Metal Icons W.A.S.P. Sign to Napalm Records! New Album Set For Release This August!

Almost six years have passed since the world saw a new studio album from Metal Icons W.A.S.P. That is about to change as W.A.S.P. has signed a new worldwide record deal with Austria’s Napalm Records.


 W.A.S.P. will release their 15th studio album tentatively titled Golgotha this August.

Thomas Caser, Vice President Napalm Records:
„It is a true honor to announce this signing today, a dream has come true. With their impressive career and ability to create musical masterpieces W.A.S.P have always been one of the most influential Metal bands out there since the beginning of their career. We are thrilled about the upcoming album Golgotha which will be released this summer!”


"W.A.S.P. are excited to announce they have signed an exclusive recording contract with Napalm Records. We chose Napalm for their personal belief and professional commitment to our career. We're looking forward to years of great success together starting with the release of our upcoming album 'Golgotha’", states W.A.S.P. front man Blackie Lawless.


New Studio Album Returns Band To Classic Melodic Rock Format.


To Be Released By Frontiers Music Srl May 15th in Europe, May 19th in North America. 

Pre-order on here:

In their 25-year career as a musical duo, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, collectively known simply as Nelson, have grown from pop music idols to seasoned songwriters and performers. Now, as the brothers celebrate a quarter century at the forefront of the international music scene, they return with Peace Out, their most ambitious studio album to date.


Set for release in Europe on May 15th and North America on May 19th by Frontiers Music Srl, PEACE OUT marks a return to the well crafted songs that put the band at the top of the Billboard charts in the 1990s. From the anthemic “Invincible” to the rollicking soon-to-be classic “Back In the Day”, PEACE OUT is quintessential Nelson from start to finish.


“We set a pretty high standard with our previous release with Frontiers – Lightning Strikes Twice. That record received by far the most critical acclaim of any Nelson record to date... Peace Out was expected to be even BETTER, so the goal was to push ourselves to very limit- past what we believed we could do,” says Gunnar Nelson. “We wanted to write and record the most exciting, authentic, uplifting, and rockin’ Nelson record ever made! The mission: to make a classic."


The brothers have always had their work cut out for themselves, being the third generation in one of America’s most celebrated entertainment families, who came into US households every week from 1952 through 1966 on the ABC sitcom, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. Their grandfather, Ozzie Nelson, was a celebrated big band leader, whose orchestra featured their grandmother, Harriet; and their late father, Ricky, was one of Rock’n’Roll’s earliest superstars, a member of The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and generally credited with creating the country-rock format.


When the Nelson twins burst onto the music scene with their own Billboard #1 hit “(I Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection,” in 1990, they set a Guinness World Record by being the only family to have three generations of #1 hits on the charts!


Nelson has gone on to release a half dozen Rock albums selling nearly 7 million records, beginning with the multi-platinum After The Rain. Peace Out marks their fourth release on Frontiers since 2010. Look for Nelson to embark on a world tour upon the new album’s release. “We're putting the live show together as we speak... And it will incorporate the very best live songs from our career... Focusing heavily on the PEACE OUT album,” says Gunnar.


The Nelsons have worked in a number of musical styles including pop, hard rock and even country. Now, Peace Out takes them to the musical home they have known the best: harmony-driven pop rock whose melodies are as infectious as they are lasting.


Peace Out tracklisting:


1. Hello Everybody
2. Back In The Day
3. Invincible
4. Let It Ride
5. I Wanna Stay Home
6. On The Bright Side
7. Rockstar
8. Autograph
9. What’s Not To Love?
10. You And Me
11. Bad For You
12. Leave The Light On For Me


For all things NELSON, please visit:

Please enjoy a trailer for the album here:

THE CRUNCH - Power-pop rock all-stars release spectacular second album ‘Brand New Brand’ on April 30th

All-star power pop rock act The Crunch are poised to release their sensational second album.  After winning critical acclaim for the compelling mix of pop hooks and punk grit they served up on 2013’s debut ‘Busy Making Noise’, vocalist Sulo Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), guitarist Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects), bassist Dave Tregunna (Sham 69 / Lords of the New Church), and drummer Terry Chimes (The Clash) wasted no time in returning to the studio and recording the follow-up.  Now expanded to a five-piece, with regular live collaborator Idde Schultz joining full time on vocals and keyboards, The Crunch will unleash sophomore effort ‘Brand New Brand’ on April 30th, as a CD, LP and download.


The new record retains and builds upon many of the hallmarks established on ‘Busy Making Noise’; most notably an enviable knack for huge, power-pop hooks, and massive, memorable blasts of melody. Once again, Sulo’s lean, concise songwriting cuts straight to the hook, on songs which never outstay their welcome, and rarely hang around for much more than three minutes.  The title track, with its surging riffs and rhythms, and dusting of bubblegum-glam handclaps, offers one fine example of the fizzing, infectious energy The Crunch’s quick-fire approach can create.  Meanwhile, the likes of ‘Lonely Beat of the Heart’ prove the band’s penchant for classic, uncomplicated songwriting does not preclude either clever experiments with structure, nor opportunities to show off the kind of superior musical skills that come with their collective years of experience.  Echoing its lyrical themes in its form, ‘Lonely Beat...’ is a showpiece for The Crunch’s rhythm section, with Dave’s booming basslines and Terry’s legendary pounding percussion underpinning a thundering, heartfelt chorus, which hears Sulo reflect on loneliness and heartache.


