California Breed singer / guitarist Andrew Watt tells of his battle with COVID-19

Wishing Andrew Watt well as he recovers from COVID-19! 

PLEASE check this link for Andrew's statement:


Frontiers Music Srl announce changes to release schedule

Hello all,

It is with great disappointment that we have to announce some changes to our upcoming release schedule. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it has caused on multiple facets of our industry, including how physical retail is able to operate, this was a choice we were simply forced to make.


We understand this is going to be upsetting to many of you, but we kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we wade through uncharted waters here. There is no playbook for this type of situation, which is extremely fluid, and we are making the best of it that we can.


Please see below for a list of all release date changes.


All pre-orders for these releases are still active. Links below for those who would like to pre-order physical product and/or stream singles.


If you placed a pre-order for any of these titles, then it is still 100% valid. You'll simply be receiving the order on the new street date.


Both our U.S. and EU webstores are still open and receiving and shipping orders. Check them out HERE:


And don't forget that while many of your local independent record stores are closed to foot traffic, they are still taking orders online and many are doing pick-up orders and deliveries! Find your local independent record store HERE: These small businesses can really use your help in these difficult times, so please support them where you can.


PLEASE NOTE: For a few days, you may very well still see the old release dates on various retail sites. This will eventually be corrected.


Whether you pre-order physical product, stream a single on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or Amazon Music, watch a video on YouTube, or share one of our social media posts with your friends, we appreciate any and all support you can give our artists, the label, and retail partners during this unprecedented time.


On a happier note, we can promise that we will continue to bring you new music to listen to in the comfort of your own home in the coming weeks and months. As always, THANK YOU for your continued support.


Stay safe,


Team Frontiers


Previously: April 10, 2020
NOW: May 22, 2020

- Dennis DeYoung - “26 East, Vol. 1”
- FM - “Synchronized” Her Chariot Awaits (feat. Mike Orlando & Ailyn)
- “Her Chariot Awaits”
- One Desire - “Midnight Empire”
- Pretty Maids - “Maid In Japan - Future World Live 30th Anniversary”


Previously: May 8, 2020
NOW: June 12 2020
- Blue Öyster Cult - “iHeart Radio Theater N.Y.C. 2012”
- Blue Öyster Cult - “Curse Of The Hidden Mirror” (ex- N.A. & S.A.)
- Electric Mob - “Discharge”
- House Of Lords - “New World - New Eyes”
- Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall - “We Are The Night”
- Paralydium - “Worlds Beyond”
- Smackbound - “20/20”
- Vega - “Grit Your Teeth”


Rescheduled dates for some Steamhammer bands ...

Here are already some rescheduled live dates from our Steamhammer bands:

MAGNUM on tour with Gotthard
11.01.21 DE-Cologne - Carlswerk
12.01.21 DE-Singen - Stadthalle
14.01.21 DE-Regensburg - Airport Obertraubling
15.01.21 DE-Fürth - Stadthalle

16.01.21 DE-Munich - Tonhalle
18.01.21 DE-Frankfurt - Batschkapp
19.01.21 DE-Saarbrücken - Garage
21.01.21 DE-Berlin - Tempodrom
21.01.21 DE-Bremen - Pier 2
23.01.21 DE-Balingen - Volksbankmesse
28.04.21 DE-Singen - Stadthalle
25.01.21 DE-Hamburg - Große Freiheit 36
26.01.21 DE-Hannover - Capitol

Freedom Call Official
26.02.21 DE-Regensburg - Airport Eventhall
27.02.21 DE-Siegburg - Kubana
28.02.21 DE-Hannover - Musikzentrum

28.08.20 DE-Nordenham - Jahnhalle
29.08.20 DE-Nordenham - Jahnhalle (sold out)

09.10.20 DE-Braunschweig - KuFa-Haus

More new dates will be posted as soon as we got these!!!

