Bands: Nashville Pussy & Desert Storm

Venue: The Underworld, Camden, London

Date: 14 October 2014



Last week, Tuesday the 14th of October, The Underworld in Camden, London opened its doors to a band that would leave its crowd speechless. Why so? I’ll tell you in a second but first let me introduce the supporting act to you. 

So first up on the bill were Desert Storm, a band that combines stoner rock similar to bands like Kyuss with bluesy guitar solos and guitar riffs that at times seem to be influenced by hard rock. Together with the vocalist’s deep, growling voice and a slow rhythm they managed to add an interesting, nearly menacing atmosphere to their songs that was quite captivating. With their heavy sound they set a perfect start to who was coming next: Nashville Pussy. 

In the break between both bands you could literally feel how the crowd’s excitement was rising and their impatience growing with people calling out for the band. So when Nashville Pussy finally entered the stage, the crowd exploded into cheering, awaiting the heavy and catchy guitar riffs and bass line to fill the room together with Blaine Cartwright’s punky voice that reminded of a mix between Lemmy and Johnny Rotten. 

Speaking of the Sex Pistols, Nashville Pussy’s performance was nearly as wild and kick ass exploding with energy which soon marked off onto the crowd which jumped around pushing and bumping into each other until a mosh pit formed during the last two songs. The crowd’s reaction to Nashville Pussy’s performance was great and more aggressive than you’d usually see at gigs but what else can you expect if the band already offers such a great example? 

You could see that Nashville Pussy put all their heart into their performance and if you weren’t convinced during the show, you would be once their set ended and you’d see Ruyter Suys having to lie down on the floor drained of the last ounce of energy. 

True rock ‘n’ roll with an attitude that’s in your face, an energy that will have you under its spell sooner than later and with a female guitarist you won’t be able to take your eyes off. 

So next time Nashville Pussy invade The Underworld or any other venue near you, make sure to be there. At the moment they are still touring Germany and will be in Poland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands soon. To see them live in the UK again, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@bashfulpuppy). Until then make sure to check out their new album “Up The Dosage” on iTunes (here), Amazon (here) or Spotify. If you want to follow Desert Storm, you can do that via Facebook or Twitter (@desertstormuk).

Review by: Anna Zurek




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