Band: The New Roses

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 25th November 2018


The New Roses were founded in 2007 by singer Timmy Rough and drummer Urban Berz 6 (guitar) and Hardy (bass guitar).  From the opening number ‘Every Wildheart’, I knew we were in for something special.  The singer Timmy Rough immediately had the audience eating out of his hand, a very charismatic guy with a super voice.  Shades of Bon Scott in there.

Next up was ‘Forever Never Comes featured an opening riff that had me think there may be a slight influence of Guns N’ Roses in there somewhere.  Another high energy classic rocker.  ‘Dancing On A Razor Blade’, another anthemic track which had a slight AC/DC feel to this one, another belter. 

‘Second First Time’ was up next and there was a definite country feel to this one, which had everyone rocking along and reminded me of Steve Earl ... loved it.   ‘Dead Man's Voice’ continued the mood with another country rock belter, featuring great riffs, terrific vocals, stomping drums and a really solid bass from Hardy.

Now this next song ‘For A While’ reminded me of Extreme, another country tinged rocker with a lovey solo.  I can see why this cracking band were included on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.

‘It’s A Long Way’ was another out and out rocker which included an opening riff in the vein of Guns N’ Roses.  Classic vocals that the audience were really into.  These guys very passionate about their songs, all four of them playing out of their skins. 


Now ‘Whiskey Nightmare’ featured some power house drumming from Urben Berz, and no mean solo from super vocalist Timmy Rough, on this in your face rock anthem.   We were treat to an acoustic version of ‘Fight You Leaving Me’, featuring just Timmy and Norman, which slowed the pace right down on this song which was very reminiscent of Bon Jovi.

Keeping the audience in the palm of their hands the band continued with ‘Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)’.  This country rocker had the audience singing along to this light hearted tune before they continued with ‘Ride With Me’, another anthemic country rock track, which confirmed to me that these guys are built to play stadiums.

With ‘Gimme Your Love’ there was no let up as this out and out rock tune had all the band fired up, with the audience absolutely loving it.  The rapport Timmy has with his audience is so warm and genuine, a true star.

‘One More For The Road’ had everyone baying for more classic country rock and reminded me of Tom Petty and also the Black Crowes ... brilliant. 

For the encore we had ‘Thirsty’, a tremendous rock track with some nice slide guitar playing from Timmy Rough, before a stunning cover of Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band’s ‘Old Time Rock And Roll’, which saw the audience singing along in German to this last classic track from a fantastic live, fun band, who are deeply focused in their songs.

I was so pleased I came out to catch them live on what was a miserable Sunday night.  What a treat! Well worth catching live if you get the chance.

I must also mention the great sets from the two support acts, the Brink and high octane stuff from my mate Nick Jennison's band, the Saints of Arcadia.


Review & Photos by: Bernie Penman




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