Band: Toots and The Maytals

Venue: The Boiler Shop, Newcastle

Date: 12 October 2018


With over 50 years as a recording artist, a Grammy award along with countless nominations and an incredible 31 Number One hits in his home country of Jamaica, Toots and The Maytals featuring frontman Toots Hibbert are assured of a place at the top table of music history.     

Their blend of Jamaican Ska, Blues, Soul and Funk blazed a trail and brought the music of Reggae to a world-wide audience influencing countless artists along the way.  Newcastle were truly honoured to be in the presence of music royalty.   

On an evening where the cold October rain lashed down outside, Toots and The Maytals brought a delightful ray of Jamaican sunshine to The Boiler Shop. 

'Pressure Drop' bubbled with energy with Toots pulling some snazzy dance moves showing at 75 years old he still has that magic touch.  'Funky Kingston' delivered a potent blend of shimmering Funk with a Reggae backbeat provided by the dynamic Paul Douglas on drums who has been with Toots since the early days.  The beat throbbed and grooved making it nigh impossible to stand still. 

When 'Monkey Man' kicked in, the place erupted, literally bouncing to the Skanking beat undoubtedly causing the odd tectonic shift down under in the process.  

Brand new song, 'A Song Called Marley', played tribute to his dear friend Bob Marley drew on those influences that have served him so well during his illustrious career as Hibbert's deep, soulful, voice cracked with emotion.


Hibbert turned a potential disaster of a wrongful arrest into a smash hit as '54-56, That's My Number' brought the night to a foot stomping end with the only downside, being a rather cold, wet walk back to the reality of a chilly October Newcastle night.

Review by: Mick Burgess.  All photo's also copyright of Mick Burgess.




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