Band: Paradise Lost, Tribulation & Lucifer

Venue: Academy 2, Manchester

Date: 30 September 2015


Opening the evening were Lucifer who are currently riding the crest of their impressive debut ‘Lucifer I’.  The doom metallers mustered together a tight a punchy set filled with enough ‘sabbathesque’ riffs to satisfy the most die hard metal heads.  Drawing in a respectable crowd the Berlin quartet were more than worthy of their early slot and this performance symbolizes the bright future that lies ahead of them.

Next up, Tribulation built upon the momentum of the opening act delivering their own brand of horror themed metal music.  Bursting onto stage at an almost frantic pace, the Swede’s stormed through an unstoppable and energetic set that had the assembled hordes lapping up every second of it.

As impressive as Lucifer and Tribulation were, the night belonged to Paradise Lost who effortlessly had the audience eating out the palm of their hands.  Opening with ‘No Hope in Sight’ from their new album ‘The Plague Within’, the gothic/doom metallers rallied the audience with fists pumping and heads banging.  Dedicating almost half of the set to their latest release, new material such as ‘Victim of the Past’, ‘Flesh from Bone’ and ‘Beneath Broken Earth’ went down a storm.  


The title tracks from ‘Tragic Idol’ and ‘Faith Divides Us-Death Unites Us’ slotted nicely into the set along with classics such as ‘Enchantment’ before the finale of ‘Just Say Words’ wrapped up a perfect evening of metal music.

Review by: Rob Herald




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