Bands: Buckcherry, Hoobastank & Adelitas Way  

Venue: 02 Academy, Newcastle

Date: 11th February 2019


When two icons of rock come together for a joint headline tour, you just know you have to attend.  Then when you add to the mix a band who are little known outside their native surroundings, the temptation is too good to resist.

Iím talking about the Buckcherry / Hoobastank UK tour with special guests all the ways from Las Vegas Adelitas Way, who have been around for the last 13 years, but this was their first and I hope not their last, visit to the UK.

Alas due to the lack of nearby parking at tonightís venue we only managed to catch the last few numbers of Adelitas Way's set, but what I saw and heard was very impressive, and the majority of the crowd seemed to agree.  Let's hope these guys make it over here again, maybe a Download performance would help put them on the UK map.

Now on to the two headliners, first up tonight it was Hoobastank, who really went for it with their infectious Punkesque groove.  Led by Doug Robb, who must have eaten a whole tube of Colgate before hitting the stage, because he had the biggest smile Iíve seen on this stage for a long time, and he wanted the crowd to enjoy this as much as he was.

With a set of songs no longer than 3 minutes, it was a smorgasbord of pure no-nonsense modern New York Punk.  Opening up their 14-song set with 'Pieces' was a masterclass in how to get the crowd on your side from the off and they continued to have the near capacity crowd in the palm of the hands throughout their entire set.

Rolling out songs like 'Remember Me', 'Same Direction', 'Never There' and 'Born to Lead', they had the place jumping.  As another band who frequent these shores not nearly as often as their fans would like, tonight's show made the wait all the more worthwhile, and was the perfect set to get the crowd warmed up and ready for Buckcherry. 

Well if Doug Robb was wearing a smile to outdo the Joker, then the crowd was about to outdo him as Josh Todd and the rest of Buckcherry rampaged through a very nostalgic set that put a smile on all the fans in tonight.

The Californians opened up with the surprising cover of Nine Inch Nails 'Head Like a Hole', which at first, I thought Todd's vocals sounded a little strained on, but this was just the opener.  Once he warmed up the band ripped through the next hour and a half of pure unadulterated excess driven rock n' roll.

The set for me really started with 'Itís a Party', with Todd parading around the stage like Jagger on acid, as he twisted and turned, shaking a tambourine like his very life depended on it.

The set had the obligatory hits like 'Lit Up' and 'Crazy Bitch', both of which were firm crowd favourites, as they sang along with Todd on every word.

For me it was the likes of 'Donít Go Away' and 'Somebody Fucked With Me', that really showed the bands forte for bringing life events to the masses and making them personal to everyone.  The band even put their own sleaze driven spin on Icona Popís chart single 'I Love It', which of course was reworked to the more explicit 'Say Fuck It', which again the crowd were only too eager to help Todd out with the chorus in true Newcastle style. 

Buckcherry and Todd may be stuck in their ways when it comes to Rock n' Roll, but what they do they do really well and tonight they rocked it big style.  

Review by: Barry McMinn




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