Bands: Lord Of The Lost, Dead Film Star & Auger

Venue: The Cluny, Newcastle

Date: 21 November 2018


With Winter only a breath away and the dark nights sweeping in, it seems only appropriate that the music gets darker and what better way than a night of gothic rock and metal, as we venture to the dark heart of Newcastle for Hamburg’s Lord of the Lost.  

The band are currently on the UK leg of their Thornstar tour, but first the guest bands.  First up it was Auger who from their bio ... "hail from within the endless warren of tunnels, in the darkest depths of the mine, a new sound awakens” ... 

This duet of Kyle Wilson (lead vocals, keyboards, programming) and Kieran Thornton (guitar and backing vocals), really set to mood for the rest the night, with their dark industrial tones very reminiscent of the darker side of the 80’s.  Highlighting tracks from their latest album 'The Awaking', with tracks like 'Wendigo' and dark electro metal of 'Substance' that reminds me of the nights spent at London’s Slimelight.  Other tracks of note had to be 'I Declare' and the set closer ‘End of the World’.  For a duo the pair really set the bar for rest of the night. 

So up next were Midland’s gothic rockers Dead Film Star, who set a harder edge to the night.  Led by charismatic frontman Gary, the band may have been reduced to a quartet for tonight's show, with the absence of a drummer, but the remaining members still brought their darkside of the goth rock scene with as much vigor their dark hearts could muster. 

With songs like 'Hello Cruel World', that was a cross-over between the hard rocking of The Murderdolls and the dark vein of Mr Manson, and the massive ‘Soiled, Spoilt & Somewhat Flawed’, that was darker than even Gary’s eyes, the band showed a degree of darkness and rock excess that showed that this band have something to give this genre.  Even being a reduced number showed this band have what it takes to take this somewhat underground movement by storm. 

Now for the headline act, making a welcome return to the UK shores on this the first UK headline tour are Hamburg’s finest Lord of the Lost.  Led by Chris Harm, the band delivered a well structured set that mixed their gothic metal tones with a real dark edge.  Opening things up in style with 'On This Rock I Will Build My Church', taken from their new album 'Thornstar', it was a real ballsy opening barrage to what turned out to be a monstrous set.

It was straight into the massive ‘Loreley’, again from the new album.  We were only two songs in, but the crowd were loving every dark moment.  Chris was in great form as they continued with another song from 'Thornstar', the moody rocker ‘Morgana’, before ripping the crowd a new one with the excellent ‘Full Metal Whore’, with the crowd unstantly whipped into a clap-along frenzy. 

The groove filled darkness continued with the massive ‘Sex on Legs’, before returning to the Thornstar album for an almost somber opening to ‘Black Halo’, but the intro gave way to tsunami of dark gothic vibes before the tempo was picked up as it was to the 'Empyrean' album for the groove filled monster ‘Drag Me To Hell’, which really ignited to crowd into a frenzy.  If you haven't seen a goth crowd rip into a frenzy then you haven’t lived.  Donned in black doesn’t make you are all doom and gloom, they can rock up a storm with the best of them. 

It was over to bassist Class Grenayde to provide the hard-hitting bass lines, as explosive as this his name for ‘Prison’, from the band’s sophomore album 'Antogomy'.  This song really rocked it up and once again had the crowd joining in along with the chorus. 

It was back to the 'Thornstar' album for a real master-class in electro metal with 'Under the Sun' and the superb ‘Haythor’, before really turn back the clock back to 2009 with the fantastic ‘Dry the Rain 2014'. 

After a thumping drum solo from Niklas Kahl, the band gave us a storming rendition of Lady GaGa’s ‘Bad Romance’ before the dark electro of ‘Blood for Blood’.  The band left the stage to cheers for more and more we got as the night was rounded off with ‘Die Tomorrow', before the show closer and total show stopper, the Latin grooved ‘La Bomba’. 

The band have only been to Newcastle as few times, but they've really won over the North East gothic community as the multitude of fans that had turned out tonight showed perfectly.  I’m sure next time the band return it will be to bigger venues and the crowds will be massive. 

Review by: Barry McMinn




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