Scandirock Network are happy to give a warm welcome to our newest members MARTINA EDOFF, MARYSCREEK and WIGELIUS.

We also welcomes DIST FM webradio as SRN's official radiostation.Rock Between Heaven And Hell.
SCANDIROCK NETWORK is created to make it easier for the fans to find Scandinavian AOR / Melodic Hardrock of the highest quality. SRN is a collaboration between eleven Swedish bands that play melodic hard rock / AOR, so called Scandirock. All the bands on this page are at the forefront of what Scandirock can deliver today. If you for example, only heard one of the bands on the page before, you will most likely find several new favourites right here.

How about third lineup:Anette Olzon (Ex Nightwish) Art Nation, Coldspell, Eclipse, Grand Design, Lover Under Cover, Martina Edoff, MarysCreek, Nubian Rose, Sapphire Eyes, Wigelius

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Frontiers Music Srl are incredibly pleased to bring you the first song and video from Q5's upcoming album, NEW WORLD ORDER (out July 8th)! Turn up the volume LOUD for "The Right Way" and let us know what you think!


Pre-order NEW WORLD ORDER on CD or MP3 from here: (All MP3 pre-orders include an instant download of "The Right Way".)


Highly recommended for fans of AC/DC, Judas Priest, Rhino Bucket, Krokus and the like! 


Frontiers Music Srl irecently announced the release of the anticipated third album from Q5, entitled 'New World Order' on July 8th.

You can pre-order the album now on both  and iTunes:

Q5 was formed in 1983, comprised of members of two popular Seattle bands: vocalist Jonathan K and guitarist (plus famous guitar tremolo inventor) Floyd Rose from The C.O.R.E. and Rick Pierce (guitar), Evan Sheeley (bass) and Gary Thompson (drums) from TKO. The band released its first album, "Steel The Light" (on Music for Nations) in 1984, receiving immediate worldwide critical acclaim, and landing them touring spots with Twisted Sister, Y&T and Lita Ford. The success of "Steel The Light" led them to eventually sign with Polygram/Squawk for their 1985 sophomore release, "When the Mirror Cracks". Due to personal differences, the original lineup dissolved shortly after this release.

In 2014, Q5 was asked to perform at Sweden Rock Festival, a performance that the band had agreed would be a "one off" show, but at the completion of the performance, it was obvious that this was not an ending, but merely a beginning. Upon returning to Seattle, The band secured drummer Jeffrey McCormack (former Heir Apparent, Fifth Angel) and guitarist Kendall Bechtel (former Fifth Angel) and began rehearsing formally as "Q5". The band's relaunch debuted at the ROCK You To HELL Festival in Athens, Greece followed by a headlining performance in Cyprus. The band then returned to Seattle to begin work on music for a new album. Kendall Bechtel, however, was unable to stay with the band due to personal reasons, so the band secured guitar virtuoso Dennis Turner to complete the lineup.

So, while the band's debut album, "Steel The Light " continues to grow in popularity all over the world, the fans are writing from all corners of the globe, eagerly inquiring about the next chapter in the Q5 story. That chapter begins NOW. With their new lineup solidified, and a new album slated for release, Q5 is poised to take its rightful place again in the hard rock/heavy metal hierarchy!

'New World Order' tracklisting:

1. We Came Here To Rock
2. One Night In Hellas
3. The Right Way
4. New World Order
5. Tear Up The Night
6. Halfway To Hell
7. A Prisoner Of Mind
8. Unrequited (A Woman Of Darkness And Steel)
9. Just One Kiss
10. Fear Is The Killer
11. Land Of The Setting Sun
12. A Warrior's Song
13. Mach Opus 206 (Instrumental)
14. Get Next To You (Bonus Track)
Enjoy a trailer featuring the band members telling the story of the new album here:

Jonathan Scott K.: Vocals, Background Vocals
Rick Pierce: Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Turner: Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Background Vocals
Evan Sheeley: Bass Guitar, Backgr. Vocals
Jeffrey Mccormack: Drums And Percussion, Background Vocals

July 29 - Brande-Hornerkirchen, Germany - HEADBANGER'S OPEN AIR FESTIVAL
April 28, 2017 - Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany - KEEP IT TRUE Festival


Deep Purple - Made In Japan

This is something that every Purple fan has been waiting for since the release of Made In Japan....actual film of the event!


Made in Japan is a double live album by English rock band Deep Purple, recorded during their first tour of Japan in August 1972. It was originally released in December 1972, with a US release in April 1973, and became a commercial and critical success.


The band considered the gig at Tokyo on 17 August to be the best of the tour. Glover remembered "twelve or thirteen thousand Japanese kids were singing along to 'Child in Time'" and considered it a career highlight, as did Gillan. At the venue, a row of bodyguards manned the front of the stage. When Blackmore smashed his guitar during the end of "Space Truckin'" and threw it into the audience, several of them clambered past fans to try and retrieve it. Blackmore was annoyed, but the rest of the band found the incident amusing…..


This 8mm film has recently been discovered and is one of the crowning Jewels of Deep Purple's incredible live career.  A must see!



Jeff Angell’s Staticland out now!

Staticland’s self-titled debut album hits the stores worldwide today! The unique style of the Seattle trio can be best described as provocative, imaginative blues rock which breathes new life into the genre both sonically and stylistically.



