AMARANTHE, the cutting edge rock band with the triple lead vocal attack, have dropped "That Song" from their upcoming album Maximalism, out October 21 via Spinefarm.


Listen and preorder the album HERE ;


"The time has come to unveil 'That Song' to the world," said guitarist Olof Morck. "Showcasing a new side of Amaranthe, the song combines an anthemic arena riff with an irresistibly groovy flow, creating maybe the most unique Amaranthe track yet! Describing the strife and hardships that follow with trying to pursue your dreams, 'That Song' embodies the turning point in your life when your direction becomes clear. So stomp your feet and clap your hands to 'That Song'!"


Maximalism is the follow-up to 2014's breakthrough MASSIVE ADDICTIVE.


Refusing to be pinned down by genre or convention, Amaranthe have consistently pursued the less-travelled path, blending different sounds and styles to create a signature hybrid approach. Maximalism sees their collective wide-angle vision laid out with greater skill and conviction than ever before.


The European tour begins on 25.Oct.




1. Maximize

2. Boomerang

3. That Song

4. 21

5. On the Rocks

6. Limitless

7. Fury

8. Faster

9. Break Down and Cry

10. Supersonic

11. Fireball

12. Endlessly


For More Info on AMARANTHE Visit:


Kilmara Planning New Album With Roland Grapow

KILMARA were last August 19 at the Slovak festival More Than Fest resulting in a rewarding experience for the band which has led them to an injection of energy and renewed encouragement to continue working and offering the best of themselves.


The band had the opportunity to visit with Roland Grapow who have worked in their last two albums to date, "Don't Fear The Wolf" and "Love Songs And Other Nightmares" formalizing and specifying details to repeat the experience again and record under the orders of Roland Grapow in what will become their fourth album.


KILMARA will be working on Roland Grapow's Studios during the first quarter of 2017 so this will be the year when a promising new band album will see the light.


SERPENTINE DOMINION's Adam Dutkiewicz launches guitar play-through for new track, 'On the Brink of Devastation'!

Imagine Killswitch Engage at their heaviest, with the immediately recognizable guitar playing of Adam Dutkiewicz, the precision drumming of former The Black Dahlia Murder member Shannon Lucas, and the legendary death metal growl of Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - the result is SERPENTINE DOMINION. After 7 years in the making, this highly anticipated project will finally be releasing their self-titled debut on October 28th via Metal Blade Records.

For a preview of the album, fans can check out a guitar play-through by Adam Dutkiewicz for the new track, 'On the Brink of Devastation', now: |

The first single, 'The Vengeance in Me', can be heard at - at the same URL you can pre-order the album on Digi-CD, LP and as an exclusive bundle!

The origins of SERPENTINE DOMINION can be traced back to 2009's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which boasted a line-up that included Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse, andThe Black Dahlia Murder. During that fateful summer, Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz made a proposition to Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher: "George, I want to write you a record." On the Mayhem Fest tour, Shannon Lucas, who performed with The Black Dahlia Murder through 2012, was tapped to record drums on the album. Between 2009 and 2016, Cannibal Corpse and Killswitch Engage released three albums each, so scheduling time to work on Serpentine Dominion was no easy feat - but when their rigorous schedules allowed, 'Serpentine Dominion' began to come together, with Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach penning the lyrics, which touch on corruption within the government, religion, big business, and other timely issues. Ultimately, though, this debut is a pure passion project; it was written and recorded simply for why musicians get into music in the first place: fun.

See below for the official track-listing, and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

'Serpentine Dominion' track-listing
1. Intro
2. The Vengeance in Me
3. Vanquished Unto Thee
4. Divide, Conquer, Burn, and Destroy
5. Sovereign Hate
6. On the Brink of Devastation
7. Jagged Cross Legions
8. Prelude
9. This Endless War

Adam Dutkiewicz - guitars
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - vocals
Shannon Lucas - drums 


Metal Blade to re-issue MERCYFUL FATE albums 'Into The Unknown', 'Dead Again' and '9' as part of their Originals-series!

After re-issuing the MERCYFUL FATE albums 'In The Shadows' and 'Time' last month, it's about time to announce the next batch of vinyl re-issues.

