Band: Steve Harris British Lion / Raven Age

Venue: The Riverside, Newcastle

Date: 7 August 2015


At almost 20 years in the making, Steve Harris’s long awaited solo album had lay dormant until British Lion was finally released in 2013. After a short run of shows in support of the record before heading back out on Maiden duties, 2015 marked the first full UK tour of the Iron Maiden legends side project.

Supported by the more than worthy ‘Raven Age’, the opening act did their fair share with an explosive but short set in front of a packed crowd. Driven by infectious melodic grooves and anthemic choruses the young London metallers got the evening off to a convincingly good start. 

Steve & co followed and had the Geordie faithful’s blood pumping right from the off. Led by energetic vocalist Richard Taylor, the band burst onto stage giving an exhilarating performance playing their parts to perfection. A large majority of the set was dedicated to the debut album with songs such as ‘These Are The Hands’, ‘Us Against The World’ and ‘Judas’ shining through in a live environment. 

Complementing the bands debut, new material such as ‘Spitfire’, ‘Last Chance’ and ‘The Burning’ slotted nicely into the set before an encore of UFO’s ‘Let It Roll’ and ‘Eyes Of The Young’ rounded off a perfect evening of hard rock.

Review by: Rob Herald




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