Band: Crobot, Buffalo Summer & Scorpion Child

Venue: Underground, Cologne, Germany

Date: 22 November 2015


After having played London a few weeks earlier, Buffalo Summer hit the stage at the Underground in Cologne on the 22/11/2015 together with Scorpion Child and headliner Crobot on their Invasive Species Tour. 

The gig in general could be described as a throwback into the seventies, think Led Zeppelin and Cream, and each band added their own flavour to it: Buffalo Summer had a hint of southern rock, Scorpion Child a bit of psychedelic rock while Crobot incorporated groove metal. Each set included songs from each bandís first studio album. 

Buffalo Summer filled the venue with catchy tunes like crowd-favourite 'Down To The River', animating the fans to clap and sing along, while Scorpion Child embraced melodic and sometimes calm songs. Vocalist Aryn Jonathan Blackís voice and movements at times reminded of Robert Plant. To the fansí surprise, he occasionally jumped off stage and sang directly to the crowd while stroking a fanís hair. 


By the time Crobot went on stage, the venue had filled up with even more fans who picked up the bandís energy and excitedly moved along to their tunes. Guitarist Chris Bishop threw his guitar around his shoulders and jumped on amps while Singer Brandon Yeagley swayed along to their tunes, jumped into the air or lead his microphone into the crowd. As a little bonus, Crobot even played two songs from their newest album which is not even released yet. 

All in all, it was a brilliant gig with a great atmosphere that left you wanting more. Rumour has it that all of the bands will be releasing new albums very soon which means another tour - so donít forget to follow them for more information. Besides, The Invasive Species tour is not over yet with shows coming up in France, Belgium and some parts of the UK, so make sure to come to one of their shows if you live nearby - itíll be worth it. 

Review by: Anna Zurek

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