The Van Zant clan from Jacksonville, Florida has been called The First Family of Southern Rock. Over the years, the Van Zant family’s recordings have unquestionably impacted both fans and contemporaries alike on a worldwide level, among multiple generations. Brothers Johnny (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Donnie (38 Special) joined together over twenty years ago to delve deep into the family’s country-tinged roots and formed Van Zant. The two were inspired by the fact that their late brother, Ronnie, the spiritual leader and original lead vocalist and chief songwriter for Lynyrd Skynyrd, had always wanted to do a country record. “Let’s do it for him,” avowed the brothers. 


Red White & Blue (Live) is a recently unearthed live Van Zant show recorded on January 28, 2006 at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia. It is the only concert recording in existence from the only tour by the brothers. From the exuberance on crowd-pleasers like “Takin’ Up Space” and “My Kinda Country” to the heartfelt message of their big Country Singles chart hit “Help Somebody” (which hit #7 in 2005) to the butt-kicking versions of 38 Special’s “Wild Eyed Southern Boys” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Call Me the Breeze” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” the Van Zant brothers are clearly firing proud and true on all cylinders. One of the most telling lines from the title track, “Red White & Blue” — a song the Van Zants wrote but first appeared on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 2003 album, Vicious Cycle — is, “We’re trying to sing the truth to you.” That line alone encapsulates exactly why the Van Zants have always had such a deep connection with their audiences. 


The Van Zants’ significant contribution to southern rock, country and popular music across the board have created an unparalleled legacy. They may even be The First Family of American Music. It doesn’t get any more Red White & Blue than that.


“Takin’ Up Space”
“Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do”
“Sweet Mama”
“Wild Eyed Southern Boys”
“Things I Miss the Most”
“I Know My History”
“Help Somebody”
“Plain Jane”
“I Can’t Help Myself”
“I’m Doin’ Alright”
“Red White & Blue
“My Kind of Country”
“Call Me the Breeze”
“Sweet Home Alabama”


Online link -

 Gene The Werewolf's wicked new Video

"The Walking Dead" featuring Reb Beach (Whitesnake/Winger) taken from Gene The Werewolf's new album "The Loner" out June 17, 2016!

PRE ORDER "The Loner" on iTunes NOW for only $6.99 and get "The Walking Dead + 2 other tracks instantly.

Animation and video by Chris Fafalios




1. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller / I Ain't The One
2. The Needle And The Spoon
3. I'm A Country Boy
4. Gimme Three Steps
5. Don't Ask Me No Questions
6. Saturday Night Special
7. Railroad Song
8. Call Me The Breeze
9. Sweet Home Alabama
10. On the Hunt
11. Freebird


Members: Gary Rossington Johnny Van Zant Rickey Medlocke Peter Keys Johnny Colt Michael Cartellone Mark Matejka Dale Krantz Rossington Carol Chase



 FC METAL return and will release new albums by HANGAR and EVAN on July 15th, 2016!

US label FC METAL will return to the scene on July 15th with two new releases from Brazilian Prog Metal Band HANGAR and Greek/German guitar shredder EVAN, and that we’ll be handling the PR for their releases all over Europe!


FC Metal is run by industry veteran Eric Cerda and now based in Berlin, Germany. Please check the label’s website at and like them on Facebook to connect for the latest news & updates:


Hangar – Stronger Than Ever

Release date: July 15th, 2016

Stronger Than Ever is the 7th studio album from Brazilian power/progressive metal legends, HANGAR. Deservedly named alongside DREAM THEATER, SYMPHONY X, and PAGAN’S MIND as one of progressive metal’s best bands.


Surpassing their last two critically acclaimed releases – Inside Your Soul and Infallible – HANGAR’s latest opus, Stronger Than Ever, has 10 songs that cover a vast heavy metal landscape, and includes such standout tracks as „Reality Is A Prison,“ „The Revenant,“ and „The Hangar Of Hannibal.“


The band features world-renowned drummer extraordinaire, Aquiles Priester (NOTURNALL, TONY MACALPINE, BLACKWELDER, ex-ANGRA, ex-PRIMAL FEAR). Aquiles‘ drum performance videos have over 5,000,000 views on YouTube.


Stronger Than Ever was mixed in Finland by Jesse Vainio (APOCALYPTICA, LORDI, THUNDERSTONE) and mastered in Finland by Svante Forsbäck (RAMMSTEIN, TILL LINDEMANN).




Evan – Blue Lightning

Release date: July 15th, 2016

EVAN K is a 21-year old Greek/German guitarist & composer whose very melodic & memorable playing is fully displayed on Blue Lightning’s 9 tracks. Highlights include „Skies Of Shred,“ „Into The Light,“ „Orchestra Of Withered Clouds,“ and a cover of the classic BLACK song, „Everything Is Coming Up Roses.“

Blue Lightning also features Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra, Vision Divine), who sings lead vocals on the songs „Edge Of The Sky“ & „One Last Time,“ and keyboards by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud).

Evan is influenced by Gus G, Jeff Loomis, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Romeo, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, and Ritchie Blackmore.

Evan is endorsed by ESP Guitars and ENGL Amplification.




German label METALAPOLIS RECORDS will release the new album by German Hard Rock legends ZAR on June 24th, 2016! The record is called “Don’t Wait For Heroes”.

