CD Gig & Festival Reviews 2012/2013ws - A - C


The Arctic Festival 2012 (Day One)

-  The Bridgehouse II, Canning Town London, 6th January 2012
(Featuring: Power Quest, Neuronspoiler, 15 Times Dead, Primitive and Circle of Reason)


The Black Dahlia Murder, Skeleton & Flesh God Apocalypse  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 20th January 2012


The Trews 

- Cluny 2, Newcastle, 12th February 2012


Mistress Kazzy's Birthday Bash 

- Asylum 2, Birmingham, 18th February 2012
(Featuring: 9 X Dead, Warlord UK, Point Blank Fury, Black Star Bullet)


Trucker Diablo & Falling Red

- Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle, 24th February 2012


Rammstein & Deathstars

- Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, 29th February 2012


FM & Romeo's Daughter  

- Cathouse, Glasgow, 8th March 2012


Pure Rawk Awards 2012  

- Boston Music Rooms, London, 9th March 2012


Anubis, Adust, Spirits Of The Earth, Wretched Soul, Zocola, The Self-Titled  

- The Pandemonium Club, Babylon Live Lounge, Maidstone, Kent, 10th March 2012


Rise To Remain, Heaven Shall Burn, Adept, Malefice, Cytota  

- Fibbers, York, 13th March 2012


Vain & Stala & So  

- 02 Academy 2, Newcastle, 14th March 2012


UFO & Heavy Metal Kids 

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 17th March 2012


Black Stone Cherry & Rival Sons

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 19th March 2012


PPM Fest 2012, Mons (Day One)  

- Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 6th April 2012
(Featuring: Rhapsody of Fire, Korpiklaanl, Septic Flesh, Trollfest, Odd Dimension, Methusalem, Goliath)


PPM Fest 2012, Mons (Day Two)  

- Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 7th April 2012
(Featuring: Accept, Sonata Arctica, Evergrey, Finntroll, Hell, Eden's Curse, Pathfinder, Fury UK, Nightqueen, Azylya, No Fatality)



- The Pandemonium Club, Babylon Live Lounge, Maidstone, Kent, 7th April 2012


PPM Fest 2012, Mons (Day Three)

-  Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 8th April 2012
(Featuring: Blind Guardian, Epica, Freak Kitchen, Powerwolf, Mystic Prophecy, Stormwarrior, Power Quest, Manigance, Lonewolf, Beyond The Labyrinth, Stonegoats, Nereids )


Skindred, Therapy? & Black Spiders  

- 02 Academy, Brixton, 13th April 2012 


Breed 77, Mariana Hollow & Beyond All Reason  

- Stereo, York, 19th April 2012


Z Rock 2012 (Day One)

- Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, 5th May 2012
   (Featuring: Paul Sabu, Prophet, Arabia, Legion, Stampede)


Z Rock 2012 (Day Two)  

- Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, 6th May 2012
   (Featuring: Dynazty, Newman, Bai Bang, Michael Bormann, Red Rum, Paul Sabu, Hush, Wildside Riot, Summers)


The Ultimate Eagles  

- Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay, 9th May 2012


Ten, Serpentine & White Widdow 

- The Corporation, Sheffield, 25th May 2012


Sebastian Bach & Stormzone  

- The Garage, Glasgow, 13th June 2012


Glammed Out

-  Nambucca, London, 15th July 2012 


Jon Oliva's Pain & Max Pie  

- The Garage, London, 16th July 2012


SOS Festival (Day One)

- Radcliffe Civic Hall, Manchester, 21st July 2012
   (Featuring: Tygers Of Pan Tang, Exit State, Velvet Star, Obsessive Compulsive, Triaxis, Ten By Ten, Wizzard, The Goddam Electric, Trucker Diablo, Broken, Fire In The Temple)


SOS Festival (Day Two)  

- Radcliffe Civic Hall, Manchester, 22nd July 2012
   (Featuring: Beholder, Absolva, Hanging Doll, Incassum, Evil Scarecrow, Max Pie, Fantasist, Gone Til Winter, Savage Outlaw, My Wooden Pillow, Allaira)


