Bands: Sebastian Bach, Toseland & Mia Klose

Venue: 02 Islington Academy, London  

Date: 9 July 2014



If you enjoy gigs filled with a raw, ‘kick ass’ energy and seeing an artist or band who genuinely enjoy what they are doing, Sebastian Bach’s show at the O2 Islington Academy in London was the right bet for you.  But before we get to the main act who gave London hell, let’s not forget about two great supporting acts that presented their debut albums that night. 

First off was Mia Klose, a blonde bombshell from Sweden with a great, unique voice who took the stage with her upbeat, fun performance.  While her sound reminded of Lita Ford and bands like Vixen or Crucified Barbara, her performance and moves matched the likes of 80's Madonna with a rawer edge.  Her band consisting of guitarists Jonny Nonsense and Kalle Arheden, bassist C-Rexx and drummer Henry Rogers met her powerful vocals with heavy tunes similar to those of the Scorpions and Europe in the 80's.  Imagine melodic, heavy guitar riffs with quick, powerful drums and a catchy bass-line and you will get the picture. 

Second up on stage were Toseland with frontman James Toseland whose sleazy, high-pitched voice made you think of Warrant’s vocalist Jani Lane with a groovy and sometimes bluesy edge. Now imagine all that with 90s-00s Jon Bon Jovi charm as well as his confidence.

Toseland’s sound in general was very hard rock influenced, similar to German newcomer 21Octayne. All that with heavy, but catchy guitar riffs, Slash-like solos, a great groove à la Extreme and a powerful performance. Their look on the other hand reminded of bands from the 90s, early 00s. 

After both supporting acts had animated the crowd, the main act of the night entered the stage, Sebastian Bach and his band, and started off with ‘Slave To The Grind’.  They played some of Skid Row’s greatest hits together with powerful tunes from Sebastian Bach’s new album ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ and some older ones like ‘Tunnelvision’ and ‘American Metalhead’.  Once the first song started the crowd went wild, jumping, dancing, singing along and throwing their hands in the air and did not stop to go nuts until the last song ‘Youth Gone Wild’ had ended.  But not only the audience seemed to enjoy the gig. Sebastian Bach himself savored every second of it with a big grin on his face while he blasted out tune after tune with the same powerful, unique vocals and raw energy he got known for with Skid Row.  This all made up for an amazing show, a great night to remember and left London craving for more.  Sebastian Bach gave us hell par excellence and hopefully will do so for many years to come. 

If you get a chance to catch one of his shows, do it - you will not regret it!

Setlist: Slave to the Grind, Temptation, The Threat, Big Guns, Piece of Me, Harmony, 18 and Life, American Metalhead, Tunnelvision, Taking Back Tomorrow, In a Darkened Room, Monkey Business, I Remember You, All My Friends Are Dead, Youth Gone Wild.

Review by: Anna Zurek





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