Zar – Don’t Wait For Heroes, Release date: 24.06.2016

ZAR is back! In 2003, after the release of their latest album „Hard To The Beat“ it was clear that this chapter in the life of mastermind Tommy Clauss was over. It started back in 1981, when Tommy met former URIAH HEEP vocalist John Lawton at a radio interview. Shortly after this he hired John for his new band REBEL, which Tommy found together with keyboard player Jerry Schaefer. The album was called „Stargazer“ and was a big success in Germany and the UK.


After this one album the band called it quits and the two Germans continued as ZAR, together with Drummer and founding Member Peter Kumpf. After numerous singer auditions they again decided to call John Lawton and together they recorded the classic album „Live Your Life Forever“, which was released in 1990. After this, they again had to search for a singer and found that incredible talent Tommy Bloch, with whom they recorded the following three records. After the very experimental album „The Holy Rhythm Of Nature“ in 1995 ZAR decided to end this story due many personal issues.


In 2003 they tried a comeback in a new line-up with drummer Lars Nippa and singer Andre Sauber, but this lasted only a few months and for the album „Hard To The Beat“, before they decided this is it for good…


…until today. Tommy Clauss is a musician and an artist and never stopped to write songs. After a few years of brainstorming he thought the time is right to start again, what for him felt kind of unfinished. Together with the help of drummer Lars Nippa he recorded and produced the album „Don’t Wait For Heroes“. This is the first album where Tommy is playing guitar, bass and where he handles all vocals. The album was mastered by no other than ATROCITY/LEAVE’S EYES producer Alexander Krull in his Mastersound Studios.


Line-Up: Tommy Clauss – vocals, guitar, bass, Lars Nippa – drums


Discography: 1990 Live your Life Forever, 1991 Sorted Out, 1993 From Welcome…To Goodbye, 1995 The Holy Rhythm Of Nature, 2003 Hard To The Beat, 2016 Don’t Wait For Heroes


Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of SNAKES IN PARADISE to the label for the release of a new album in early 2017!

Snakes In Paradise are a Stockholm based band which melds a powerful mixture of influences of 70's era British Hard Rock with American AOR and a bluesy singer who really sings from the soul with five amazing musicians and world class production!

With three original studio albums under their belt released at the end of the 90's and early 00's, the band has recently reunited, playing live at the Rockweekend Festival in Stockholm last February, and now they are ready to unleash a brand new album!


'And it was until this day, that the rumors became true' There will be a new SNAKES IN PARADISE album,' says singer Stefan Berggren. 'With our old albums taking a life of their own we have to thank all the fans and people who made it happen. Guess the hard work paid off in the end. And for the first time we are all in alignment with the right time to release it, with record label Frontiers Music Srl. And we believe it is the right label for our music. The new record will be in the shops in the beginning 2017. Stay tuned!!


Snakes In Paradise: Stefan Berggren - Vocals, Thomas Jakobsson - Guitar, Stefan Jonsson - Guitar, Thomas Thorberg - Bass Guitar, Peter Pettersson - Drums andTomas Jansson - Keyboards

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of EDGE OF FOREVER to the label for a multi-album deal!

Originally formed in 2002, Edge Of Forever released their first album, 'Feeding The Fire' in 2004 which was produced by the late Marcel Jacob (ex-Malmsteen, Talisman). Just a few months later, the band was already working on a new album with producer Bobby Barth (Axe, Blackfoot) in New Orleans. The collaboration led to 'Let The Demon Rock'n'Roll,' which came out about one year after the debut album. In 2005 the band saw a change of personnel, leaving only Alessandro Del Vecchio and Francesco Jovino from the original line-up. Alessandro then took on the lead vocal spot and guitarist Walter Caliaro and bassist Nik Mazzucconi (Ian Paice, Carmine Appice) joined the band.

In 2010, with the new lineup operating like a well oiled machine, Edge of Forever released their third record entitled 'Another Paradise'. The album was once again very well received and Alessandro Del Vecchio's reputation as producer started to grow steadily. While Francesco was stepping into the metal world with U.D.O. and a short tenure with ACCEPT (now he plays drums with Primal Fear), Alessandro Del Vecchio started to tour with artists like Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Bernie Marsden, and Carmine Appice and also continuing to work in the studio. In 2011, Alessandro signed on with Frontiers Music Srl to produce and be part of the come-back of the legendary hard rock act Hardline. Again with his pal Francesco Jovino on drums, Hardline released 'Danger Zone' in 2012 while the video for the single from the album, 'Fever Dreams' reached almost 1 million views on YouTube.

Alessandro's collaboration with Frontiers over the course of about 5 years has given birth to amazing records like Revolution Saints (Deen Castronovo, Jack Blades, Doug Aldrich), Sunstorm (with Joe Lynn Turner), Fergie Frederiksen's last album 'Any Given Moment', Resurrection Kings (Craig Goldy, Vinny Appice, Sean McNabb, Chas West) and many more, plus writing and playing for artists like Place Vendome, Find Me (featuring Robbie Lablanc of Blanc Faces), First Signal (featuring Harry Hess of Harem Scarem), Level 10 (featuring Russell Allen and Mat Sinner), and Toby Hitchcock among others.

