Band: John Corabi & Leaving Springfield

Venue: Vamp'd, Las Vegas

Date: 7 June 2019


When it's 90 degrees in the shade and it's June, it can only mean one thing, we are back in Las Vegas and what better way to get out of the heat than to have a meal, a few beers and take in a show.  So with the table booked, we headed out to Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill to catch Dead Daisies and former Motley Crue / The Scream frontman John Corabi

Vamp’d has become our regular go to venue when visiting Sin City and we always check out who's playing.  so with a $5 cover charge for this particular show, it was no brainer and so we headed out to catch the show.

Having seen John at The Cluny in Newcastle a few months earlier, we were really looking forward to catching the man in action  again as he carries on his acoustic tour.  

First up it was local band Leaving Springfield to get the night underway.  The band of Brent Kessler "BK" (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Matt Norcross (Back Ground Vocals, Drums, Keys) and Brad Bayley (Bass Guitar) really brought their A-Game to get the night rolling.  

The band are very much in the vein of Cheap Trick meets the Ramones meets the Foo Fighters, with BK having that Zander feel to his vocals. 

The band rocked out tracks including 'Tragic Light' from their 'Scars Shame Glory' album, before heading back to their 2016 album 'Welcome to the Party' with the title track.  This bluesy rocker really got the patrons rocking along.

The tempo was brought down a touch with the darker vibes of 'Last Goodbye', before a touch of 70’s epic rock with the wonderful 'Lock Load Drown'. The band showed a heavier side as they rocked things up once more with 'Never Enough', before Brad shows off his vocal prowess on the set closer.

So as the patrons started to fill the front of the stage and the beers ordered, it was time for the main event.  John sat alone mid-stage, guitar in hand and put together a set of some of his greatest songs, a few covers and a whole bunch of stories around the songs. 

With no setlist, he set out his stall out early, opening up with the Union’s 'Love ( I Don’t Need It Anymore)'.  Right from the off Corabi had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.  These intimate shows are just a pure joy as John tells the tales of how the songs came about.  Tales of love, heartache and rock n' roll.

The set continued with the wonderful 'If I Never Get To Say Goodbye' from the 2012 'Unplugged' album, before rolling back the years to those Scream days with the moving 'Father Mother Son', (one of the highlights of the night.  It's hard to believe this one is 28 years old).

But it’s the stories behind the songs that make these shows so special and his telling of the tale when he met his idol Steven Tyler, during his time with Motley, when Aerosmith were recording in the next studio, led to him getting a lesson from Tyler that led to the excellent 'Sons of Wither'. 

The set continued with something from John’s current band The Dead Daises with ‘Sleep’ and ‘Dead and Gone’.

With a quick tale of how he became a part of The Crue, which led into the first of the Motley tracks with the simply stunning ‘Misunderstood’, from one of Motley’s most underrated albums “Motley Crue”.  This was continued with ‘Loveshine', a track that originated from a jam session with Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx after his second audition for the vacant Motley vocals slot. 

After leaving Motley John not being one to rest on his laurels, united with Bruce Kulick, who at the time had been released from Kiss.  (Kulick left Kiss after they decided to go back to their original lineup and Corabi left Mötley Crüe under similar circumstances).  This led to the sublime ‘Robins Song’. 

It was back to the Motley era with a very stripped down version of ‘Hooligans Holiday’, before John introduced a very special guest, as he was joined on stage by fellow The Scream guitarist Bruce Bouillet.  The pair rounding off the night in fine style with a few classics from the 'Let it Scream' album, before rounding off the night with ‘Man in the Moon’, which finished off a great set of songs and tales of rock n' roll. 

I'd just like to thank all the staff at Vamp’d for their hospitality, especially Heather our hostess who kept the beers flowing.

As the words of the song by King Kobra’s 'Have a Good Time' ... “they make you feel at home and get you in the zone”.  Never a truer word spoken when it comes to the staff at Vamp'd.  A cracking night was had by one and all.

Review by: Barry McMinn




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