At the same time as developing the strengths heard on its predecessor, ‘Brand New Brand’ also introduces some new elements, and, in particular, capitalizes on Idde’s talents, to bring a fresh dynamic to several tracks. Sulo and Idde’s sparky vocal interplay is a delight on duets such as ‘Banner of Faith’; an exuberant highlight, where Idde playfully bats lyrics back and forth with her vocal sparring partner, and seamlessly introduces a doo-wop inspired interlude.  On ‘Solid Rock Steady’ she confidently takes over lead vocals, lending a Runaways feel to this passionate paean to rock ‘n’ roll, while her keyboard parts add fresh melody and depth throughout the album, not least on the delicate ballad ‘Barricade Blues’.


The Crunch proved on their first album that they’re as comfortable delivering well-crafted ballads, as powering through go-faster-striped punk rock, and ‘Brand New Brand’ now brings another crop of evocative slow-burners.  One standout is the immense ‘Save The Glow’, which swells from an understated, semi-acoustic opening, into a swaying, lighters-aloft Mott The Hoople-style anthem, with Mick breaking out a stunning solo at the song’s climax.  Also providing a change of pace are the mellow reggae rhythms, which pepper punky rally against the ruling classes ‘Go Back To Go’, and serve to introduce ‘Neon Madonna’ – the first single to be taken from ‘Brand New Brand’ on March 23rd.


At the core of The Crunch is a deep love for rock ‘n’ roll in all its forms.  From the moment of the band’s conception during a spontaneous jam session, at which time none of the members were looking for a new project, The Crunch has always been fuelled by an intense, shared passion for the power of a good tune. As such, it may be fair to consider ’25 Hours a Day’, their love song to music itself, to be the centerpiece of the second album.  It’s a poignant track, which hears these veteran road warriors attest that, after all the ups and downs they’ve experienced in their long careers, they still can’t find enough hours in the day to indulge a passion for playing, which shines loud and proud throughout ‘Brand New Brand’.


In the run-up to the album’s release, The Crunch will play the following live dates;


Weds March 25th – LONDON, Koko

‘I Need A Dodge!  Joe Strummer On The Run’ premiere, feat. The Crunch. 

Adv. tickets £25


Weds April 29th - LONDON, The Borderline

‘Brand New Brand’ release party, w/support from The Pukes


Fri May 1st - LONDON, Oi Oi! The Shop, Camden

Acoustic in store performance (7pm) and album signing

Metalbox Recordings is very pleased to confirm their latest signing to the label

Since the release of their debut album ‘New Born Lie’, British heavy metal band I.C.O.N have consistently toured and promoted the album, hammering their sound into various corners of the UK.


As well as headline shows, I.C.O.N have supported Breed77, Blaze Bayley, Warrior Soul, Diamond Head, to name a few, and the band have spent the past few months writing and recording the follow-up to ‘New Born Lie’.


I.C.O.N’s second album will be released via Metalbox Recordings this summer. Release details coming soon.

A Life Divided: new video clip available!

Not even a month to go till the new album „Human“ will be out on April 10th.  It will be available as standard cd, digipak or as a limited fanbox.


You can watch the video for the new song "Inside Me" here.




Robin Trower has launched his first-ever music video for the title track of his new album “Something’s About To Change”. Click here to view/embed the music video -


Something’s About To Change was released by Manhaton/V12 Records on March 9th 2015 - the same day as Robin’s 70th birthday.  It marks Trower’s first album since 2013’s critically acclaimed “Roots And Branches”, and dovetails his 17-date UK tour with special guest Joanne Shaw Taylor starting March 26.  


March/April 2015 UK Tour


Lincoln Drill Hall                                                   Thursday March 26

Bury St. Edmunds, Apex                                     Friday March 27

Birmingham Town Hall                                       Saturday March 28

Salford Lowry                                                       Sunday March 29

Chester Live Rooms                                            Thursday April 2

Gateshead Sage                                                   Friday April 3

Glasgow Arches                                                    Saturday April 4

Aberdeen Lemon Tree                                       Sunday April 5

Stockton Arc                                                         Tuesday April 7

York Barbican                                                       Wednesday April 8

Sheffield City Hall Ballroom                               Thursday April 9

Holmfirth Picturedrome                                    Friday April 10

London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire               Saturday April 11

Crawley Hawth                                                    Tuesday April 14

Exeter Corn Exchange                                         Wednesday April 15

Salisbury City Hall                                                Thursday April 16

Milton Keynes Stables                                        Friday April 17 

Frontiers Announce Signing of Starz!

Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to announce the signing of US Hard Rock legends STARZ for a new album to be released in the second half of 2015!


Although not being able to build up a major commercial success, STARZ has proven to be a pivotal band for the development of the Hard & Heavy music. Several 80’s US Metal artists, from Cinderella and Poison to Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe cite STARZ as a primary influence. Magazines like Kerrang! and Hit Parader included Starz albums on their list of the most important heavy metal albums of all time!