Now it's time for Alessandro and his guys to step out on their own and show the world what they're capable of! 'I'm very honored to have my own band Edge Of Forever signed to the big Frontiers family,' says Alessandro Del Vecchio. 'It's been a few years now that I've worked with Serafino and for some time we have been talking about a record with me on vocals, which couldn't be with anyone but with my guys. Francesco, Nik and Walter have been with me already on a few albums I released through Frontiers, but this time is gonna be different. It's our baby and our primal need of creation. We are entering the studio this summer and I promise we will deliver our best songs and I will top my productions with a bombastic and epic sound. In addition to the new album, we decided to allow Frontiers to re-release our previous albums - which I'm gonna remaster with bonus tracks - for all digital platforms. I guess it's time for people to listen to the out-takes of our previous albums with our friends Jeff Scott Soto Official and Bobby Barth. This made the deal even more attractive for us. Now it's our turn to say something and give Frontiers our best album so far! I feel and we feel more confident than ever in what we can do. Years of working in the Champions League of Rock'n'Roll forged us as better musicians. I honestly can't wait. After 5 years of amazing music with Frontiers, I'm excited to do something again with the band that started it all for me. Who's Luckier Than Me?''

Frontiers plans to release EDGE OF FOREVER new album in early 2017.

EDGE OF FOREVER: Alessandro Del Vecchio: vocals, keyboards, Walter Caliaro: guitars, Nik Mazzucconi: bass and Francesco Jovino: drums

Rocktopia Records to re-package old Ten material for new release

TEN signed to Rocktopia Records back in 2014, in a similar fashion to their one-two release of their much lauded debut and follow-up 'Name of the Rose' in a 6 month period back in 1996, 'Albion' and 'Isla De Muerta' were released in November 2014 and May 2015 respectively. Both albums gained highly positive reviews with Gaetano Di Falco's wonderful art making striking covers.


2015 also saw the release of the 'Dragon And Saint George' EP which contained 3 exclusive bonus tracks.


With 'Albion' now completely sold out it seemed a great idea to collect all the Ten songs from their Rocktopia Records period - including all the Japanese bonus tracks and exclusive EP tracks - onto one Limited Edition double CD release (500 copies only) and sell for the price of a single CD.


As well as Ten fans, hard rock fans who have not previously bought their albums should hopefully be tempted to check them out with such a Value For Money release.


This new collection is titled 'Battlefield' and once again has a wonderful exclusive cover by Gaetano Di Falco.


Release date - June 17, 2016



MORBID ANGEL: 'Altars of Madness' Full Dynamic Range vinyl out now

'Altars of Madness', the classic debut album from Floridian extreme metal legends MORBID ANGEL, is available now on limited edition Full Dynamic Range vinyl.


Originally released in 1989, 'Altars of Madness' introduced the raw, technical lethality of MORBID ANGEL to the world and has consistently been ranked as one of the greatest death metal albums of all time.


'Altars of Madness' has now been specially remastered from the original tapes in Full Dynamic Range (FDR) audio, allowing the music's nuances to shine through and giving the whole album a more ferocious sound than ever before.


'Altars of Madness' is available now on Full Dynamic Range vinyl in black, as well as the following limited edition colours:


100 Ghoul Green in Black & White Sleeve (SOLD OUT!)
200 Ghoul Green (SOLD OUT!)
300 Evil Spells Purple
400 Immortal White
500 Blasphemy Yellow


Get 'Altars of Madness' on Full Dynamic Range vinyl now in Europe at or in North America at


The Full Dynamic Range edition of 'Altars of Madness' is also available now on iTunes at


View the album artwork at


Get more MORBID ANGEL news and info:

Official site -
Facebook -


WIDOW " Carved In Stone" – Cover, Tracklist, release date: 24th June 2016

The release date of the WIDOW album „Carved In Stone“ is June 24th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on June 10th, 2016 in our webshop.


Five years after Life’s Blood, North Carolina’s beauties WIDOW present a brand-new album that will leave no one indifferent. Carved In Stone is a fifth album released over the last thirteen years. This album marks the arrival of a new drummer, who joined the already established singers/guitarists John E. Wooten IV and Cristof Bennett. The band still plays a wonderful mix of traditional American-rooted hard rock and fine old-school metal. When listening to the songs, one cannot help but notice the qualities one would traditionally find in classics like OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER, VAN HALEN or even hints of LION, in a metal style that the band fully masters and even brings to new grounds. WIDOW will dazzle the listener with strong titles like “Another Time and Place” or “And We Are One”. Headbanging and fist pumping tracks like “Wisdom” and “Of the Blood We bind” could even awake a dead body from its torpor. Then, like a rollercoaster, WIDOW slows the pace down with “Time On Your Side”, but soon sets all engines on again with songs like “Borrowed Time” and “Live by the Flame”. This album is definitely a must.


1. Burning Star
2. Carved In Stone
3. Another Time and Place
4. Wisdom
5. Time on Your Side
6. Borrowed Time
7. And We Are One
8. Anomaly
9. Live By The Flame
10. Of The Blood, We Bind
11. Nighttime Turn
12. Let It Burn


Total Playing Time: : min


John E. Wooten IV – lead vocals, bass
Chris Bennett – lead guitars, bass
Robbie Mercer – drums


„Carved In Stone“ @ PURE STEEL RECORDS


OMEN "Hammer Damage" – Limited Vinyl Edition - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 24th June 2016

The release date of the OMEN album „Hammer Damage“ on limited vinyl is June 24th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on June 10th, 2016 in our webshop.


With the signing of US Metal legend OMEN, an old dream of ours has come true. For us, at Pure Steel Records, classic albums like “Battle Cry” and “Warning of Danger” are historical contributions to the metal world. With a striking release entitled “Hammer Damage”, the first studio album since “Eternal Black Dawn” (2003), OMEN is back in the saddle and means serious business. The new album was mixed by Kenny Powell and mastered by QuSound Studio/Michael Kusch.

