Band: Arielle

Venue: The Basement, York

Date: 10 July 2019


I traveled down to York to see this young lady after watching some of her videos on YouTube. Was blown away by her ability on the guitar. Arrived a little early at the Basement in York, not knowing what to expect, walked in to them sound checking and noticed how focused she was on getting the sound as best as possible for the night, it was truly worthwhile when the gig started.

She opened the show solo with an acoustic song called How far can we go, I was instantly gobsmacked by her vocals so pure and angelic totally amazing. the band came on and they continued with build a boat and bittersweet from her latest album ‘Suspension Dimension’.  She introduced her baby, her electric guitar, which she made herself with help from a friend, it's called Two Tone, influenced by one of her favourite guitarists Brian May, whom she is now friends with and she has a second guitar, correct me if I am wrong made in collaboration with the great man himself and I think they be produced in the near future.

It's funny you know because I wanted to see this show because I had seen a YouTube video of her playing, not realising I was going to witness a beautiful singer songwriter with exemplary guitar skills ... shame on me. 

Continuing on she played a track called ‘Breaking Down’ from her album ‘The Whale’ and another track called ‘Genies Out The Bottle’, from her latest album.

Next up a lovely jazz flavoured song called ‘Devils Disguise’, beautiful vocals. Soon found out there was much more to this girl, most of the people at the gig were her disciples and knew loads about her and her influences, ranging like I said from Brian May, Jeff Beck, Joni Mitchell, to name a few and not forgetting Eric Johnson, whom she has opened for and played with him phew.

I also noticed Irish influences in her music.  A jaw dropping acoustic version of the Mancini song ‘Moon River’, her vocals span a mighty four octaves, I was totally sold, you could hear a pin drop while she performed it.  All of us attending were mesmerised, the only thing I had a grump about was the house lighting which could have been a lot better so I could get some good shots of her and her band. 

Another track from her album ‘Mind Lion’ called ‘Voices In My Head’, also a cracking instrumental I think called ‘Take ll’, which had a slight feel of Satriani for me, loved it.  

Heading towards the end of the show with the title track of her latest album ‘Suspension Dimension’, everyone waiting for more.  The end of the show track was probably my favourite called ‘Magick Again’, highlighting her superb vocal range.  I would love to see her filling out the Sage, which for me shouldn't be too long ... absolutely outstanding.

Review by: Bernie Penman




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