Band: The King Lot

Venue: Bannermans, Edinburgh 

Date: 7 July 2014



A few months ago I went to Glasgow to interview H.E.A.T. and Supercharger and I was lucky enough to witness a three man hairy phenomenon namely, The King Lot.  They rocked the Cathouse that day and when I heard these dudes were due to support the mighty Vain, well the train was booked and my wee Scottish friend was informed that I am a going with you to see them rip Bannermans a new one!  

Having just recently played Les Fest and coming away with heaps of praise, being told by many punters and the organiser that they were clearly not high enough up on the roster for that weekends festival, also having one of the best audiences for the whole festival, this hirsute three piece were clearly pumped and on form this hot Edinburgh evening. The guys hit the stage and kicked off the proceedings with 'Let’s Get Together'.  Bannerman's dark cavernous setting was quickly occupied with many people,  it was really noticeable that numerous fans were wearing The King Lot shirts and totally getting into the groove at the verve of these three West  Lothian scallywags! 

The band have only been together a year, which is hard to believe! They have such a great stage presence and chemistry you would think they have been together as long as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Now I mention the Peppers because Michael Fairbairn has the funky monkey grooving style of Flea! Though let’s make this plain they sound nothing like the Peppers!!! If you love Gun, Def Leppard and kick-arse hard rocking tune age, the “Lot” are for you!  

Second song in is 'Addicted', which is a good title as this band are indeed addictive with vocalist (Storm Bringer) Mr. Sweeney grabbing the rooms eyes and ears with his delivery and command of the stage.  

The drums are beaten and abused by the beat-master Chris Gillon and the sonic architect  Michael Fairbairn, what’s not to love? Now bearing in mind these guys were opening the nights entertainment, the room was pretty well full as The King Lot brand of heads-down, no nonsense rocking drifted into the bar area of the venue and pulled punters away from the bar to watch these talented dudes perform.  The band ripped into everyone’s senses with 'One Of These Days' and the Bon Joviesque 'Until My Dying Day' and then finishing with 'Bang a Drum'.  It was all over far too quickly! Get this band signed as soon as possible, they have the pedigree and enthusiasm to go far!   The future's bright, the futures The King Lot (plus awesome beards)!  




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