The Burning Crows, Komatoze & Estrella  

- Cathouse, Glasgow, 7th September 2012 


Furyon, M.A.I.R. & Audiodriver

- The Vale, Glasgow, 8th September 2012


Firewind & Leaves Eyes

- The Corporation, Sheffield, 18th September 2012


W.A.S.P. & Crimes Of Passion

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 23rd September 2012


Dragonforce, Alestorm, The Defiled

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 29th September 2012


Firefest Festival (Day One) 

- Rock City, Nottingham, 19th October 2012 
   (Featuring: Lionville, Dante Fox, Ten & Tyketto)


Firefest Festival (Day Two) 

- Rock City, Nottingham, 20th October 2012 
   (Featuring: Johnny Lima, Work Of Art, Robin Beck, Santers, XYZ, Mitch Malloy & Gotthard)


Firefest Festival (Day Three) 

- Rock City, Nottingham, 21st October 2012 
   (Featuring: Farcry, Fiona, Royal Hunt, Brighton Rock, Lillian Axe, Stage Dolls, Danger Danger)


I Am I, Arthemis & Fahran

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 27th October 2012


Marco Mendoza & Crooked Dice  

- The Vine Bar, Workington, 28th October 2012



- Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 18th November 2012


Magnum & Trillium  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 22nd November 2012 


Hard Rock Hell VI Festival

- Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park, Phwelli, North Wales, 29th November - 2nd December 2012



- Empire, Middlesborough, 5th December 2012


Ricky Warwick  

- Diamond Rock Club, Ireland, 15th December 2012


Triage & No Reason Why  

- The New Tavern, Washington, 6 March 2013



- Northumbria University, Newcastle, 11th March 2013


FM, It Bites & Vega  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 20th March 2013


PPM Fest 2013, Mons (Day One)

- Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 12th April 2013
(Featuring: Avantasia, DGM, Max Pie, Divided Multitude, Drakkar, Vital Breath, Fireforce)


PPM Fest 2013, Mons (Day Two)

- Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 13th April 2013
(Featuring: Stratovarius, Alestorm, Amaranthe, Orphaned Land, Astra)



- PPM Fest 2013, Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 14th April 2013


PPM Fest 2013, Mons (Day Three)  

- Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Bergen, Belgium, 14th April 2013
(Featuring: Helloween, Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Turisas, Firewind, Circus Maximus, Tank, Myrath, Solisia, Shadowside, Sun Caged)


Crashdiet, Jettblack, Sleekstain, Hell in The Club & Fallen Mafia 

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 23rd April 2013


Spooky Jefferson's Ideal Lunchbox  

- Arts Centre, Washington, 26th April 2013



- The Ritz, Manchester, 4th May 2013



- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 3rd June 2013


Download Festival  

- Donnington Park, Donnington, 14th - 16th June 2013
   (Featuring: Rise To Remain, Down, Korn, Slipknot, UFO, Black Star Riders, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Coal Chamber, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, The Gaslight Anthem, Thirty Second To Mars, Rammstein)


Skarlett Riot  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 10th July 2013


Ricky Warwick, Acoustic TV & Mark Curran

- The Cluny, Newcastle, 20th July 2013


S.O.S. Festival 2013  

- Civic Hall, Radcliffe, Manchester, 20th July 2013
(Featuring: Dave Evans, X-UFO, Sweet Taste, Wizz Wizzard, Eocene, Fantasist, Massive Wagons, Afterdown, Spill Sixteen)


Iron Maiden & Voodoo Six  

- 02 Arena, London, 3rd August 2013


Fozzy, Breed 77 & Voodoo Vegas  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 15th August 2013


Cradle Will Rock Festival  

- Civic Hall, Shildon, 7th September 2013
   (Featuring: Def Con One, Chaos Asylum, Wizzard, Triaxis, Vicious Nature, Eternal Breath, Reign Of Fury, Aeonian Dog)


The Temperance Movement, The Graveltones & Sam Taylor  

- The Other Rooms, Think Tank, Newcastle, 22nd September 2013


Tuff, Shameless & Stala & So

- Fibbers, York, 9 October 2013


The Answer, Tracer & Cage The Gods  

- 02 Academy, Newcastle, 23rd October 2013


Damnation Festival 

- Leeds University Union, Leeds, 2 November 2013