Bands: Cherie Currie, Last Great Dreamers & Scream Of Sirens

Venue: The Globe, Newcastle

Date: 14 November 2015


When it was announced the one of the legends of female rock n' roll bands was playing the small but intimate venue of The Globe in Newcastle, I was a little surprised, but on other hand that the legend that is Cherie Currie was returning the stage and that Newcastle was on the list of cities as part of her comeback tour, made this a must see show.

To say the venue was small was an understatement, we were just about fifteen foot from the stage and we couldn’t see anything.  So those behind us got a 3D radio version of the gig, it was like the band were playing in someone’s front room as one punter put it.

This was the fourth gig of the tour and despite the rain bleaching down outside and the late doors, (due to there being a lack of on site monitors and the sound guy having to seek some out at the last minute), the crowd packed into the venue for three top-notch rock bands. 

Opening up were local band Scream of Sirens who were performing their very first live show and boy did this female trio deliver the goods!

These girls put on short but hugely impressive opening set that rocked big style, which made everyone forget about the downpour outside and get ready to party quick sharp. This trio really showed what they are made of and on tonight’s performance, the band have as lot to give, not just to the North East music scene, but also the wider female rock and metal scene as a whole.  

Songs of note have to be the latest single ‘Get Some’ and then ‘Judgement Day’.  Both hard hitting slabs of great rock n' roll, but this trio also showed us their mellower side with ‘Breathe’, before rocking things back up in style with their spin on Iggy Pop's ‘Wild One’.  The single rounded off an impressive first show and on the strength of this one outing, this one band I would highly recommend.   


Next up were a band taking to the boards a second time around.  Last Great Dreamers reformed in 2014 when guitarist Slyder and singer Marc reunited through a mutual friend they found the spark was still there.  Now with drummer Denley Slade and Ian Scrufffykid welcomed into the fold, the band return to the pop infused rocking and bring back the sound that saw them frequent many a show at London’s Marquee club.

The band were a different deal to openers Scream of Sirens as they hit ground running with a bang, excuse he pun, with ‘Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven’.  The title track of their comeback album and a raucous opener, just imagine a 70’s Punk vibe with a touch of Hanoi infused glam and that's what you get with these guys. 

The band continued to rock the place with the thumping ‘No1 Wonderboy’, another song taken from their comeback album, before rolling back the years to their 2004 'Retrosexual' album for the funky little number ‘Only Crime’.  

The band rocked it up with ‘White Light Black Heart’, the first of the new songs, before returning to 'Crash Landing' for another slab of gritty punkesque rock with ‘Supernature Natural’.  

The guys showed their little funky side with the excellent ‘Far From Home’, before turning up the heat with what for me was one of the songs of the set, the lick fuelled 'Ashtray Eyes’. The set was rounded off in style with the anthemic ‘Last Great Dreamer’, before capping off their great set with the new single ‘Dope School’.  This is the second incarnation of the band, but this is definitely them at their very best.  The pressures of the 90’s have been put aside and this is simply four guys putting on a good old fashioned rock n' roll show as it should be.  No pretentious rock n' roll swagger, just four guys having fun.  I for one can't wait to see them again. 

Next up was the main event, after some 35 years out of the spotlight former Runaway Cherie Currie returns to the world stages and shows us why The Runaway’s were one of the most influential bands of the 70’s.  Tonight the Globe was near capacity for her return with not even enough room to swing a mouse, let alone a cat.

Aided by Shameless founder and bassist Alexx Michael, who was the main force behind Cherie’s return, while on drums we had Tommy Wagner and on guitars, Mike HB and Danny Raygun.  Together this was the perfect backing band for Currie as they opened up with ‘American Nights’.

From the off the now capacity venue was rocking, even if we had limited view because of the intimacy of the venue, that didn't stop us from having a party.

The crowd were in fine voice as they sang along to Lou Reeds ‘Rock n' Roll’, which was a regular in The Runaways live shows, then it was on to something a bit more recent, as Cherie introduced Mr Michaels and informed us this whole thing started when Alex asked her to sing on 'Dear Mom' on Shameless’s album 'Beautiful Disaster' and that’s what was next. (Great album by the way, if you don't have it already be sure to check it out!)  

It was back to The Runaways classics with the edgier ‘It Day Or Night’, before Cherie asked if anyone had seen The Runaways movie, to which the majority of the crowd replied ... "Yes!".  Well it was time for Nick Gliders ‘Roxy Roller’, another storming rendition which seemed that Currie's voice has improved over the years, as she filled venue with power and grace.

But where Currie really showed us just what a great vocalist she still is, was when the tempo was brought down just a touch with the wonder ‘Heartbeat’.  Then the tempo was soon back up to speed with a little ‘California Paradise’, with the crowd again in full sing-a-long mode for this song.

Then it was time for a little medley of Roy Orbison’s 'Pretty Woman', a little Bowie with ‘Rebel Rebel’, before rounding it off with Kiss’s ‘Do You Love Me’.  The set was rounded off with 'Midnight Music', before the icing on the cake with what else but ‘Cherry Bomb’.  The crowd were going wild by this time singing along with all they had to this song, which capped off a great show.  Let's hope this is the first of many and that we get to see Currie return to these shores next year.  Hopefully with the enthusiasm of this tour, they will be playing bigger and better venues next time. 

Currie’s back and she’s hotter than ever!

Review by: Barry McMinn




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