on.  All the while Matt stood centre front and delivered the perfect Hard Rock vocal.

Their no-nonsense rock continued with ‘Serenade’ from the debut album.  This slower number showed the diversity of the band sound, then it was back to the new material for the groove filled hard rocking of ‘A Heard A Joke Once’, before the simply stunning hard hitting ‘Cased In Steel’.  Then it was straight into another slow burning rocker ‘Long Gone’, another song taken from the bands stunning new album. 

It was time for another slow burning slice of Melodic Hard Rock courtesy of the title track off the new album ‘Chasing Hours’.  Always a fan of a great drum solo, before the next song, JR set about showing us all just what a great skinsman he is, as he just punished the drum kit.  He was just a blurring whirlwind of flailing arms and sticks.     

Now this was old school rock n’ roll at it best and it continued with massive riffs of ‘Some Kind of Family’ and the thumping rock of ‘Are We Free’.  This one had a few of the Trillians regulars head-banging along down the front and even had a few dancing along as well. 

It was back to the more traditional hard rock for ‘You Could Be Mine’, before back-to-back songs, first up the dark tones of ‘Black Mirror’, which was probably the heaviest song of the set, which was followed seamlessly by the melodic rocker ‘Storms We Ride’. 

It was pedal to metal once more with one of my favourite tracks off the new album, the excellent ‘A Thousand Nights’.  A song which I think should be the next single from the album.  This one just rocks big style and Matt really gave his all on this one. 

It was back to the band’s debut album for ‘Ashes’ before the set was closed in style with ‘Stay Alive’, which rounded off a great set.  It’s just a pity there wasn’t more of a crowd in attendance tonight because the guys deserved it.  They put on one hell of a show and I would highly recommend you check them out if you get the chance.  

Review by: Barry McMinn





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