On October, 7th Metal Blade Records will make the MERCYFUL FATE albums 'Into The Unknown', 'Dead Again' and '9' available again.

'Into The Unknown' will be released on 180 g black vinyl as well as on dawn-red-sky colored vinyl (ltd. 300) and orange-red marbled vinyl (ltd. 200). 'Dead Again' will be released on 180 g black vinyl as well as on blue-black marled vinyl (ltd. 300) and brown marbled vinyl (ltd. 200). '9' will be released on 180 g black vinyl as well as on burnt-orange-brown vinyl (ltd. 300) and melting-point-yellow vinyl (ltd. 200).

The vinyls are part of the Metal Blade Originals series that started earlier this year with the re-issues of the SLAYER titles 'Show No Mercy', 'Hell Awaits', 'Haunting The Chapel' and 'Live Undead'!

'Into The Unknown' and '9' will be released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts.

'Dead Again' will be released on 2-LP with 350g heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve (inside out print) and 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters.

Available titles in the Metal Blade Originals series:
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Live Undead
Slayer - Haunting The Chapel
Nasty Savage - Nasty Savage
Nasty Savage - Indulgence
Fates Warning - Awaken The Guardian
Fates Warning - Night On Bröcken
Six Feet Under - Haunted
Six Feet Under - Warpath
Mercyful Fate - In The Shadows
Mercyful Fate - Time 

Metal Blade to release 15th anniversary edition of BRAINSTORM's 'Metus Mortis' for the first time ever on vinyl!

It's been 15 years since the initial release of BRAINSTORM's milestone album 'Metus Mortis'. About time for a vinyl release, the first ever vinyl release for this album!

The vinyl edition includes four bonus tracks and will be released as a gatefold 2-LP in 180 g, olive/black marbled (ltd. 200) and white/black marbled (ltd. 100; available only on tour, dates below). The album features a gatefold-sleeve, printed inner sleeves and a poster.

Pre-order your copies now at EMP or our ebay-store!

Tracklist "Metus Mortis":
01. Metus Mortis
02. Blind Suffering
03. Shadowland
04. Checkmate in Red
05. Hollow Hideaway
06. Weakness Sows Its Seed
07. Into the Never
08. Under Lights
09. Cycles
10. Behind
11. Meet Me in the Dark
12. Strength of Will
13. Face Down (Bonus)
14. (E.O.C.) Cross Gods Face (Bonus)
15. Don't Wait for Me (Bonus)
16. Savage (Bonus)

Nights Of The Storm: Brainstorm, Winterstorm
23.09.16 Burglengenfeld (D) - VAZ Pfarrheim
24.09.16 Lindau (D) - Club Vaudeville
30.09.16 Mannheim (D) - 7er Club
01.10.16 Hirschaid (D) - Jahnhalle
14.10.16 Aalen (D) - Rock It
15.10.16 Rheine (D) - Hypothalamus
16.10.16 Bochum (D) - Matrix

21.10.16 The Ranch Festival, Hechingen (D)
11.-12.11.2016 Metal Hammer Paradise, Ferienpark Weissenhäuser Strand (D) 

Metal Blade Records launches new edition of "6 Bands in 60 Seconds"

In conjunction with RED Music, Metal Blade Records has launched a new edition of the "6 Bands in 60 Seconds" campaign, where CEO Brian Slagel spotlights six artists from the label's roster every three months. The goal of the promotion is to help fans discover new music from some of the most promising acts in the scene. The latest installment of the series features Serpentine Dominion, Allegaeon, Destrage, Necromancing The Stone, If These Trees Could Talk, and Hammers Of Misfortune; to watch the video clip, and to learn more about the artists, please visit:


Imagine Killswitch Engage at their heaviest, with the immediately recognizable guitar playing of Adam Dutkiewicz, the precision drumming of formerThe Black Dahlia Murder member Shannon Lucas, and the legendary death metal growl of Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - the result is Serpentine Dominion. After 7 years in the making, this highly anticipated project will finally be releasing their self-titled debut on October 28th. For more information, please visit: 

Due out September 23rd, Allegaeon's Proponent for Sentience is a musically complex, intelligent, and absorbing concept record that can rightfully sit alongside the true greats of the medium. With a lyrical arc rooted in science-fiction yet uncomfortably encroaching upon the reality of the present, it captures the Fort Collins, Colorado natives at their most ambitious and accomplished, pushing the boundaries even further than on their three previous critically acclaimed full-lengths. For more information, please visit:


