Band: Collateral

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 19 September 2019


Ripped jeans, cowboy boots, long hair and make-up, Collateral are a band that look and sound like a stadium rock band.  That’s what their bio states, so does this band from Ramsgate in Kent live up to this persona?  The answer quite simply is a resounding YES!  Having first caught this band live earlier this year as part of HRH Road Trip in Ibiza, the band rocked the Eden venue with their classic hard rock fuelled rock n' roll.

So with the addition of a local Newcastle date, it was no-brainer to set out on a Thursday night to check out Angelo and the rest of the band, Todd Winger, Jack Bentley and Ben Atkinson, as they really rocked the Trillian stage. 

There were two things to note about tonight's gig, first it was the bands first time playing in Newcastle and secondly it was a Thursday night.  So what a joy it was to see such a healthy number of rock fans heading down to Trillians to catch the band.  (Who says rock in dead in Newcastle!). It felt more like a Friday night than a cold Thursday night, with the venue suitably packed by the time the band hit the stage.

The band really brought their A-game and more tonight.  As the intro "Big Beginning" faded out, the band hit the ground running, as they opened up the show with "Big Shot”.

From this point on Tristan and the rest of the band could do no wrong.  Their no-nonsense old school rock n' roll show really rocked the venues to it's very foundations.

With a new album penned in for release in February next year, the set was mix of new tracks and old favourites.  The set continued with something from the bands "4 Shots" EP, as Tristan donned the acoustic guitar for the stunning “Gone With The Wind”.  This mid-tempo rocker going down a storm with the Trillians faithful.

We got a taste of the new album with the simply stunning “Dreaming” with Tristan leading with pack, before it was time to really get the crowd involved, as he screamed ... “Make some noise for me Trillians!!!” ... which the crowd eagerly and very loudly reciprocated, with the cheers the band rightly deserved.

Before the band kicked into the next track, Winger got the crowd into full voice by wishing Tristan a belated Happy Birthday, then it was back to the "4 Shots" EP for the excellent “Just Waiting For You”.

This totally glorious set continued with another new song “About This Boy” and the excellent “Rosie”, before unleashing a song that was simply bursting with 80’s influence, the stunning “In It For Love”.  By this point the band could have played the Yellow Pages and would have made it sound melodic, as by this time they really had the whole room in the palm of their hands.  But they didn’t, they kept the great tunes going with something bound for the new album and one of my favourite songs of the set “Promised Land”.

You know everything has to have a beginning and for Collateral they really got into the mindset of the rock fans with their debut single “Midnight Queen”, so it was only right that they rounded off the set with this one. 

The last notes of "Midnight Queen" were just fading into the distance and the Trillians massive were already pleading for more, and more we got, as the band ended a great night of rock n' roll with their current single “Lullaby”.  Which was just the cherry on the top of their Rock n' Roll cake. 

There are many bands that have been labeled as the new messiahs of British Hard Rock over the years, but for me, Collateral have all the makings of being one of the biggest rock bands this country has produced in over a decade.

Review by: Barry McMinn, Photo's by Bernie Penman.




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