Bands: The Last Vegas & Heartbreak Remedy

Venue: The Underworld, London 

Date: 18 May 2014



If you were out in the sun last Sunday evening instead of hitting Camden for a gig at The Underworld, you probably missed out on something – probably something big that your future self might regret once American band The Last Vegas break through and take over the rock scene.  And let me tell you, they might pretty soon and proved it with this gig.

But let me first tell you a bit about the supporting act Heartbreak Remedy, a great band that reminded of a heavier version of Led Zeppelin with a touch of Lynryd Skynyrd, and sometimes grungy sounding vocals, like on their song 'Life'.  It started out with a catchy guitar riff and Eddie Vedder-like vocals and got heavier once the drums set in and finished off with a nice, melodic guitar solo.  Their songs in general were very diversified and catchy, one heavier than the other and had a raw feel to them.  Definitely a band to look out for as you might hear more of them in the future.

After that The Last Vegas took over the stage in the small but intimate venue in Camden and made you feel like you were listening to that secretly great band none of your friends have heard about yet, but who will make it big at some point.  Their first song already started out impressively with strong drums and what followed were loud, powerful and raw songs.

Singer Chad Cherry’s voice reminded of AC/DC’s Bon Scott while his stage presence followed the likes of Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

The Last Vegas easily filled the venue with catchy guitar riffs, powerful drum lines and vocals that switched between a raw, punkish sound and a little bit of sleaze with a badass attitude.  Their sound at times reminded of Aerosmith (like their powerful ballad 'Apologize'), The Backyard Babies and AC/DC.

Also they introduced their new, catchy single 'You and Me' before its official video release date (check it out here: ).

All in all, both Heartbreak Remedy and The Last Vegas offered a great night at the Underworld Camden filled with great songs that will get stuck in your head in no time.  Better check them out now before your friends do, because they will sooner or later.

Review by: Anna Zurek  





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