Band: Coal Chamber & Soil

Venue: Koko, London

Date: 31 May 2015


On Sunday, 31/05/2015, Soil hit the stage in London again, a few months after headlining the Electric Ballroom in October last year. Again four acts and again set in Camden, but with different bands and at a different venue.

This time Soil supported nu metal band Coal Chamber together with Dope and The Defiled in one of the most beautiful venues Camden has to offer, the KOKO. The venue was full of enthusiastic fans spread across balconies and in front of the stage when both Dope and The Defiled came on starting at around 6:15pm, only a few minutes after doors opened. 

When Soil entered at around 8pm, the crowd was already pumped and got even more intense the longer the band played. Several people started crowd surfing and others moved along to the music or banged their heads. Once singer Ryan McCombs jumped into the crowd again with only his mic stand visible from afar, the crowd went mad. They surrounded the singer, energetically nodding along to the music and enjoying themselves. But not only the fans were having fun, the band was as well, animating the crowd and occasionally grinning or smiling while playing their songs. The bandís appreciation for the crowd became even clearer, when Ryan McCombs ended their set by saying ďThe music starts with you, the music is with you, you make this happen.Ē

But not only were those words a perfect ending to a set, they were also a great introduction to another one, the main act of the night, Coal Chamber who were as enthusiastic as their supporting acts and also enjoying themselves. With two big screens at the back of the stage showing scenes from what seemed were really old movies about the occult, and all bands members just bursting with energy, running around the stage and moving along to the rhythm, it was hard to focus on just one thing alone. There was so much to take in visually and musically. But not only from the band. Once vocalist Dez Fafara animated the crowd the create a mosh-pit and just wildly jump around afterwards, people went mental in the standing area. It was aggressive, filled with energy and full appreciation for the music that night. 

The show ended at 11pm and was an unusual end to a Sunday with a gig filled with so much power that you still felt pumped afterwards. So if any of the bands performing that night will tour again, make sure to get some tickets - it will be worth it. 

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Review by: Anna Zurek




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