All together STARZ recorded four studio albums in the second half of the 70’s: “Starz”, “Violation”, “Attention Shoppers” and “Coliseum Rock” and gathered critical acclaim with their ability to mesh the smooth with the hard. "We loved pop melodies," admits Ranno in retrospect, "and we also loved heavy guitars. We liked to combine hooks with a harder edge. Our singer Michael Lee Smith had a great sense of melody. In the course of four albums, we only used orchestrations or keyboards once, preferring to mix heavy rock productions with melodic overtones."


STARZ are now returning with a lineup featuring original members Richie Ranno on guitars, Michael Lee Smith on vocals, Joe X Dube on drums and new faces George DiAna on bass and Alex Kane on guitar.

“We are absolutely psyched to be writing and recording an album of new STARZ songs for the Frontiers Label. We’re really excited about the new songs we’ve come up with – SUBWAY TERROR 2015 – here we come! Our sincere thanks go out to the staff of Frontiers Records for giving us this opportunity,” says Richie Ranno.


STARZ are about to appear live in Europe at the HRH Festival in Wales on March 13th.

Finnish Power Metal is Stronger than Ever on CAIN’S OFFERING

New Studio Album « Stormcrow » - Out on Frontiers in May.


Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the second CAIN’S OFFERING studio album entitled “Stormcrow” on May 15th in Europe and May 19th in North America.


CAIN’S OFFERING is the brainchild of Finnish guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (founding member of one of Finland's biggest music exports SONATA ARCTICA).

Drawing its musical influence from both the classic Hard Rock scene, the fast-paced European Power Metal and a very modern Heavy Metal sound, CAIN’S OFFERING is, just as expected, another perfect example of today's living and breathing Finnish music scene.


Joining Jani on the band’s sophomore release, coming after 2009’s acclaimed debut “Gather the Faithful”, are STRATOVARIUS members vocalist Timo Kotipelto and keyboardist Jens Johansson, plus Jonas Kuhlberg on bass and Jani "Hurtsi" Hurula (Paul Di'Anno) on drums. “I was approached about doing this second Cain’s Offering album already a few years ago” explains Jani, “but back then I was way too busy with other projects to even consider taking the time to write an album worth of material, but last year when I was approached about it again I thought that the time might be right and felt like I could really focus all my energy on the album”.


Jani continues “I think musically the new album is a bit more focused and coherent. “Gather The Faithful” was the first album where I wrote all the music and lyrics by myself, and in retrospect maybe I was a bit too ambitious, trying to prove that I can actually write really good, complex songs. It’s been six years since the first one and I think that I have matured as a writer, not trying to prove anything anymore, just trying to write the best possible material. It’s still very much vocal and melody orientated writing, since to me the melody is always the king, but I did try to keep things a bit more simple this time. Although I think Timo would still say some of the vocal melodies are quite complex!”


“Stormcrow” is a tour-de-force of who's-who in the Finnish heavy metal scene, and yes, this does sound like a wet dream come through for all fans of melodic Heavy Metal. And guess what - the final result is going to blow you away as this album melts the best of SONATA ARCTICA and STRATOVARIUS in a new, exciting and powerful sound!

“Stormcrow” tracklisting includes: Stormcrow; The Best Of Times; A Night To Forget; I Will Build You a Rome; Too Tired To Run; Constellation Of Tears; Antemortem; My Heart Beats For No One; I Am Legion; Rising Sun; On The Shore


Timo Kotipelto: Lead Vocals
Jani Liimatainen: Guitars
Jonas Kuhlberg: Bass
Jani Hurula: Drums
Jens Johansson: Keyboards


Midlands-based alternative rockers Captain Horizon release a free single "Can't You See What I've Become" from their incredible forthcoming 2nd album "Imitation Sun".

The album is set for release on 11th May 2015 on Rocksector Records and will perhaps for the first time define the band's sound and approach to making music. Guitarist Josh Watson explains.. "We're not a metal band, not an indie band, not a rock band, or a punk band either. We write energetic music with guitars, drums and passionate vocals and even though we don't really know what genre we actually fit into, it's an interesting development that the album sounds so unified and purposeful. For the first time we can sit back and listen with a clear idea of what Captain Horizon actually is".

The free single can be downloaded now at

The band has previously released 3 EPs, followed by a debut album "The Lights Of Distorted Science" which was re-released as a digital-only bonus edition when they signed with Rocksector Records in 2014.


With artwork designed and completed by drummer James Merrix, the new album was recorded at Robbanas Studios in Birmingham (England), produced and mixed by Josh Watson, then mastered at Fluid Mastering, London.

Track listing....

1. Can't You See What I've Become 2. Sword 3. The Dark 4. It Matters To You 5. Ready For The Fall 6. Imitation Sun 7. Comforting 8. Silence Of Vera 9. My Town 10. Work Out Right

Mark Appleton owner/manager of Rocksector Records has this to say.. "This is an uncommonly well-crafted selection of songs. For some people, myself included,  it may take a couple of listens to click but the themes and melodies are positively impressive, inventive and positively invasive. Existing fans will know all about this but for those that are new.. welcome to Captain Horizon!"

