Bands: Onslaught, Artillery & Demonic Resurrection

Venue: 02 Academy, Newcastle

Date: 16 July 2014



Demonic Resurrection did a fine job replacing Hatriot as the opening act for the UK leg of the ‘Thrash Invasion’ tour.  Unfortunately, very few turned out for early doors but that did not concern the band one bit.  As the lights dimmed, the Indian metaller’s marched towards the stage backed by an athemic intro tape.  As it reached its pinnacle moment with band ready to go, vocalist/guitarist Sahli screamed down the mic to introduce the first song only to find it wasn’t working!!  With the band at an immediate standstill, a pregnant pause fell over the room before the Geordie faithful let out a resounding cheer.  Gracefully, everyone took it in good humour and Sahli cracked a few jokes about it being a Spinal Tap moment before the show quickly got restarted.  Demonic Resurrection may have seemed an odd choice for a thrash show as their credentials lie within the fringes of black and death metal but they went down very well nonetheless.  Their set was short, sweet and they went off stage to a rapturous applause. 

Next up Danish thrash kings Artillery took to the stage with unrelenting ferocity.  For a band that has been going for so long they certainly showed that they can still cut it after all these years.  Jumping around the stage like a bunch of twenty year old youths, Artillery bombarded their way through a furious set that featured new and old material such as ‘Legions’, ‘When Death Comes’ and ‘By Inheritance’.  It was a crying shame that there was not enough people there watching this true thrash metal master class.  However, the ones who did attend made the band feel more than welcome by making enough noise to bring the house down. You could see the enjoyment in the bands faces particularly with guitarist Michael Stutzer who was completely overwhelmed by their reception.  Their set came to a quick end after a fast, loud and exhausting fifty minutes and there was still more to come …. Tour headliners Onslaught closed the evening with a metal thrashing mad performance (pardon the pun!).


Opening with ‘The Sound of Violence’ sent the audience into an immediate frenzy (cue mosh pit).  The band were on top form from start to finish hammering their way through the likes of ‘Chaos is King’, ‘Children of the Sand’, ’66 fucking 6’ and ‘In Search of Sanity’.  Proving that they really are the godfathers of British Thrash metal, Onslaught were truly deserved headliners even above two other great acts.  Overall, I really enjoyed myself all night even though I am not the biggest fan of thrash metal.  My only complaint about the evening was that such few turned out for what was to be a fantastic night of furious thrash metal.  For the people who did attend, they made as much noise and were as crazy as humanly possible.  If there was only maybe another 100 punters or so there it would have really made it a gig to remember for the bands who worked so hard on the night.

Review by: Rob Herald





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