Bands: Lit, Blame & Electric River

Venue: The Electric Ballroom, London

Date: 14 May 2014



When you live in London it is almost inevitable not to go to a gig at the Electric Ballroom, a great venue that has welcomed many amazing bands. Yet I have never experienced a show there that had an arena feel to it until American band Lit overtook the venue on Thursday for their "15th Anniversary of A Place in the Sun" tour.

But that was not the only pleasant surprise of the evening.  It already started with the first band that came to support Lit, Electric River who filled the venue with an air of Pearl Jam with a touch of Green Day and The Eels.  Although London-based crowds normally tend to be sceptical of supporting acts, Electric River managed to get them to sing along to one of their songs at the end of their set.  Their catchy songs that combine a lot of influences ranging from pop punk to grunge and alternative rock together with their passion for music and great interaction as a band on-stage established a rare connection with the audience that led to the perfect start of a great night.  Watch out, you will be hearing more about these guys in no time. 


The next band, Blame, on the other hand reminded more of The Foo Fighters or a happier version of Nirvana.  Especially the last song of their set that made the crowd move their heads in appreciation. In their set they also made a tribute to Kurt Cobain, one of their major influences, by playing 'Molly’s Lips'. 

Then the moment came the crowd had obviously been waiting for the whole night and it was nothing less than impressive. While Electric River and Blame had been on, the stage had been divided by a big curtain.  Once Lit’s set started, the curtain dropped to the floor revealing a stage that was twice as big with impressive lighting that made you feel like you suddenly had entered a big concert at an arena.  This was all heightened by the band’s energy and incredible presence.  Singer Jay Popoff sang his heart out while also moving up and down the stage and constantly interacting with his fans.  His movements reminded me of the likes of Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Eddie Vedder.  From time to time he would even jump off stage to shake hands or hug the crowd in the first few rows and then jump back on stage again to interact with his band members.

They build an incredible atmosphere with their catchy and heartfelt songs that reminded of Shinedown or Alter Bridge and made the crowd sing along enthusiastically and jump around energetically.  Guitarist Jeremy Popoff offered heavy, but at the same time melodic guitar riffs while bassist Kevin Baldes’ and drummer Nathan Walker’s bass and drum-line were catchy, especially during the solo in one of their breaks.  

At the end of the set, during the encore, Jay Popoff shared a bottle of Jägermeister with his band members and fans while ending a great gig with an even greater song and a gesture that will probably still make his fans smile long after the gig.

Review by: Anna Zurek





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