Band: Glenn Hughes & Piston

Venue: Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Date: 20 November 2019


I arrived at Middlesbrough Town Hall to see the mighty Glen Hughes and support Piston.  I have to say I found it a lovely venue with very friendly staff and I feel this is a venue that I must visit again.  I didn't know anything about Piston, prior to the show. As soon as they came on, frontman Rob Angelico was oozing confidence and holding a bottle of Brown, which made us all feel as if we had known them for years.  The band opened up the show with a track called 'Dynamite' ... and it was!  Nearly blew my socks off!  I will eat hay with the donkeys if these guys don't become massive stadium rockers.  

Huge sound, sing-along choruses, matched with outstanding vocals from Rob Angelico and real heavy classic rock riffs and solos from Luke Allatt and to me stand out Jack Edwards, very charismatic, super tone from his beautiful array of Gretches, especially the white one. Two powerhouses in the engine room with Stuart Egan on Bass and Brad the Captain Newlands on drums.  Great songs, especially 'Rainmaker', I loved that song. The band ended their set with a stonking version of 'Proud Mary', with the crowd baying for more.  I cannot wait to see these guys headline their own shows.

Glen Hughes walked onstage to rapturous applause and started the show with one of my favourite Deep Purple tracks 'Stormbringer', from their 1974 album of the same name.  What a start!  I had heard about this guys vocals and bass playing off friends who knew of him ... they weren't kidding, simply incredible. I think the next three tracks came from the 'Burn' album, 'Might Just Take Your Life', 'Sail Away' and 'You Fool No One'.  I must have been the only one in the house not familiar with these tracks, because everyone else was singing along to every song. 

'High Ball Shooter' was up next.  I must say Soren Andersen on guitar was awesome and a good friend of my mate Micky Crystal from the Tygers of Pan Tang, who helped produce their latest album.  Sorry I am not familiar with the keyboard player, but he was superb and I am sure Glen said it was the first time he had been on the road.  All I know of the drummer is he is, or was, a traveler.   He was really awesome and funny as well, playing a great drum solo.

In between songs Glen was taking the mick out of Coverdale's accent light heartedly and he also had really fond memories of Tommy Bolin, both of these two played on the next songs, 'You Keep On Moving' and 'Getting Tighter'.  More familiar territory for me was the excellent renditions of 'Mistreated' and 'Smoke On The Water'.   Showcasing his astounding vocal prowess on the haunting 'Georgia On My Mind'.  The encores were 'Burn' and 'Highway Star', both played to a standing ovation.

What a night and to top that he is joining the Dead Daisies.  

Review by: Bernie Penman




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