As well as a variety of tour dates, there will be an album launch event on Friday 22nd May at Birmingham, O2 Academy 3, with an aftershow in the Island Bar afterwards. More details on that to come.


Band members: Steve "Whitty" Whittington - vocals | Josh Watson - guitars, vocals, synths | Alex Thomson - bass & vocals | James "Mez" Merrix - drums, percussion

Band website :  |  Label website :

Starz - UK Shows including HRH AOR

One of the most influential U.S rock bands of the 70's hit the UK this March - brand new studio album coming 2015 via Frontiers Records.

The March UK dates follows Starz's packed out London, England show in December 2013, which saw Ginger Wildheart playing bass guitar for the band.

If you are unaware of STARZ, consider these thoughts. Many of the Eighties most successful bands were influenced by Starz, from Cinderella and Poison to Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. Tom Keifer said the first concert he ever went to was a Starz show. "They really kicked ass" he remembered. Jon Bon Jovi met guitarist Richie Ranno backstage at a Bon Jovi concert in New Jersey and took the time to tell 30,000 screaming fans that when he was young, he looked up to Starz. They were the band he imitated when practicing in the garage. 


11th - LEAMINGTON SPA - Zephr Lounge
12th - LONDON - The Underworld
13th - PWLLHELLI - HRH AOR Festival 

Tigertailz Release New Project - 'Lost Reelz'

Tigertailz have released a new project of old demos and unreleased recordings entitled ‘Lost Reelz’ via FnA Records.  The 18 track album has no shortage of never-before-heard recordings that pack a punch and will titillate any Tigertailz fan.  Despite the fact that these unreleased recordings are demos, the sound quality is impeccable.

Tigertailz hail from Cardiff Wales in the UK and may already have the distinction of being the only UK band to share in some of the success of hairspray heavies like Mötley Crüe, L.A Guns, WASP, and Poison. They achieved it by being unique, by not following others and by doing it their way. Extremity in everything - in music, in image, in art, in life...


Tigertailz got their start with its first release in 1987 entitled ‘Young & Crazy’ which eventually channeled into the bands highly successful sophomore effort ‘Bezerk’.  ‘Bezerk’ saw the band releasing multiple singles and heading out to play major markets and festivals.  It’s at about this point, in 1994, that a lot of the songs from ‘Lost Reelz’ were demoed.   Some of the songs morphed into other songs , while others were either lost or put away for a later day. 


On ‘Lost Reelz’, the listener hears a new side of Tigertailz as Pepsi was being heavily influenced by the Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails sound.  This is most evident on songs like: “Long Live The New Flesh”, “Twisted”,  and “Falling Down”.  The song “Hold Your Horses” was a track recorded for Tigertailz Thrill Pistol album, but was later pulled as it didn’t fit the mold.  Some of the tracks like “Get Real”, “Daggerz”, and “In For The Kill” were recorded in 2005 when the band reformed.   Additionally, the album leads off with a mesmerizing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem performed by Jay Pepper.  Lastly, a brand new 2014 track entitled “FNA” was written and recorded specifically for the ‘Lost Reelz’ project .  “FNA” harkens back capturing the 80’s/90’s vibe that Tigertailz is known for.


Don’t let the ‘new sound’ of the tunes on ‘Lost Reelz’ scare you off; this is a pure Tigertailz album through and through; you hear a band that is growing and changing while maintaining their uniqueness.  Come share in the memories of Pepsi Tate and dig into his diversity alongside original member/guitarist Jay Pepper.

FnA Records is the home to many of the 80’s favorite hard rock bands like:  Roxy Blue, Tora Tora, Dirty Looks, Roxx Gang, Tigertailz, Rock City Angels, Gypsy Rose, D’molls, The Godz, Wanted, Alleycat Scratch, Witch, Ruthless, and many others.

New Tony Mills Album Out Now!

The 4th official solo album from ex-SHY/TNT frontman, Tony Mills is out now. A hard rock concept album tracing the death and rebirth of  the singer in Scandinavia in 2010.


For fans of SHY, TNT, SIAM, & SERPENTINE, WORK OF ART, DOCKERS GUILD, PAUL SABU, ROBERT SALL, ERIC RAGNO and RAM-ZET. The album crosses over from METAL to AOR and PROG ROCK. Mixed at OTB by Neil Kernon for Auslander. 

Produced by Tony Mills for APM Music/Battlegod Productions.




01. Time Won't Wait

02. 28 Flights

03. We Should Be On By Now

04. No Love Lost

05. Gate 21

06. My Death

07. Bitter Suite

08. Northern Star

09. 4 In The Morning

10. Somewhere In London

11. Free Spirits



Vocals - Tony Mills

Keyboards - Douglas Docker, Eric Ragno, Henning Ramseth and Robert Sall

Bass Guitar - Andreas Passmark and Henning Ramseth

Guitars - Henning Ramseth, Robert Sall, Paul Sabu

Piano - Douglas Docker, Eric Ragno and Henning Ramseth

Drums and Percussion - Andreas Nergard

Fretless Bass - Neil Kernon

Night By Night Looking For New Lead Singer

As of today, we have officially parted company with vocalist Henry Rundell. The decision is an amicable one and we thank him and wish him all the best for his future.


