Festival: SOS Festival 2014 (Day Two)

Bands: I Am I, Blaze Bayley, Wizz Wizzard, Gang, Fahran, Twelve Gauge, Bigfoot, Skam

Venue: Radcliffe Civic Hall, Radcliffe, Manchester

Date: 20 July 2014



Sunday of S.O.S. Fest brought another hot day. Those that came back after Saturday crawled in tired, it was time to get ready for a wake up call and another day of bleeding ears.


The first band we managed to catch (second overall, navigational error, not my fault) was Skam, a tight three piece who traveled three and a half hours to make it from Leicester. It was also the drummers little brother on the drums, due to the drummer cutting his arm while playing cricket, however he still did a good job.


Seeing so many in at this early time was great, especially when we had an explanation as to why the stage was named the Dean Hocking stage. This turned out to be after a member of Nightvision who passed away in 2012.


We were back to the bands. Next up on stage were Bigfoot rocking their own brand of Hard Rock and showing everyone present how to have a stage presence.


A larger crowd was in attendance for Twelve Gauge, the sound was a bit muddy but that didn't stop a great performance. Twelve Gauge became the first and actually only band to break a table and then fix it again.


Next Fahran took to the stage with Hard Rock, they were amazing to watch on that stage, playing with a lot of energy and stage presence about them.


NWOBHM was the next noise to be floating around the hall, brought to us by Gang, who had come all the way across the channel from France. Behind them stood fabric pictures of one can only be assumed is their mascot.  The band themselves played a bit more life-like to an unfortunately flat crowd.  Even the cover of Iron Maiden's 'Total Eclipse' didnít move many.


By this time evening had arrived.  No Iím not talking of food, it was time for Wizz Wizzard to take to the stage.  Coming all the way from Belgium he's absolutely amazing.  This evening was the best I have heard him, especially for a man with his recent experiences.


Triaxis took to the stage with the debut of their new bass player who did a great job.  Their set overall was another amazing one with a new track thrown in there.  Set finisher 'Lies' is always great to hear performed live and was a great way to end their set.


Following them and up next was Tysondog, who played their set with some of the best presence and sound of the day so far, with their own brand of NWOBHM.


After Tysondog we made our only visit to the acoustic stage of the day.  This was sure to be amazing as it was Blaze Bayley, assisted by the Appleton brothers on guitars. They played through some Blaze Bayley songs like 'Silicon Messiah', but some of the best responses came from playing the acoustic versions of 'Lord of the Flies', 'Futureal' and an amazing rendition of 'The Clansman'.  Blaze Bayley still has a great live show and is well worth watching when you have the chance to go and see him.  Here is a little snippet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9m-KKsU5oY .


We come to the headliner of the evening straight after Blaze, so a photo was sacrificed with him.  Back to the main stage it was over to see I AM I take flight. They sounded amazing and ZP's conversations with the crowd are always providing a laugh. Despite being more of a super-group now (term used very lightly), they still pulled it off.  A perfect close to an amazing weekend. Another little bit of I am I can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR8naAC9chs .


Special Guest Reviewer: Chris Pickard





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