Band: Absolva

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 25 May 2019


Born out of the ashes of Fury UK, Absolva have been raising the UK metal flag all over the world with a total of 5 albums under their belt, this has to be one of the hardest working bands currently rocking the UK.

Youíve heard 3 piece bands called power trioís, well meet the ultimate Quantum Quartet of Chris Appleton on guitar and vocals, Luke Appleton on rhythm guitar, Karl Schramm on bass and Martin McNee on drums.

No strangers to the Trillians stage, the crowd, many donned in Absolva t-shirts and hoodies, were ready for the quartet to explode on to the stage, and explode they did, opening up with the massive 'Life on the Edge' from the bands latest album 'Defiance', it was clear Chris and the boys were here to kick some serious rock n' roll ass.

It was straight into 'Rise Again', another monster metal assault from the 'Defiance' album.  Talk about being on fire, these four guys really were firing on all six, (to be honest they always are).  It's hard to believe that Luke has just returned from a successful solo tour, promoting his new album 'Snake Eyes', while the rest of the band have just returned from the USA and Canada, as Blaze Baileys backing band.  

The band were taking no prisoners as the Trillian's crowd were treat to the excellent 'Never a Good Day To Die' and the title track 'Defiance', before rolling things back once again to their 2015 album 'Never a Good Day to Die' album with the storming metal anthem 'No Tomorrow'.  

Bassist Schramm really showed his metal as he opened the thumping 'A Fist Full Of Hate', a real crowd favourite as it was all heads down at the front of stage, with horns and fist's held aloft throughout the venue, as the brothers Appleton put on a guitar dual that was worthy of the Schenkerís

It was over to the bands debut album 'Flames of Justice' for a band and fan favourite, the mellower 'Only When It's Over'.  Be it full on metal, or the more mellow melodic metal, Absolva have it all and to be honest, donít get half the recognition they dearly deserve.

The set continued its impressive path with 'Reflection', as the Trillians crowd raised their fists in salute to the metal assault that was unfolding before them.

The band hardly came up for air all set as the rocked out 'Live for the Fight' and 'No One Escapes', with the latter featuring a powerhouse solo from the mighty sticksman McNee.  It was straight into the no-nonsense metal of 'Flames of Justice', by which time the band could do no wrong in the eyes of the Trillian's massive, as the head-banging down the front showed. 

With the set almost at an end it was time for the Quantum Quartet to put things into another gear with the epic 'All Alone', before rocking out with the anthemic 'Code Red' rounding off the anther magnificent set.  

The band barely had a chance to leave the stage as the crowd's cheers for more echoed around Trillians, and more we got as the band rounded off one of best nights of British Heavy Metal this year, with a rousing version of the Black Sabbath classic 'Heaven and Hell'.  This was the show stopper of all show stoppers, as Chris delivered one of his best guitar performances of the night, (look out Mr Iommi there's a new kid in town!).

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, and will keep on saying it, Absolva are one of the finest UK metal bands in recent years and year after year, show after show, they just get keep getting better.  Well worth checking out if you ever get the chance

Review by: Barry McMinn, Photo's by: Daniel Armstrong




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