Henry: "It is with sadness I must inform you all of my departure from NxN. It is a decision I did not come to lightly but feel is the right one for me. I have had great fun playing with the guys & we had some amazing times both on the road & in the studio. I wish everyone all the best in what they do & say a big thank you to all who supported NxN & myself throughout the years.”


We will still play the next 3 shows (London, Grimsby and Hard Rock Hell) with the superb Dan Leigh of New Device. Thanks to all of you for always standing by us! :) If you or someone you know is interested in the role of lead vocalist for the band, get in touch.


You guys totally rock and we thank you so much for all your love and support over the years.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next shows! :D


Best, Ben, Jon, Tom & Damien :)

Miracle Master Looking For New Lead Singer

German hard rockers Miracle Master have started a search for a new singer following the departure of vocalist Oliver Weers. The band is currently working on the second album and a few summer shows are booked.

According to a press release: “The band is really sad about the decision, but they respect it. They wish him all the best for the future and want to thank him for the unbelievable time they had together.”


Oliver Weers: “It’s not an easy decision, we have together decided that I leave the band.  Miracle Master will be looking for a new screamer now, so I sincerely wish them the best of luck with that! Love and appreciate all the support from fans and friends and hope for your understanding.”

Because of this departure, Miracle Master are searching for a new vocalist. The band ask that all interested parties send applications to


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the band that drove the 1970 Billboard smash “Vehicle” to the top of the charts: The Ides Of March. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the band will release a deluxe limited edition 5-Disc set Last Band Standing – The Definitive 50-Year Anniversary Collection on April 18 (via Ides Of March Records).


Last Band Standing is a perfectly executed celebration of The Ides Of March history and a showcase of a band still in their prime at 50 years deep. Original members Jim Peterik (also of Survivor fame and songwriter behind “Eye Of The Tiger,” and well as many other chart-toppers), Bob Bergland, Larry Millas, and Mike Borch started as group of teenagers whose love of Rock N Roll and R&B led them to showcases and bandstands around their native Chicago, eventually hitting it big nationally with “Vehicle.”


The first four audio discs contain material from across their storied career. Included are Warner Brothers albums Vehicle (1970) and Common Bond (1971), first-time-ever releases of the best of their RCA releases World Woven (1972) and Midnight Oil (1973), and choice cuts from the 90s, such as Spirit Of Chicago – an ode to the Windy City featuring some of the area’s most prominent artists – Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Dennis DeYoung (Styx), Gary Loizzo (American Breed), cult favorite Jim Ellison, and many more.


Rarities like “Like It Or Lump It” and “No Two Ways About It” have been remastered in all their mono glory, along with other highlights culled from the Ides vault, such as 1966’s Billboard charter You Wouldn’t Listen (Parrot). The audio portion is completed with brand new Ides of March tracks, including the brass driven “Who I Am,” the harmonious “Too Far To Turn Around,” and the aptly titled “Last Band Standing,” featuring Steve Cropper – the iconic songsmith of Booker T and the MG’s and organizer of the Blues Brothers.


Disc five is a live DVD of The Ides Of March performing 15 of their most iconic songs in an eleven camera shoot at the House Of Blues, Chicago on May 31, 2014. In addition to this high-energy hometown set, this DVD boasts a slew of extras: archival footage from their TV appearances in the 70's, new interviews, a look behind-the-scenes, a photo collage spanning 50 years plus an exciting new music video for the title track  “Last Band Standing.”


Jim Peterik recently released his autobiography Through The Eye Of The Tiger: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Life Of Survivor’s Founding Member (BenBella Books). Showing no signs of slowing down, The Ides Of March, who continue to tour to this day, are truly worthy of the title Last Band Standing.

Nick Perri Group Becomes MOUNT HOLLYt

Accompanying an official music video release for the group’s debut single, “It Ain’t Easy,” now available for download on iTunes and other music networks’ Nick Perri announced the new moniker of his blues-rock quartet this morning: Mount Holly.


Formerly titled The Nick Perri Group, the band has garnered attention over the past six months through brief East and West Coast tours. Today, Mount Holly revealed the “It Ain’t Easy” video on its new YouTube channel and can be viewed at


Filmed by digital media professional Austin M. Bauman, the riveting video transitions between scenic downtown Los Angeles driving and intimate, electrifying group performance. It showcases Perri alongside bassist Deanna Passarella, drummer John Bach and vocalist Josh Bartholomew - a Grammy-nominated artist who also recorded and mixed the single.


Perri says the group’s amended name more accurately reflects its collaborative nature and pays homage to the New Jersey town in which it initially formed in 2014.


“I started this project by calling some of the best musicians I know, who also happen to be dear friends, to play a handful of shows with me,” said Perri. “The remarkable chemistry experienced over the course of just a few short tours surprised us all. The decision was unanimous: ‘This is a real rock ‘n’ roll band. Let’s do it.’”


Addressing the group’s future plans, Bartholomew says Mount Holly is currently writing and recording more music, as well as scheduling both national and international tour dates.