When listening to epic and catchy power hymns such as “Hammer Damage” (the incisive title track) or the hard pounding “Cry Havoc” or the masculine pathos “Hellas”, fans of the Californian quartet will completely go crazy. Already active in OMEN between 1998 and 2009, Kevin Goocher (also Phantom X), with his raspy voice, will often remind you of the late J.D. Kimball, while guitarist Kenny Powell, also part of the 2016 lineup, has obviously not lost any of the striking guitar skills he displayed during Omen’s glorious early days.

With “Hammer Damage”, OMEN clearly show that they are ready to reclaim their throne as masters of unadulterated US Metal.

After the CD release in May 2016 follows the album "Hammer Damage" in a limited edition of 100 blue and 400 black copies with insert.


Seite A


Seite B

9. A.F.U.

Total Playing Time: 43:34 min


Kevin Goocher – vocals
Kenny Powell – guitar
Andy Haas – bass
Steve Wittig – drums


OMEN – “Hammer Damage” @ PURE STEEL SHOP




Algerian Death Metallers LELAHELL Launched Crowdfunding Campaign for Second Album


Alif is the title of the second studio album by Algerian death metal trio Lelahell, for which the band recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign is active for three weeks; you can head to the campaign’s page and support the band in reaching the goal what will allow them to raise the funds for the album artwork, album’s production, production of a music video and a band merchandise.

The founder of the band, singer and guitarist Redouane Aouameur commented: “Our campaign is running since 5 weeks and will end in 3 weeks. We expect to get at least 50% of the requested amount this will help us to have a very good quality record mixed and mastered in the Hertz Studio, the sound that will perfectly feet to this album.”


The title of the album is inspired by the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. In Arabic, alif is the first letter in the alphabet, and it is used in Arabic calligraphy to determine the size of the following characters. Lelahell say they chose the title as this album “will be the main musical reference of the next upcoming releases.”


The trio’s new album, Alif, is slated as the group’s second full-length album and third release since the band’s formation in 2010. Lelahell are set to record at Hertz Studio in Poland under the guidance of well-known producers — the Wiesławscy brothers.


Support Lelahell by donating through the Indiegogo campaign, and follow them on Facebook for future updates.


About Lelahell:


Founded in 2010 by metal veteran Redouane Aouameur, Lelahell is an Algerian death metal band hailing from Algiers. The trio comprises of Redouane “Lelahel” Aouameur (guitars, vocals), Ramzy Curse (bass) and Slaveblaster (drums). Lelahell have released one EP, Al Intihar (Goressimo Records, 2012), and one full alubum, Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane (HPGDP, 2014). The band also launched a documentary in 2016 titled Highway to Lelahell - An Algerian Metal Documentary, available for streaming on YouTube, presenting viewers with a solid history lesson on Algeria’s metal scene. The band have also embarked on three European tours, and also participated in festivals in Europe.

THE BROWNING to Release Isolation on June 24

THE BROWNING could very well be heavy music's answer to the Terminator. Whereas everybody's favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger cyborg hid an exoskeleton under a sheath of skin, the Kansas City quartet-Jonny [vocals, electronics], Cody [drums], Brian [guitar], and Rick [bass]- thinly veil a hard rock edge beneath a casing of skittering electronic dance music, hip-hop grime, metallic brutality, and industrial expanse. That signature style is "back" in a big way on Isolation, their third full-length album and first for Spinefarm Records.



Isolation arrives on June 24 and it's THE BROWNING's most ambitious offering to date.



"Over the course of the last three years, rock music is primarily all I've listened to," Jonny explains. "I've been ingesting bands like Rammstein, Disturbed, and Three Days Grace. My writing swung towards that. I knew this album was going to have more of a rock vibe. Obviously, there's still metal, but the scope has expanded. The electronics remain a big part of it. Since day one, the whole point was to not only be the heaviest electronic band, but the band with by far the most electronics."



He furthered, "Isolation is by far the best album THE BROWNING has done yet. It has everything I wanted in it and nothing is missing. It shows how the band has progressed and matured since our last release. So, I cannot wait for the world to hear it."



The first track "Pure Evil" is available with pre-orders.




1. "Cynica"

2. "Pure Evil"l

3. "Isolation"

4. "Dragon"

5. "Fallout"

6. "Vortex"

7. "Spineless"

8. "Hex"

9. "Phantom Dancer"

10. "Cryosleep"

11. "Disconnect"

12. "Pathologic"




Southern California’s revered groove metal band DevilDriver has released their long awaited, 7th studio album, Trust No One, today via Napalm Records. Fans can purchase the record now at iTunes, Amazon, and local retailers. The record is also available stream exclusively at Apple Music.

Additionally, DevilDriver has debuted a brand new video today for their single “Daybreak.” The video was directed by Shan Dan and features a savage performance by the band, set to the song’s anthemic, groove-laden riffs. Watch it now HERE.

DevilDriver will kick off a tour in support of Trust No One tonight with Hatebreed in Cleveland, OH and will be performing at upcoming festivals Rocklahoma and River City Rockfest before heading to Europe for additional touring. Tickets are available HERE.

