Band: Massive & Buffalo Summer

Venue: Think Tank, Newcastle

Date: 6 October 2014



When a day goes wrong, BOY, does it go wrong! This reviewer was looking forward to seeing and meeting rising Australian rock band Massive, but wakes up ill, and it lasts all day. Worse still, Massive were given the wrong Think Tank address (there's 3 in all!), didn't get to the proper venue 'til late, only had time to load in and got no sound check! Visions of an old 'Carry on..' film come to mind, but in all honesty, these things unfortunately must happen in the life of a rock band now and then, so it can't be helped in the long run. 

Judging by tonight's show, it didn't seem to affect Massive at all as the Melbourne 4-piece took the bull by the horns and didn't let go for one moment, straight from their opening song 'Burn The Sun', (taken from their brilliant debut album 'Full Throttle') rocking the foundations of this venue with their huge sound from such a small stage! 

'Hollywood' is next to burst the eardrums, even more with it's deaf-defying riffs and solos that have the band grinning from ear to ear as they pound them out to the eager crowd in front of them. It's not hard to see why big things are on the horizon for Massive, simply because after only two songs, you can tell they've got what it takes to get an audience on side straight away and not let them go until they decide to, and this crowd loved it!

Tonight's show was obviously all about getting the album some recognition, but as the groove-meister 'Lacey'
started, there were many who instantly recognised it's intro and the cheers went up, as did the mood. This song has the same feel to it as Poison had on 'Unskinny Bop', infectious and hard to keep still to.  That bass hook just got the ass moving on most when you got a good look round, most of them girls as well, and that's a sign of a good song!  

The band really knew they were onto a good thing by now, because out came the album's big gun 'Dancefloor', and it sent the atmosphere into orbit! That cool as f*ck bassline and dance-like cymbal combo by Aiden McGarrigly and Jarrod Medwin just stole the show here, EVERYONE moved, and as Brad Marr claimed he had the 'Motherf***ing dancefloor', it was game over.  He may be small in stature, but Jeez, he's a Pocket Rocket on stage! You can't take your eyes off him for a moment in case you miss something he may do, so it's just as well the stage isn't that big or god knows where he'd end up!  I use the term 'it was all going swimmingly now' appropriately, because Marr decided to neck a bottle of Brown Ale in one, soaking himself in the process, which we all loved, and by the look on the faces of the band, so did they.

Thankfully, Massive have a slower song (of sorts) to fall back on when we all need a breather, and the slightly calmer 'Ghost' did the trick for most of the song.  Beginning gently as the crowd stayed quiet at the beginning, but once it kicks off on the chorus, then they all joined in shouting 'GHOST' for all they're worth, arms up in the air for that extra effect. The anthemic 'On
e By One' gets everyone in the room, stage as well, right on party mode, the Aussies coming close to knocking the crap out of each other as they went beserk on stage, guitars swinging all over the place, Medwin's drumkit having the be-jeebers brayed out of it, 'Animal' style! Finally they came to the end of the show with a barnstorming version of 'Now Or Never', McGarrigly's bass absolutely shaking the room to within an inch of it collapsing, then...more mayhem leading up to the final note, and that was that, on to the merch desk to meet the Toon folk and some more beers! 

I may have been ill, but that a great tonic, or so I thought! Buffalo Summer were on next, and if an act like that made them worried, it certainly didn't show, as they burst into life with the bluesy/rocker 'A Horse Called Freedom', and again the chorus got shouts of 'Freedom' when Andrew Hunt sang them.  Up next was the stomping 'Ain't No Other', their sound definitely beefed up compared to the last time I saw them here earlier this year.  In fact, such was the 'beefiness', Hunt's tambourine was hardly audible even when it was close to the mic, but that's not a complaint, just something I noticed. 

'Money' came and went in a flurry of guitars and drums by Jonny Williams and Gareth Hunt, then the Zepplinesque 'Rolls On Through' hit the spot, sending it's wave of slickness over us all, whilst on stage there was a head-banging session going on between bassist Darren King and the long haired vocalist, who was oblivious to the gritted teeth of those who lack such pleasures anymore!!

A couple of new songs from the Welsh foursomes future new album got an airing, 'Heartbreaking' and 'Make You Mine', which both went down well (even with us baldies!), but it was the better known tracks that got people going, no more so than their most popular song, 'Down By The River'.  That single intricate intro was all it took for the cheers to raise the roof, and that's exactly what the song did, getting the hips 'n butts a-swaying as one, Hell, even the Mrs got in on the act with a smile on her face! 

Another short set was ended on 'Into Your Head', but I couldn't tell you much about it as nausea crept over and that was my night done! I must apologise to The Treatment for missing their show, but if the previous two acts were anything to go by, then I take it went REALLY well! So sorry, lads. I couldn't even get a set list to put up here, so hopefully I'll catch you next time you play our fair city.

Review by: Robb Baldwin



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