“This has been a tremendously creative time for us, and everything is flowing and happening very naturally,” said Bartholomew. “We've been working hard non-stop, and it feels great - almost like we're getting away with something. This is the band all of us have always wanted to be in.”


The band will perform its inaugural show under the new name Tuesday, March 10 at The Sayers Club in Hollywood. Tickets can be purchased through the venue’s website.


To learn more about Mount Holly, and sign up for the band’s mailing list, please visit:


First New Studio Album In Four Years Set For Release On May 15th and Europe and May 19th, 2015 in North America.


Rock icons Whitesnake are set to return with their 12th studio album this spring. via Frontiers Music SRL. The Purple Album is a re-imagination of classic songs from David Coverdale’s time as the lead singer for Deep Purple’s Mark 3 and Mark 4 studio albums. The album is currently available for pre-order on Amazon in a deluxe edition format ( featuring 2 bonus tracks, 4 music videos and a Behind The Scenes featurette on the recording of the album. A standard edition and a double LP vinyl format will be available in the near future. Plans are also underway for a special limited box set edition with memorabilia and merchandise. All details will be announced soon.


“It’s a tribute. A homage. It’s a huge thank you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity I was given over 40 years ago,” states Coverdale. “As I said to Ritchie, you guys set me on an incredible journey that continues today and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers. The University of Deep Purple was an extraordinary, amazing school to learn from. We can’t wait to play these songs in concert!”


From the opening notes of the classic track “Burn,” to album closer “Stormbringer,” Whitesnake are back and better than ever. Songs like “Lady Double Dealer,” “Soldier of Fortune” and “Sail Away” are given a new energy in the very capable hands of the current Whitesnake lineup featuring David Coverdale on vocals, Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitars, Michael Devin on bass and Tommy Aldridge on drums. 


A video for the first single “Stormbringer” can be seen here:


The tracklisting for The Purple Album is:


1) Burn
2) You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers)
3) Love Child
4) Sail Away
5) The Gypsy
6) Lady Double Dealer
7) Mistreated
8) Holy Man
9) Might Just Take Your Life
10) You Keep On Moving
11) Soldier Of Fortune
12) Lay Down Stay Down
13) Stormbringer

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

14) Lady Luck
15) Comin’ Home


DVD Content:

Lady Double Dealer - Music Video
Sail Away - Mix Music Video
Stormbringer - Music Video
Soldier Of Fortune - Music Video
Purple Album Behind The Scenes
Purple Album EPK


Whitesnake was formed in England in 1978 by Coverdale. The band has released multi-platinum selling albums throughout the years and have been known for hits such as “Slide It In,” “Here I Go Again,” “Still Of The Night” and “Is This Love.”


Whitesnake will hit the road this summer on a headlining world tour. For more information regarding the upcoming tour dates as well as links to purchase tickets please visit


Announced Dates:

May 28th Airway Heights, WA Northern Quest Casino

May 29th Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino

May 31st Vancouver, BC Hard Rock Casino

Jun 2nd Santa Rosa, CA Wells Fargo

Jun 4th Las Vegas, NV The Joint

Jun 5th Scottsdale, AZ Talking Stick Pool Amp

Jun 6th Pala, CA Pala Casino – Starlight Theater

Jun 9th Beverly Hills, CA Saban Theatre

Jun 11th San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom

Jun 15th Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak Center

Jun 17th Shawnee, OK Grand Events Center

Jun 19th Biloxi, MS Hard Rock

Jun 22nd Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theater

Jun 23rd San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater

Jun 25th El Paso, TX Socorro Event Center

Jun 27th Greeley, CO Greeley Independence Stampede

Jul 2nd Rama, ON Casino Rama

Jul 3rd Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill Amphitheatre

Jul 5th Northfield, OH Hard Rock

Jul 7th Huber Heights, OK Music Center @ The Heights

Jul 8th Wabash, IN Honeywell Center

Jul 10th Mahnomen, MN Shoot Star Casino

Jul 11th St. Paul, WI Myth

Jul 14th Clear Lake, IA Surf Ballroom

Jul 18th Merrillville, IN Star Plaza

Jul 20th Greensburg, PA Palace Theater

Jul 22nd Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino

Jul 24th Lincoln, RI Twin River Casino

Jul 25th Atlantic City, NJ Trump Taj Mahal



Soen Release “Kuraman” Lyric Video

European Tour Launching This Week


Progressive rockers Soen are about to embark on European tour this week. They are heralding the trek by releasing a sweeping lyric video for “Kuraman,” which lives on their 2014-released album Tellurian, which was released via Spinefarm to near-universal critical praise.


The song takes listeners on a sonic thrill ride, while the accompanying visuals have a bit of a classic textbook feel.