Buy Trust No One: iTunes  Amazon  Napalm Records

DEVILDRIVER Headline Dates

4/27: Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl
4/29: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
4/30: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
5/1: Spokane, WA @ Kinitting Factory
5/3: Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre
5/5: Kansas City, KS @ Riot Room
5/6: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
5/7: Detroit, MI @ Harpos
5/8: Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
5/9: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
5/10: Nashville, TN @ Exit/IN
5/11: Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache

DEVILDRIVER W/Hatebreed, The Devil You Know and Act of Defiance:

5/13: Cleveland, OH @ The Odeon
5/14: Chicago, IL @ Metro
5/15: Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre
5/16: Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
5/17: Salt Lake City, UT @ Complex
5/19: San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
5/20: Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
5/21: Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
5/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex
5/23: Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee
5/25: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
5/26: New Orleans, LA @ Republic
5/27: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grille
5/28: Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma
5/29: San Antonio, TX @ River City Rockfest
5/31: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
6/1: Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans
6/2: Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage
6/3: Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
6/4: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
6/5: Montreal, QC @ Corona
6/6: Toronto, ON @ Opera House
6/7: Millvale, PA @ Mr Smalls
6/8: Albany, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
6/9: Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
6/10: Providence, RI @ Lupos
6/11: New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place

DEVILDRIVER Headline Dates

6/13: Columbus, OH @ Park Street Saloon
6/14: St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
6/16: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
6/17: Window Rock, AZ @ Window Tock Sports Center
6/18: San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

DEVILDRIVER European Dates

29.07.16 DE - Saarbrücken / Saarmageddon
30.07.16 DE - Essen / Nord Open Air
02.08.16 DE - Jena / F-Haus
04.08.16 DE - München / Backstage
05.08.16 DE - Porta Westfalica / Festivalkult
06.08.16 DE - Wacken / Wacken Open Air
07.08.16 DE - Köln / RheinRiot
09.08.16 DE - Berlin / BiNuu
12.08.16 AT - Graz / Metal On The Hill Festival
13.08.16 DE - Frankfurt / Zoom
16.08.2016 UK – Cardiff / Tramshed
17.08.2016 UK – Glasgow / O2 ABC
18.08.2016 UK – Birmingham / O2 Institute
19.08.2016 UK – Manchester / O2 Ritz
20.08.2016 UK – London / O2 Forum Kentish Town

For More Information:


DIE KRUPPS: "Live Im Schatten Der Ringe" OUT NOW!

The first visual release in band history, "Live Im Schatten Der Ringe" is out now, available as DVD/2CD or BluRay/2CD.

It features a 90 minutes live show, including songs from every creative period of DIE KRUPPS, filmed at E-tropolis Festival in the sold out Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen (Germany) on February 22nd, 2014.

DIE KRUPPS festival dates 2016:

14.05.2016 – Wave Gotik Treffen (DE)
05.08.2016 – Wacken Open Air (DE)
06.08.2016 – Laba Daba Festival (LT)
12.08.2016 – Brutal Assault Festival (CZ)
13.08.2016 – Mera Luna Hildesheim (DE)

THE LOVE OF GOD - Video Clip Premiere

"The Love Of God", @Lord Of The Lost's 15th music video, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the band's history, both visually and sonically. On May 13th, the same-titled single is due for release as a sinister harbinger of the upcoming album "Empyrean".

"The Love Of God" was directed by the great and creative movie artist Harun Hazar and conceived by Lord Of The Lost together with Pascal Heyne (who had also produced the "A Night To Remember" Live-DVD).
The track itself is produced by Chris "The Lord" Harms & Formalin and mixed & mastered by Benjamin Lawrenz at the legendary Chameleon Studios Hamburg.

Get the single here:   Out Of Line Music


+ Combichrist, Filter & @Rabia Sorda Official*
June 3 DE-Hamburg Grosse Freiheit 36*
June 4 DE-Erfurt HSD*
June 5 DE-München Backstage*
June 6 FR-Pagney Chez Paulette
June 8 FR-Savigny le Temple/Paris L'Empreinte
June 9 DE-Köln Live Music Hall*
June 10 BE-Kortrijk, De Kreun
June 11 NL-Amstelveen/Amsterdam P60
June 12 DK-Kopenhagen Amager Bio
June 13 SE-Göteborg Sticky Fingers
June 14 SE-Stockholm Göta Källare
June 16 FI-Turku Gong 1
June 17 FI-Tampere Yo-Talo
June 18 FI-Helsinki Circus
June 19 EE-Tallinn Rock Café
June 20 LV-Liepaja Fontaine Palace
June 23 PL-Gdansk B90
June 24 DE-Dresden Strasse E*

Tickets for Germany:

May 13-16 DE-Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen
July 1 DE-Mülheim CASTLE ROCK FESTIVAL 2016 (Ensemble Show)
July 2 DE-Mülheim Castle Rock
August 5 DE- Open AirGößnitz
August 13-14 DE-Hildesheim M'era Luna (Ensemble Show)
August 17-20 DE-Dinkelsbühl Summer Breeze
August 27 DE-Tennenbronn Metal Acker Tennenbronn
August 28 DE-Schiffweiler Tanzritual Festival

+ Subway to Sally, Eluveitie & Vroudenspîl
December 16 DE-Giessen Hessenhallen
December 17 DE-Dresden Alter Schlachthof
December 22 DE-Filderstadt Filharmonie
December 23 CH-Pratteln Z7
December 26 DE-Bochum Ruhrkongress
December 27 DE-Würzburg Posthalle
December 28 DE-Bielefeld Ringlokschuppen
December 29 DE-Bremen Pier 2
December 30 DE-Potsdam Metropolishalle

Extratours Konzertbüro


HeadrusH are back!

