Band: Ana Popovic and Ben Poole

Venue: The Cluny, Newcastle

Date: 7 May 2019


Arrived at The Cluny thinking it would just be Ana playing, to get a pleasant surprise that Ben Poole would be supporting.  I had no knowledge of either artist or what I was in store for, only that promoter Peter Noble highly rated them both.

First off to warm up the show was Ben Poole.  I had heard very little from this guy prior to tonight’s show, but after a couple of tracks I was sold.  A unique voice and style of playing, totally different to the rock stuff I am used to listening to, but very likeable.  

He’s on to his third album and he looks a young guy with a great future ahead of him.  I will be watching out for these lads coming back here. 


Now for the main event, Ana's band came out first a five piece with bass, drums, keys and two brass players.  I was gob-smacked to say the least as they are all superb players.  When Ana walked out and strapped on her guitar, people were right in saying she is a super sexy beautiful woman.  For the next 90 minutes or so I thought I had been transported to Ronnie Scott's club.  I imagined a pretty girl moderate on guitar but how wrong I was!  She’s an awesome player and singer.  The interplay between her and the band was phenomenal, a real team unit.  Everyone had solos and strutted their stuff.   


No the wonder she has had the likes of Bonamassa and Robbin Ford guesting on her albums and Springsteen singing her praises.  Neither band used a setlist, but the track that stood out for me, was I think the title of her latest album ‘Like it on Top’ and for Ben it was a track called ‘Start the Car’.

Review & Photos by: Bernie Penman




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