Band: Uli Jon Roth

Venue: Corportation, Sheffield

Date: 29 November 2018


The weather might have been cold, wet and windy, but that wasn’t about to dampen my excitement as I drove down to Sheffield to catch the legend that is Uli Jon Roth kick off his 50th anniversary tour.  To get everyone in the mood for what was to come was support act Kaleb McKane and his band, and what a grand job they did of achieving just that.  If you get the chance to check out this young man in action then I’d definitely recommend it.  

After a swift changeover the guy everyone was waiting for Uli came onstage to great applause and had a little banter with the audience before treating the crowd to an array if songs taken from his Electric Sun band days, including ‘Indian Dawn’, ‘Sky of Avalon’, ‘Hiroshima Today?’ and ‘Starflight’.

From his Scorpion days he shared with us ‘The Sails Of Charon’, ‘Sun In My Hand’, ‘Catch Your Train’, and my personal favourite ‘We'll Burn The Sky’.  When watching this man perform it’s hard not to get totally immersed and mesmerized by his performance, his is an incredible guitarist and largely under-rated by many, probably due to his calming persona on stage.  

He had a small break before coming back on to do several compositions on a beautiful 8 string acoustic including ‘Indian Passage’ and ‘Golden Dragon’.  Such intricate and stunning pieces which he made it look so effortless to play.

He then donned his very first guitar that he played on when he first started out at the tender age of 13, now 50 years later it still sounded great as he covered ‘Apache’ by the Shadows, before finishing off a great show with some songs by Deep Purple ‘Little Wing’ and ‘All Along The Watchtower’.   


It may have taken a few hours to drive down to Sheffield to catch this man in action, but my goodness was it worth it.  I drove home a very happy man indeed after witnessing this legend in action with all respect I already had for this man greatly increased.  Whether you’re a guitarist or not, you can’t help but be impressed by the breath-taking talent this man shares in his live performances.  Well worth checking out live if you ever get the chance!

Review by: Bernie Penman




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