We are pleased to announce that for one night only HeadrusH will be back together for the first time in almost 3 years!


Andy left the country during the Christmas period of 2013 to live in Australia with his partner Arline, which left the rest of the band no choice but to call it a day.


Andy is flying back to England in July and we are excited to share with you that we will be doing a reunion show. Unfortunately drummer Tom Bevan can't join us for the reunion so with Toms blessing we have a special guest appearance from Sam Ogden (son of Neil Ogden from Demon, Lawless and Persian Risk)


Details of the reunion gig will be announced very soon!

 Gene The Werewofl - The Loner (promo)
No nightmares just sweet, sweet music with Phantom 5

NEW ALBUM ALERT: European Melodic Hard Rock fans need to pay attention to the new self-titled debut from Phantom 5!!! From top to bottom, this is an all killer, no filler gem!


Hear music and watch videos here:

“All The Way” (audio)
“Since You’re Gone” (audio)
“They Won’t Come Back” (audio)
“Someday” (music)


Get your copy of PHANTOM 5 NOW:



PHANTOM 5 is the new band featuring singer Claus Lessmann (Bonfire) with guitarists Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max), Robby Boebel (Frontline, Evidence One), drummer Axel Kruse (JADED HEART) and bassist Francis Buchholz (Scorpions, Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock). Truly a German Hard Rock super group. Highly recommended for all fans of European Melodic Hard Rock!

SUNSTRIKE will release their new second album “Ready II Strike”

SUNSTRIKE will release their new, highly anticipated second album “Ready II Strike” on May 20th, 2016 via AOR Heaven!


SunStrike was formed by guitarist Joachim Nordlund (Astral Doors) and drummer Johan Lindstedt (Astral Doors) with singer Christian Eriksson (Twilight Force, The Theander Expression), and Fredrik Plahn (Prey), Mats Gesar (Thalamus) and bass player Björn Lundqvist (Twilight Force).


The album will be available at these stores amongst others:
AOR Heaven:

Denner/Shermann to release full-length album, 'Masters Of Evil', on June 24th via Metal Blade Records

Denner/Shermann to release full-length album, 'Masters Of Evil', on June 24th via Metal Blade Records; first single, "Angel's Blood", now online / Metal Blade Records.

Twin guitar lengends of Mercyful Fate Michael Denner & Hank Shermann have completed the mixing and mastering of their new Denner / Shermann full-length album, Masters Of Evil - to be released by Metal Blade Records on June 24th.


The album cover was painted by Swedish artist Thomas Holm, who also created the Satan's Tomb artwork - and who is very well known amongst fans for his standout pieces over the past three decades! The mixing was once again handled by Arnold Lindberg at Sound Industry Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden - who engineered their critically acclaimed EP, Satan's Tomb. Mastering was done once again by Maor Appelbaum in Los Angeles, California. The vintage sound on the new record harkens one back to the days of 2 inch tape machines, long nights in dark studios, and huge consoles glowing under dim incandescent light.


Masters Of Evil contains 8 new Denner / Shermann tracks that continue right where the EP left off. Building upon the musical foundation of the Satan's Tomb EP, these songs cover the entire gamut of heavy metal nuances and take the listener down a mysterious path where tales of dark, supernatural fantasies are told, transporting you to places that can only be found in the most vivid, blood curdling nightmares.


Masters Of Evil is fully loaded to satisfy the old fans with just what they would expect - and also injected with menacing, sinister, new surprises that could only come from the sonic DNA of Michael Denner and Hank Shermann.


"After 'Satan's Tomb', we continued aggressively writing and recording ideas, except for the short break we took to do all the press for the release of the debut. We are very excited with the outcome, and the full-length album is ready to be unleashed this summer," says guitarist Hank Shermann.


Vocalist Sean Peck comments, "This record really has it all I think. Working with Hank and Michael and the guys creating this record, was the ultimate metal thrill ride for me! I can't wait to hear the fan reaction to this sinister sonic salvo of savagery!"


Michael Denner also adds, "This new record really shows how the five of us have grown as a band and bonded as songwriters. It contains the kind of compositions I believe our fans would expect from us. I think this release will serve as kind of a tribute to our incredible fans worldwide, as we recognize and acknowledge their die hard loyalty over the years."


The first single, "Angel's Blood", comes right at you with a sonic sledge hammer! Once the guitars hit your ears, the unmistakable trademark guitar sound of Michael Denner and Hank Shermann is instantly recognized. Prepare yourself for a heavy metal thrill ride!


To hear "Angel's Blood" and to pre-order Masters Of Evil in various formats, please visit:


With the upcoming Denner / Shermann release on June 24th, also comes live touring. Ever since the first announcement that this guitar duo was reforming, many show requests have been received from all over the world. Now with a full complement of original songs to draw from, look for the group to bring those to a city near you very soon.


Masters of Evil track-listing:
1. Angel's Blood
2. Son of Satan
3. The Wolf Feeds at Night
4. Pentagram and the Cross
5. Masters of Evil
6. Servants of Dagon
7. Escape from Hell
8. The Baroness


Denner / Shermann is:
Michael Denner - Guitars
Hank Shermann - Guitars
Sean Peck - Vocals
Snowy Shaw - Drums
Marc Grabowski - Bass


Denner / Shermann online:


Message From Dennis Ward

So, Ladies and Gents, I hope you are all having a pleasant spring and that the good weather is doing you all some justice!


