Band: Soil, American Headcharge, Hed PE & Wolfborne

Venue: Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Date: 21 October 2014



Tuesday, 21st October, Electric Ballroom Camden. That was the place to be if you wanted to see a gig loaded with so much energy it would make your jaw drop at least once during that night. But what else would you expect from a line up that included four amazing bands with the likes of newcomers Wolfborne and three established bands like American Head Charge, Hed PE and Soil, right? 

Okay so let me start off with the first band. You know how it usually works with supporting acts, right? It seemed like a bit more than half of the Electric Ballroom was filled with people who didn’t seem too eager at first. But once Wolfborne started playing and a heavy sound that reminded a bit of Alice in Chains filled the room with an air of excitement on their part, it soon rubbed off onto the crowd. Their powerful sound, a combination of great voice and rhythm section with heavy guitars and occasional screaming, created an atmosphere that was both mysterious and captivating in a way and in my opinion was a lot better live than on record. A band you shouldn’t miss out on while they are still supporting because they might soon be doing more than that. 

Next up was Hed PE with singer Jahred making a dramatic entrance, all covered up with his cap pulled down low and a scarf covering his face making movements that together with the lighting behind him put a spell on you. Once their first song started, their energy and Jahred’s confidence, presence and moves made it feel a bit like a hip hop gig with rock influences and a great rhythm, bass line in particular, or G-punk as they themselves call it. Being a band that was formed in the 90s, their sound still reminded of that era and quickly got everyone to sing and shout along as well as bang their heads in approval. It also revealed a few dedicated fans in the crowd that cheered their band name. 

American Head Charge also created a great atmosphere which all bands seemed to have in common. An energy that would draw you in but with different nuances. In this case it was more aggressive and heavier with an especially captivating performance by guitarist Karma Cheema and vocalist Cameron Heacock. To top it all off Cameron jumped into the crowd two times and Karma once and in doing so also seemed to animate a few excited fans to give crowd surfing a go. At that point in time the venue was nearly full, hey, it was sold out after all, with people singing and cheering along even louder and enjoying themselves while bumping into each other and creating a mosh-pit that could only be topped off by what happened when headliner Soil entered the stage. 

If you thought the crowd had great energy before, Soil proved that they could get them even more animated and crazy. Not only did the mosh-pit become bigger but the audience also got wilder to a level that was just mind-blowing. Which is also how I would describe Soil’s performance which involved vocalist Ryan McCombs getting into the crowd with microphone and all, being cheered on, high-fived, hugged and pushed by the audience while still performing a few of their songs. If that wasn’t bad ass with a mosh-pit still going on, then I don’t know what would be. 

Normally you’ll find that some bands always stand out more than others at gigs. But this one offered great performances throughout the whole set, overflowing with energy, great tunes and a performance that blew your mind. If you missed out on that gig, you better make sure to remember these bands and follow them on social media to find out when they’ll be playing the UK next. To make it easier for you, we’ve linked their pages here: Wolfborne (Facebook, Twitter), Hed PE (Facebook, Twitter), American Head Charge (Facebook, Twitter), Soil (Facebook, Twitter).

Review by: Anna Zurek




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