Band: King King and Sari Schorr & The Engine Room

Venue: Boiler Shop, Newcastle 

Date: 16 February 2019


I arrived at the Boiler Shop not knowing what to expect was pleasantly surprised.  The venue was much bigger than I had imagined and there was a nice atmosphere straight away.  I saw many familiar faces, one of whom is making a new guitar for Alan Nimmo and who told me, they may be playing a couple of songs he has written for them.  Any way, enough of the trivialities. 

Sari Schorr came on with her band The Engine Room got straight into it and wow, they really meant business.  A superb singer with a voice reminiscent of Maggie Bell.  Very confident and a great mover, very slinky, you couldn't take your eyes off her.

Surrounded by a really tight band, there was great interplay between Sari and the lead guitarist, who I need to find out more about, because he really has that star quality about him.  My favourite track from them was ‘Maybe I’m Foolin’, taken off the new album ‘Never Say Never’.

On to the main event, what can you say about King King, a band that really make you sit up and take notice of them when they perform.  Alan Nimmo walked on to rapturous applause from a near sold out audience at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle.  It was a bit of an emotional night with the band celebrating 10 years together, while announcing the departure of bass player and founding member Lindsay Coulson, who has decided to step down to have more time with his family and other projects.  With the band securing a new record deal, it’s expected that King King will soon gain bigger audiences worldwide, so now felt like the right time for him to bow out.

We were treat to some of the sweetest blues rock, both old and new, from across those ten years.  One of the standout songs for me being ‘You Stopped The Rain’, which was just so beautiful.  This band have a real laid back feel great keyboards from Jonny Dyke intertwining with Alan's full of feel blues rock soloing, and really locked in rhythm section from Lindsay and Wayne Proctor, right up my street.

I could not believe the reaction of the crowd singing and clapping along to loads of their songs, what a great night.  If you haven't managed to catch King King or Sari Schorr perform live yet, then stick them both on your bucket list as I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

Review by: Bernie Penman




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