Band: Spock's Beard & The SixxiS

Venue: The Dome, London

Date: 18 September 2014



On 18th September The Dome in London welcomed to a night full of progressive rock. 

First on was The SixxiS, an American band that has already toured with the likes of Winger, Buckcherry and The Winery Dogs and just finished recording their debut album 'Hollow Shrine' (which was set to come out on the 12th of September), right before emerging on tour with Spockís Beard.  Only difference that drummer JBake couldnít join and so Dave Ragsdale had to jump in learning the whole set in just two days.  But that didnít hinder The SixxiS in offering a great show, so mysterious and captivating that it at times reminded a bit of Muse, Alice in Chains or Soundgarden. In other words, Vladdyís grunge-heavy vocals combined with Paulís and Cameronís heavy, melodic guitars and a strong rhythm section by Mark and Dave, they had the crowd under their spell quickly.  But that wasnít everything.  Besides the obvious occasional guitar or drum solo, they included a violin in one of their songs near the end of the set and in doing so offered a great surprise to the crowd. 

When it comes to sound, The SixxiS are quite strong, I canít argue that, but even though their performance was good, there is still a lot more potential to be tapped.  It is lurking somewhere in there and will come out eventually, so you better follow these guys on Facebook and Twitter (@thesixxis) to be the first to witness. 

During The SixxiS performance the venue slowly filled with people and reached its peak right before Spockís Beard entered the stage with a quite modern twist on progressive rock.  Sure youíd have the very calm, atmospheric songs with all kinds of interesting, experimental sounds but from time to time that would change into a powerful ballad like 'Submerged', occasional bluesy solos, calm songs that suddenly switched to a heavy drum beat and a prominent bass line and little surprises like drummer Jimmy Keegan singing 'Carie', which Iíd like to call Jimmy goes Phil Collins here.  But wait, Jimmy actually topped that by performing 'Carie' with a cartoon-like voice at the end of the set. 

But that wasnít the only thing standing out. Everything impressed - from Alan Morseís impressive guitar solos to Ryo Okumotoís simultaneous playing of two keyboards, Dave Merosí heavy bass lines up to Ted Leonardís great voice hitting even the highest of notes pleasantly.  Mixed with a great stage presence and engagement of the crowd, it wasnít surprising at all that the audience sang, danced and cheered along most of the time.  Something I personally wouldnít have expected of a prog rock gig.  In case you want to get surprised as well, follow these guys on Facebook or Twitter (@spocksb) for updates on upcoming tours. 

All in all, both The SixxiS and Spockís Beard offered a great show that night and definitely made the audience happy.  Believe me, Iíve had two guys with very big smiles across their faces dancing right in front of me, now if thatís not convincing, I donít know what is.  So be on the lookout for new tour announcements in the future, you might be one of those happy people next time - guaranteed.

Review by: Anna Zurek




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