You can try to put Destrage in a box but you will never succeed. Words such as "progressive", "cinematic", "mathcore", "technical" and "groove-laden", could be thrown at them, but really the only one you need is Destrage, for they are in a category of their own making. This has never been more true than on A Means To No End, the fourth full-length from the Milan, Italy-based 5-piece, due out October 21st. Riveting from start to finish, it leads the listener through an emotionally-charged labyrinth of complex yet catchy melody and muscle, following nobody's rules, and it stands out as one of the truly unique releases of 2016. For more information, please visit:


If flaccid, identikit, breakdown-laden "metal" is the disease, Necromancing The Stone's recently released debut full-length, Jewel of the Vile, is the cure. Featuring current/former members of Arsis (James Malone, guitars), The Absence (Jeramie Kling, drums), The Black Dahlia Murder (Ryan "Bart" Williams, bass) and Brimstone Coven (guitarist Justin Wood and vocalist "Big" John Williams), Necromancing The Stone "has brought back the glory days [of '80s heavy metal] with unbridled spirit" ( For more information, please visit:


After four years of fine-tuning audio and visual components, instrumental post-rock outfit If These Trees Could Talk released their Metal Blade Records debut upon the music world this past June. The response was once again overwhelmingly positive, with declaring: "the music If These Trees Could Talk are putting out now is some of the finest they've ever written." For more information, please visit:


For their recently released sixth full-length, Dead Revolution, progressive heavy metallers Hammers of Misfortune enlisted Nick Dumitriu (Vhol, Ritual Chamber) to produce the record, utilizing a vintage Trident board and minimizing digital processing. The result is a warm, sharp sound that harkens back to productions like John Leckie's treatment of Pink Floyd's Meddle or David Hitchcock's master work in Camel's Mirage. For more information, please visit:


To view the previous installments of "6 Bands in 60 Seconds", be sure to check out the following videos: 
--Part 1 (Act of Defiance, Rivers of Nihil, Twitching Tongues, Culture Killer, Visigoth, Harlott):

--Part 2 (Brimstone Coven, Ketzer, Gehennah, Accuser, Artillery, Sourvein):

--Part 3 (Abnormality, Exumer, Redemption, Native Construct, Good Tiger, Mother Feather):


Metal Blade Records online:

This is the Age
'This Is The Age' Says Chron Gen

Following on from their sell-out tour of California and Las Vegas CHRON GEN will release a new album "This Is The Age". It has been 32 years since their last studio album Nowhere to Run" as the second wave UK punk movement gave way to the New romantics. Chron Gen were never typical of the bands they shared the stage with in the early 80's - their sound was always different - more melodic, powerful and considered, although it would be fair to say that the promise for much more was never realised; expectations never met....until now. The latest album "This Is The Age" is well titled - it is Chron Gens coming of age. The contemporary production combines a diverse collection of thought provoking lyrics and classic song structures to create an audio experience that matches the energy of their live performances, as recently demonstrated on their southern California and Nevada dates in May 2016.

This album isn't reserved for the old punk guard. Far from it - it is 21st century rock that will appeal to music fans of all generations and genres. It is fresh, different and exciting. Every song deserves it's place on the album, although there are many stand out numbers, such as Maybe Baby, Jump and Love this City.

Civil War Return With 'The Last Full Measure

The third studio album by Sweden's Generals CIVIL WAR! Giant anthems full of power enforcing Heavy Metal-groove and epic fanfares!  


Fear an eruption of Sweden's landmass! Fear the fire, creaking steel and scattered mud!



CIVIL WAR are back and shooting martial anthems into the darkened sky. On November 4th the proud Heavy Metal-hitmakers are releasing their third epic The Last Full Measure. The quintet with former Sabaton-members present twin guitars, keyboard-fanfares and doublebass-marches. Full of honor they are flying the flag as high as possible. Astral Doors-singer Nils Patrik Johansson proves that his powerful voice was marked by destiny. It offers guts for more. It's the call of duty. "Heaven can wait 'cause we have so many more battles to win", shouts the opening track 'Road To Victory'. Their debut album The Killer Angels was purified with gold already - their triumph is inevitable. If you hear the bloodcurdling barking of the dogs from CIVIL WAR you will pray that you are not standing on the other side of the battlefield.