Pretty Maids to release 30th Anniversary album this May

Pretty Maids “Maid In Japan - Future World Live 30th Anniversary” is out May 22nd on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and 2xLP. For those who would like to pre-order, you can do that here:


The band performs their classic album FUTURE WORLD front to back plus select hits from their catalog on this performance captured in Japan. Full tracklisting below. Watch a performance of 'Future World' HERE:


1. FW30 (Intro)
2. Future World
3. We Came To Rock
4. Love Games
5. Yellow Rain
6. Loud ´N´ Proud
7. Rodeo
8. Needles In The Dark
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Long Way To Go
11. Mother Of All Lies
12. Kingmaker
13. Bull’s Eye
14. Little Drops Of Heaven
15. Sin-Decade


Bonus on DVD and Blu-ray:


- The videos:
Little Drops Of Heaven
Mother Of All Lies
Nuclear Boomerang
My Soul To Take
A Heart Without A Home
Face The World
Bull’s Eye
Last Beauty On Earth
Will You Still Kiss Me (When I See You In Heaven)
- Balingen Documentary
- Japan Documentary
- Interviews with Ronnie Atkins, Ken Hammer, Chris Laney, Rene Shades



Ronnie Atkins – vocals
Ken Hammer – guitars
Rene Shades – bass
Chris Laney – keyboard, guitar
Allan Sørensen - drums


Vega's new album 'Grit your teeth' is out on 12th June 2020

Title track is available now. Listen HERE: or on your favorite streaming service HERE: You can also pre-order a physical copy at the same link. Who's looking forward to new music from these melodic rock kings?



British rock band VEGA will release their new album “Grit Your Teeth” on Friday 12th June 2020 via Frontier Records. The album will be available pre-order from March 20th from and The first single “Grit Your Teeth” will be released Friday March 20th and will available digitally from Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.


Buckle up and hold tight, VEGA are back with the album of their career. “Grit Your Teeth” will take you to screaming highs and gritty lows. It’ll keep you coming back for more.


Says the band’s lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman, “Selfishly, we’ve taken a few risks by recording an album, that, first and foremost, we can be proud of. Don’t try and tag it with any sub-genre of rock or metal, just enjoy it.”


“Nick’s right, says VEGA’s keyboardist, James Martin. “We set out to do something different on this album. We wanted to stand out from the rest of the pack.”


“The band agreed on making a more modern sounding and edgy record," reflects VEGA’s drummer, Martin Hutchinson. "I think we definitely achieved that.”


“I think it’s our best album yet,” adds guitarist Mikey Kew.


If the last album, “Only Human”, was a commentary of what was going on our lives. The new album is very much a reflection of those times and the outcomes. It’s a very positive album in its overall message, but it also has a lot of dark moments. It was very therapeutic for the band to write and record the album.


VEGA’s love for love rock from the 80’s and early 90’s shines through without rehashing it. Their inspiration comes from the 80’s and 90’s (they even have a Miami Vice drum roll), however, the album also draws inspiration from other places, and dragged into 2020.


VEGA wrote the album from January 2019 until they started recording in August 2019. The album was recorded in an industrial unit in York with the Graves Brothers who have previously produced Asking Alexandria. That is more the “metal” side of the album and was a perfect fit for VEGA as they wanted to blend melody and hooks with power.


“Joe and Sam Graves did a great job producing the album. They knew exactly what the band were trying to achieve,” says Workman. Tracking finished by September 2019. Mixing and mastering was completed before Christmas.


Says VEGA’s bass player, Tom Martin - “This is stadium rock for 2020.”


Nick Workman (Vocals)
Martin Hutchison (Drums)
Marcus Thurston (Guitar)
Michael Kew (Guitar)
Tom Martin (Bass)
James Martin (Keyboards)


1. Blind
2. (I Don’t Need) Perfection
3. Grit Your Teeth
4. Man On A Mission
5. Don’t Fool Yourself Again
6. Consequence Of Having A Heart
7. This One’s For You
8. Battles Ain’t A War
9. Save Me From Myself
10. How We Live
11. Done With Me


Produced by Joe and Sam Graves and VEGA
Recorded at Innersound Audio Recording Studio
Mixed by Joe Graves
Mastered by Joe Graves