Band: Brant Bjork, LTNT & Sons Of Alpha Centauri

Venue: The Garage, London

Date: 22 October 2014



On Wednesday, the 22nd of October, The Garage in London hosted Brant Bjork presents Low Desert Punk, a gig full of psychedelic rock that deserves to be quoted “The closest thing we’ll get to seeing the Hendrix Experience” as Aussie rag put it on Brant’s website. Can’t be, you think? Well it can and we not only have written evidence but also a nice surprise in this review that we’re sure you’ll devour. 

But before we get to the cherry on top of this cake, let us introduce the supporting acts to you. That night Sons Of Alpha Centauri and LTNT warmed up the audience to a performance they would never forget. Sons of Alpha Centauri’s sound reminded me of Stoned Jesus. Very atmospheric and calm music that created its own magic and a strong as well as sometimes frightening drum beat. 

LTNT on the other hand sounded a bit different. Their guitar riffs at times reminded of something Tony Iommi would play and were combined with vocals that reminded a bit of newcomer bands like Blackwolf and Leogun as well as classics like The Doors, with the singer even looking a bit like Jim Morrison. But don’t be fooled into thinking LTNT would be like any other newcomer band because they did manage to surprise with a song that sounded a bit more experimental, like something Frank Zappa might come up with. During the set the crowd headbanged but all in all received LTNT very positively with loud cheering at the end of their set. 

Then the moment came when Brant Bjork and his band went on stage, already having a bit of a 70s vibe just in the way they dressed. When they finally started playing it was exactly how I would have imagined The Jimi Hendrix Experience live, living the music with every fiber of their body, feeling every pluck of a note or bend like in a haze that would quickly spread onto the audience. It did sooner or later and the crowd’s response who nearly filled the whole venue, was very positive. It felt like they were enjoying the gig as much as Brant Bjork and his band did with some dedicated fans hanging onto every sung word and moving along to every strung note. 

Nearly every song evoked loud cheering and close to the end of the set a little mosh-pit formed near the front and a loud “we want more!” filled the venue right after the set had finished animating the band for an encore. No surprise at all considering the excitement with which Brant Bjork emerged in his music, smiling throughout the set like a child that had just received a present it had always wished for. 

If I ever made a list of gigs you should at least attend once in your life, this would be one of them. Brant Bjork’s music is great on record but once you see it live, it’s so mesmerizing that you can’t look away even if you wanted to. It’s talent mixed with a love for music and a little bit of 70s hippie-ness that will make you leave the venue with a big, satisfied smile on your beautiful face. 

To not miss another Brant Bjork gig, follow him on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date, it’ll be worth it. For more infos on the supporting acts click here for their Facebook pages: Sons of Alpha Centauri, LTNT.

Review by: Anna Zurek




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