Watch it here :


Tour Dates:


25.02 FIN Turku, Klubi

26.02 FIN Jyväskylä, Lutakko

27.02 FIN Tampere, Klubi

28.02 FIN Helsinki, Nosturi

12.03 GER Oberhausen, Kulttempel

13.03 BEL Mons, Alhambra

15.03 NL Tilburg O13

16.03 GER Frankfurt, Das Bett

17.03 GER Munich, Backstage

19.03 ITA Rome, Traffic Lights

20.03 ITA Mezzago, Bloom

21.03 ITA Bologna, Alchemia Club

22.03 SLO Ljubljana, Channel Zero

23.03 AUS Graz, PPC

24.03 GER Nurnberg, Rockfabrik

25.03 GER Berlin, Magnet

26.03 GER Hamburg, Rock Cafe

27.03 DK Copenhagen,Lygten Station

03.04 SPA Barcelona, Razzmatazz

04.04 SPA Madrid, Caracol


LizZard direct support for the European leg, Oddland support for the Finnish shows.




The New Roses are the new Rock sensation coming from Germany - or to be more precise from the tranquil Rheingau, better known for its impressive castles, monasteries and vineyards.

THE NEW ROSES are a true rock'n'roll monster, combining influences of AC/DC, Kid Rock, The Black Roses and Aerosmith skillfully with an enriched and unique sound. A crowning achievement saw the band’s track "Without A Trace" was featured in the TV trailer for the US hit series "Sons Of Anarchy.”


With more than 150 shows and festivals played all over Europe in the last three years, numerous avid fans, THE NEW ROSES are ready to rock!


This success of THE NEW ROSES has now gotten them a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records / Universal. The band is hitting the studio this April to record their new album, which will be released in late summer/autumn this year.


Max Riedler (Napalm Records CEO):

"We are delighted to have discovered The New Roses as a bright shining star in the world of Rock music! A great band with a great future! They are totally on the right way!”


THE NEW ROSES on the signing with Napalm Records:


Urban Benz (drums):
“We are very pleased to sign to a great and established label like Napalm Records. This confirms our belief in rock and roll and what we do for years now. It also shows us how important it is to consistently and persistently pursue the own path. We feel the deal with Napalm Records as a reward for our efforts in recent years and we are now confident and highly motivated in the recordings for the new album!”


Timmy Rough (voc, guit):
It is good to know that we are on the right way! Napalm Records is a very good and experienced label and we're really looking forward to working together. We will play this year as much as possible and of course include our entire attention in the production of the new album on which we are already working very hard. We know that many of our fans have been waiting quite impatiently and we are looking forward even more to have a valuable partner with Napalm Records who will support us with full force in the production and marketing of the 2nd album! "


Deville Schober (Management):
"With THE NEW ROSES we have a new band in our rooster who does everything right. We are very proud to work with these guys together. THE NEW ROSES is a live guarantor of highly emotional and energetic shows. With their debut album the band has already proven to write pure rock anthems on an international level. The label deal is a logical consequence of the previous work of the band. With Napalm Records we now have a prestigious label that will play for the other artist development both nationally and internationally importance. We look forward to working with Max Riedler and the entire team at Napalm Records!”


Check out this tour trailer:


ACE FREHLEY announces SPACE INVADER European Tour 2015

Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY released his latest album "Space Invader" last year through SPV/Steamhammer and entered the charts in whole Europe.


You can listen to the title track here:…/ace-frehley-space-invader


Now he`s leaving the stratosphere and visits planet earth for a European tour. Expect songs from "Space Invader" as well as songs from Frehley`s Comet and Kiss. Ace`s team consists of Richie Scarlet (guitar), Chris Wyse (bass) and Scot Coogan (drums).


ACE FREHLEY European "Space Invader" Tour 2015


06.06. SE-Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival

07.06. NO-Oslo - Rockefeller

10.06. D-Hamburg - Grünspan

11.06. NL-Zoetermeer - Bordereij

13.06. GB-Donington - Download Festival

14.06. F-Vaureal - Le Forum

15.06. D-Bochum - Zeche

17.06. SE-Stockholm - Gröna Lund

20.06. F-Clisson - Hellfest


Freedom Call release special "Eternity" version in April!

666 Weeks Beyond Eternity” / Re-Release of the classic “Eternity” Album.


2014 saw FREEDOM CALL heavily playing on the “Light over the Beyond” Tour, which the guys surrounding Frontman Chris Bay and guitar player Lars Rettkowitz kicked off in the US, just to keep it going on an European Trek! The Band demonstrated their extraordinary positive approach to life and the subtle spirit of their Album “Beyond”!


With the return of founding member, bassist Ilker Ersin and the addition of “Drum Wizard” Ramy Ali, an unstoppable force has been created, which is, without any doubt, the strongest line-up in FREEDOM CALLs History.


After the release of their very strong “Beyond” album in 2014, which was a direct hit into any Power Metal Fans heart and surely brought the guys back to their roots, the Band is already back in full steam in 2015.

To show their nearly ceaseless motivation and their outstanding strong team spirit, FREEDOM CALL declare a very unusual, but very “hellish” anniversary: “666 weeks since the genesis of Eternity”. This occasion, will see the re-release of their 2002 landmark Album “Eternity”, in a very special 2 CD digipak edition with tons of bonus material, including the brandnew hymn “666 Weeks Beyond Eternity”!

There will be some serious feasting on an exclusive tour, which will see FREEDOM CALL perform only songs from the “Eternity” record……


"Eternity-666 Weeks Beyond Eternity"" will be released in Scandinavia on April 22nd, in Germany on April 24th, in Europe on April 27th and in the USA on April 28th as a 2 CD digipak version and download through SPV/Steamhammer.



