Band: Eden's Curse

Venue: The Classic Grand, Glasgow

Date: 28 November 2014



While the majority of the county was going Black Friday crazy, those of us with Rock flowing through our veins had "Rock Friday" on our minds, as we headed to Glasgow’s Classic Grand to be a part of history in the making, as the multi-national and multi-talented Eden’s Curse were set to record their very first live album.

As a huge fan of the band since their early inception I have seen them in all their forms over the years, but since the release of their 2013 album 'Symphony of Sin', the band have gone from strength to strength.  But before things got underway, it was up to Stockholm’s finest Coldspell to get the night off to a rocking start and what a way warm up the crowd. 

The Swedes rocked the place from the off as they got things underway with ‘Heroes’, taken from their 'Out From The Cold' album, although there wasn’t anything cold about Niclas Swedentorp, Micke Larsson, Perra Johansson and Chris Goldsmith, as the band were on fire as they filled the venue with unadulterated Hard Rock of the highest order.

They continued to rock the place as they brought the big guns with 'Angel Of The World', taken from their stunning new album 'Frozen Paradise'.  The band were only two songs in but they had the crowd well and truly n their grasp, while Goldsmith hammed it up to the photographers in the pit, posing at every opportunity.

It was back to 'Out From The Cold' for what else but the title track, before rolling back the years to their debut release ‘Infinite Stargaze’ for a stunning rendition of darker edged 'Eye Of The Storm'.

It was plain for all to see the band were enjoying every minute and equally the crowd were 100% behind the band, if those that weren’t familiar with the band were soon bowled over by what they saw and heard tonight.  Many still showing their appreciation as they cheered to every song.

The band picked up the tempo once more and rocked it big style with 'One In A Million', then it was back to the new album for one of my favourite tracks off the album, the no-nonsense slab of hard rock that is ‘Paradise’, quickly followed by the excellent 'Night Falls', upon which Micke got this one under way in true style.

After the band intros it was time to close the set and what a closer the band picked as they rocked out to ‘Straight Things Out’, which capped off a great set from the Swedes.  I’ve seen these guys now on several occasions and each time they just get better and better.  Tonight the band were on fire, I only wished they had also been recording their show for a live album because surely it can't get any better than this.  Their performance was the perfect foundation for what was to come from the mighty Eden's Curse.  Don’t be surprised is we see Coldspell and Eden’s Curse touring together in the future, as this pairing was quite simply Hard Rock heaven.

Now for the main event.  On such an auspicious occasion such as this, it was only right that the legend that is Tom Russell did the introductions.  Once those introductions were over it was heads-down, hard rock n' roll of the highest calibre.

As the intro opened up the band of Paul Logue, Thorsten Koehne, Steve Williams and John Clelland hit the stage to rapturous cheers, and when frontman Nikola Mijic hit the stage, the place just erupted with thunderous cheers and applause from the crowd.  The band quickly got to work as they ripped through the title track off their latest album ‘Symphony Of Sin’.

With the band wanting to bring as much of the new album and back catalogue to the mix, it was straight into the ballsy rocker ‘Break the Silence’.  It was clear for anyone who had caught the band on their recent UK tour, just how much Nik has improved as the bands front man in such a short time.  The energy he produced fuelled the rest of the band and this in turn fuelled us all in the crowd.

One test of a new singer is how he sings the bands back catalogue and Nik proved that he has what it takes to not only make these songs his own tonight, but create something far superior to the originals.  As he just nailed ‘Masquerade Ball’, it was if the song had been written for him.

The older material just kept on coming, with each time Nik put his own stamp on the songs as he once again he just knocked ‘Black Widdow’ and 'Trinity' out the park, and the crowd reacted in kind as they raised the roof.  If anyone was wondering why the band decided to record the album in Glasgow, then that question was answered by the thunderous ovation the band received after every single song.

It was time for the band to show their heavier side as they returned their self-titled debut for the excellent ‘Fly Away’.  It was then time to return to ‘The Second Coming’ opus for ‘Just Like Judas’, again a wonderful rendition upon which TK just made his Dean sing like an angel, as Logue powered out the big chunky bass lines, all the while the newest members of the Eden’s Curse family, Williams and Clelland, despite being hidden in the dry ice and shadows, made their presence felt musically.

The band showed it's mellower side as they returned to the new album for ‘Fallen From Grace’, which is where Nik showed his vocal prowess for the more melodic side of the band.  Definitely one of the songs of the set for me.

As I said before, the older songs just sounded great, even the likes of ‘Jerusalem Sleeps’ never sounded so good.  Then it was time for TK to show off his six string dexterity, as if playing a right handed guitar left handed without restringing it the right way wasn’t dexterity enough, he played us nicely into up-tempo rock of ‘Time To Breathe’.

The up-tempo rock just kept on coming as the band returned to the new album for ‘Devil In Disguise’, although one of my favourite songs from this fantastic set had to be ‘No Holy Man’, as Nik showed us all just why he was the perfect choice for frontman, as he once again nailed this Curse classic.  He even took the new songs to a whole new level vocally tonight.  He continued to showcase his vocal power and grace with the wonderful ‘Unbreakable’, during which John and Steve powered out the keys and drums, while Paul threw out the big bass lines, all the while with TK lighting up the fret-board.  At the end of the song Nik looked across at Paul and the pair shared a nod as they both acknowledged another fantastic stormer.

The set closed with another classic ‘Judgement Day’, with Nik showing he has the tools to make the older material his own.  The band left the stage to rapturous cheers and applause and cheers of "MORE"! And it wasn’t long before they returned to the stage to cap the set off in style with ‘Evil & Divine’.  Thankfully Paul suffered the only hitch of the night as his guitar strap gave way, (not surprising really, as he really gave it hell tonight), but while he stepped off stage Nik filled in like a pro, introducing the song that was the song that Paul got him to sing at the auditions, which subsequently won him the vacant Eden’s Curse frontman spot.  With Paul quickly back the band ripped through the song with such power and grace.

After the band introductions the night was rounded off in style with ‘Angels & Demons’, the perfect closer to a great set and the best Eden’s Curse show I’ve seen “and I should know I've seen a few”!  The band left the stage again to raucous applause and cheers.  It was job very well done by the boys.  The band were soon out at the merch stand meeting and greeting the hoards of fans who were snapping up merch like, well, like it was Black Friday!  It was great to see so many fans turn out in force for the show tonight and not just the local ones either, tonight there were fans from all over Europe, as well as far a field as Japan, which just goes to show how much impact this band are now having worldwide.

I cant wait for more of the same from the band.  If you missed the show then I would highly recommend you check out the album when it's released early next year on AFM Records.  And if you get the chance, catch the band live when they tour in support of Freedom Call early next year.  Hell, if the pennies stretch that far, get yourself to Vasby Rock in Sweden where the band will be playing alongside the likes of Magnum and Work Of Art because the Curse Goes On …

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Review by: Barry McMinn




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