Bands: Saxon, Hell & Beyond The Black

Venue: 02 Academy, Newcastle

Date: 3 February 2015


German metallers Beyond the Black got the night off to an assuring start drawing quite a crowd throughout their short four-song set. Whilst not wishing to discount their impressive original material, the highlight was a rendition of the Motorhead relic ‘Love Me Forever’. 

Next on the bill was Hell who were incredibly flamboyant with all band members dressed up in attire that you would expect to see in a horror film. Led by emphatic vocalist David Bower, their 40-minute show was nothing short of pure entertaining with the likes of ‘The Age of Nefarious’ and the ‘Land of the Living Dead’ slotting nicely into the set. 

An almighty cheer greeted Saxon to the stage who seemed generally taken aback by their reception. Opening with ‘Motorcycle Man’ swiftly followed by ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘The Bands Played On’, the audience was putty in the hands of the Yorkshire metal legends. The remainder of the evening was exhilarating with classic after classic filling out the set. Treating the audience to ‘Solid Ball of Rock’, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, ‘747 Strangers in the Night’ and the mighty ‘Crusader’ was simply sublime. 

Not yet content and with the Geordie faithful baying for more, Saxon obliged with an encore of ‘Wheels of Steel’ and ‘Denim and Leather’ to round of a perfect evening of classic metal.

Review by: Rob Herald




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