CD 1 (remastered, new sequence)

1. The Spell

2. The Eyes Of The World

3. Flying High

4. Island Of Dreams

5. Bleeding Heart

6. Flame In The Night

7. Metal Invasion

8. Ages Of Power

9. Turn Back Time

10. Warriors

11. Land Of Light


CD 2

1. 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity (brand new song)

2. Metal Invasion (live 2011)

3. Warriors (live 2011)

4. Land Of Light (live 2011)

5. The Eyes Of The World (live 2004)

6. Metal Invasion (special version 2013)

7. Warriors (unplugged 2014)

8. Flame In The Night (performed by Powerworld)

9. Land Of Light (performed by Neonfly)

10. Warriors (performed by Hannes Braun)


FREEDOM CALL live 2015

Headliner Shows

27.02. A-Vienna - Aera
28.02. A-Graz - Explosiv
02.03. SK-Lucenec - Arena Sports Hall
12.03. D-Frankfurt - Nachtleben
13.03. D-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
14.03. D-Siegburg - Kubana
15.03. NL-Uden - De Pul
28.03. D-Solingen - Stadtsaal Wald

On tour with Sonata Arctica

30.04. F-Lille - Le Splendid
01.05. UK-London - o2 Academy Islington
02.05. NL-Eindhoven - Effenaar
03.05. NL-Utrecht - Tivoli Pandora
05.05. D-Hamburg - Markthalle
06.05. D-Aschaffenburg - Colossaal
07.05. D-Berlin - Postbahnhof
08.05. D-Bochum - Matrix
09.05. CH-Pratteln - Z7
11.05. I-Bologna - Estragon
12.05. D-Munich - Backstage
13.05. HUN-Budapest - Club 202
14.05. PL-Crakov - Fabryka
15.05. PL-Warsaw - Progresja



06.06. PL-Zgierz - City Of Power Festival
01.08. CZ-Ostrava - Ostrava V Plamenech
07.08. E-Villena (Alicante) - Leyends del Rock Festival


Eden's Curse sign to Marquee Avalon!

Eden's Curse are delighted to announce their new partnership with Japanese label Marquee Avalon with the release of their double Live CD "Live With The Curse" on 22 April. 


Bassist Paul Logue comments "Joining a roster that includes some monster acts, including many of our favourite bands, fills the band with an immense sense of pride. Marquee Avalon are without doubt the premier Rock & Metal label in Japan and we are thrilled they have chosen to work with us on the new Live CD. 


We thank Naohiro and Yoshi for their enthusiasm and welcome them officially to Team Curse. It would be remiss of me not to thank our former label Spiritual Beast and especially Akira and Mats for the fantastic work they have done for Eden's Curse since our debut album. 


This is an exciting new chapter for the band and our goal to play Live in Japan remains at the top of our bucket list. Hopefully our new partnership with Marquee Avalon and our new Live CD release will help these dreams become reality"

Coal Chamber announce new album “Rivals” coming May 2015

New album “Rivals” coming May 2015. To celebrate the upcoming album "Rivals" and return of COAL CHAMBER with fans in Europe & the UK as well, the band has just unveiled an extensive UK & European tour! Catch a legend live:


w/ Soil, American Head Charge (Official) & + DOPE +

20.05.15 UK - Leeds / Stylus
21.05.15 UK - Norwich / THE LCR
22.05.15 UK - Warwick / Copper Rooms
23.05.15 UK - Notthingham / Rock City
24.05.15 SCO - Glasgow / ABC
26.05.15 UK - Bristol / Motion
27.05.15 UK - Exeter / Lemon Grove
28.05.15 UK - Brighton / Concorde 2
29.05.15 UK - Wolverhampton / Wulfrun
30.05.15 UK - Manchester / The Ritz
31.05.15 UK - London / Koko


w/ Soil & American Head Charge:

01.06.15 NL - Amsterdam / Melkweg Max
02.06.15 LUX - Luxembourg / Kulturfabrik
03.06.15 BE - Antwerp / Trix
04.06.15 DE - Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
07.06.15 AT - Vienna / Vienna Rocks


Get your tickets at


COAL CHAMBER w/ Filter, Combichrist, and American Head Charge:

3/6: Tempe, AZ @ Marquee
3/7: Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
3/8: San Francisco, CA @ Regency Grand
3/9: Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
3/11: Seattle, WA @ Showbox at the Market
3/12: Portland, OR @ Roseland
3/13: Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
3/14: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
3/16: Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
3/17: Wichita, KS @ The Cottillion
3/18: Tulsa, OK @ Cains Ballroom
3/20: Milwaukee, WI @ Rave
3/21: Detroit, MI @ Harpos
3/22: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
3/23: Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
3/25: Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
3/26: Toronto, ON @ Opera House
3/27: Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theater
3/28: Worcester, MA @ Palladium
3/29: New York, NY @ Webster Hall
3/31: Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live
4/1: Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
4/2: Patchogue, NY @ The Emporium
4/3: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
4/4: Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
4/6: Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
4/7: Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
4/8: Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore Charlotte
4/9: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
4/11: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
4/12: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live