Comment of Nils Patrik Johannson:


"After The Killer Angels and Gods & Generals, we are extremely proud and can´t wait to share the last part of the trilogy! This is our best work so far, at least this is what we think, but I´m sure you won´t be disappointed!"



The Last Full Measure will be released worldwide on November 4th 2016.



Be sure to grab your copy and get the full dose of Metal: Napalm Shop   Amazon


Track List:


1. Road To Victory

2. Deliverance

3. Savannah

4. Tombstone

5. America

6. A Tale That Never Should Be Told

7. Gangs Of New York

8. Gladiator

9. People Of The Abyss

10. The Last Full Measure

11. Strike Hard Strike Sure (Bonus Track)

12. Aftermath (Bonus Track)



Stone Circle announces crowdfunding campaign to record EP in 2016

Progressive metal band Stone Circle (UK) has set up a crowdfunding campaign to aid their next recording, to be done at Bandit Studios (with producer Jonny Renshaw - guitarist for Devil Sold His Soul, ex Mahumodo). The EP will be their 5th release to date and Stone Circle are calling on fans to help contribute towards the recording, including limited edition signed copies of the EP upon its release on pre-order. The band are hoping to raise £1500 to cover the full cost of recording and mastering.

Stone Circle has had several accolades from the press, including Terrorizer Magazine stating: “What with Opeth going all 'full-prog' on us, the time couldn’t be better for a new band to take up the mantle of king purveyors of intelligent, melodic and progressively-minded death metal.” Metal Hammer gave the group 8/10 for their performance at UKTechfest “...Their Opeth and Enslaved-inspired metal is a welcome change for the bill and expertly executed.” Their next release promises to maintain their Progressive Metal edge while staying true to the nature of progressive music.

About the band:

Stone Circle formed in 2004 with Joe Ashwin (Lead Guitar/Vocals), James Pearce (Bass) & Sam Hill (drums), the line-up became complete in 2005 with the addition of Tom Skelton (Rhythm Guitars). Over this time the band developed their sound into the progressive metal that they play today, inspired by Opeth, Katatonia, Morbid Angel, Gojira, Amorphis and more.

In 2006 Stone Circle recorded their first EP - Parchment - with Dominic Young (well known for being the live sound technician for Sikth). This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release.

After a relocation to Brighton to study music, the band then worked on their first full-length album, also recorded with Dominic Young, in October of 2009. The album “Myth” was released at the end of 2010 through Glasstone Records.

Additionally, Stone Circle featured on the Brighton Institute of Modern Music album “Whats in your head: Volume II”, becoming the first band of the genre to be included in the institution's showcase collection.

Stone Circle released their fourth (self-titled) release in Terrorizer Magazine at the end of 2014 and are currently working on material for their next EP, scheduled for recording in 2016.

Stone Circle has had several notable performances, including supporting: Orange Goblin, Evil Scarecrow, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Breed 77, Ill Nino, Sylosis, Abhorrent Decimation and festival appearances at Bloodstock Festival, Download Festival, UKTechfest & Mammothfest.

Recommended if you like:  Opeth, Gojira, Morbid Angel, Katatonia, Enslaved, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree, Cult of Luna, Bloodbath, Amorphis

Leaves Eyes Unveil New EP

LEAVES' EYES have unveiled details for their upcoming release, the "Fires In The North" EP.

The title track is a brand new song, featured in both a regular and an acoustic version. In addition, the EP includes three songs from the band's latest album "King Of Kings" in new versions (feat. Elina on vocals). The cover artwork was created by 
Stefan Heilemann.

2. FIRES IN THE NORTH (Acoustic Version)
3. EDGE OF STEEL (2016 Version)
4. SACRED VOW (2016 Version)
5. SWORDS IN ROCK (2016 Version)


Produced by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio

Elina Siirala – Vocals
Alexander Krull – Vocals
Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass
Pete Streit – Guitar
Joris Nijenhuis – Drums



EUR / ROW: 07.10.2016
USA / CAN: 04.11.2016