Now, something that I've been wanting to announce for awhile: I am very proud to announce that I been giving the duties of writing vocal lines and lyrics for Gus G.'s band Firewind

Also I will be taking over the duties of recording drums at the Noise Factory Studio in Belgium ( as well as the vocal recordings at my private studio, The TrakShak


Lastly, I will also be mixing and mastering the album as well. So it's going to be an interesting summer.


Look forward to this incredible new release this winter. We'll keep all the fans and friends of Firewind updated with our progress. We'll try to include pictures and maybe even some videos. More details to follow......


Have a Rockin' summer! \m/>.<\m/


Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos!

Odyssey Music Network congratulates Apocalyptica on their 20th anniversary of Plays Metallica By Four Cellos!

On May 10, 1996 Finnish Rockers, APOCALYPTICA, released their epic debut PLAYS METALLICA BY FOUR CELLOS. The instrumental cello-driven rock opus changed the landscape of heavy music for years to come. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album, the group is re-releasing it remastered with 3 bonus tracks on July 22, 2016.


Added to this new version will be brand new / never-before-released instrumental recordings of “Battery” (click here ;… for video!), “Nothing Else Matters” and “Seek & Destroy”. The album will be available on vinyl (2 LP set) for the first time in many years.


Pre-Order here:
iTunes ;…/plays-metallica-by…/id1109470803…
CD ;…
Vinyl ;…


Upon its release, PLAYS METALLICA BY FOUR CELLOS was a new approach to the hits of the biggest metal band the world has seen. Even more APOCALYPTICA created their very own genre and laid the foundation to a career that has lasted for 20 years so far with millions of records sold and sold out shows around the world.


APOCALYPTICA will remain staying on the road supporting their latest album release ‘Shadowmaker’ until the end of 2016 with shows in USA, Europe, Australia and Latin America.


In 2017 the band will return with special anniversary shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PLAYS METALLICA BY FOUR CELLOS ;…



06.02. CH Geneva, Theater du Leman
07.02. CH Zurich, Volkshaus
08.02. DE Munich, Philharmonie
09.02. AT Vienna, Konzerthaus
10.02. IT Milan, Teatro dal Verme
11.02. CZ Prague, Forum Karlin
13.02. DE Frankfurt, Alte Oper
16.02. DE Hamburg, Mehr!
17.02. PL Warsaw, Torwar
18.02. PL Wroclaw, NFM
20.02. DE Berlin, Tempodrom
22.02. DE Essen, Colosseum
24.02. BE Brussels, Cirque Royale
25.02. NL Utrecht, Vredenburg
27.02. UK Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
28.02. UK Edinburgh, Queens Hall
01.03. UK London, Royal Festival Hall
27.03.-02.04. AT Tröpolach, Full Metal Mountain


For all tour dates (incl. ‘The Shadowmaker Tour’ dates) please visit


Downfall of Gaia announces new guitarist Marco Mazzola 

German extreme metallers Downfall of Gaia have announced the addition of guitarist Marco Mazzola to their line-up. The band comments: "We are happy to announce Marco Mazzola will be the new guitarist for Downfall of Gaia! It is always tough to replace a member of a band, particularly someone who has been with us for so many years, but Marco convinced us in every way! No big words needed for this - We are looking forward to the next chapter of Downfall of Gaia and leave the last words to Marco!"


Marco Mazzola comments: "We met in Italy, back in 2012, while I was touring with my band Caino and we opened a couple of gigs for Downfall Of Gaia. Me and Dominik stayed in contact during the following years and I immediately wrote him once I saw the announcement that the band was looking for a new guitarist. I always held Downfall Of Gaia in high regard, and I'm now honored to take part of it. I'll do my best to keep alive what they previously built with Peter."

To preview and purchase Downfall of Gaia's latest album, Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay, please visit:


Downfall Of Gaia online:


Tanzwut: Reveal cover artwork! 

TANZWUT reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of their upcoming Album "Schreib Es Mit Blut", to be released on July 8th (EU)/August 19th (USA) 2016.

01 Schreib Es Mit Blut
02 Steig Ein
03 Bruder Leichtsinn
04 Chaos
05 Reiter Ohne Kopf
06 Geteert Und Gefedert
07 Stille Wasser
08 Reicher Als Ein König
09 Hahnenkampf
10 Wenn Ich Tot Bin
11 An Den Klippen
12 Bleib Bei Mir
13 Wer Wir Sind
14 Neue Ufer

Bonus Track:
15 Stille Wasser feat. Liv Kristine


„Schreib es mit Blut “ 2016

09.07.2016 Rockharz Festival, Ballenstedt
29.07.2016 Open Air auf dem Nopperhof, Langen Trechow
13.08.2016 Schlosshof Festival, Höchstadt a. d. Aich
07.10.2016 Alter Gasometer, Zwickau
08.10.2016 Tante Ju, Dresden
14.10.2016 Backstage Halle, München
15.10.2016 Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
16.10.2016 Hirsch, Nürnberg
20.10.2016 Rosenhof, Osnabrück
21.10.2016 M.A.U. Club, Rostock
22.10.2016 Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven
03.11.2016 Underground, Köln
04.11.2016 Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg
05.11.2016 Musikzentrum, Hannover
11.11.2016 Knust, Hamburg
12.11.2016 Postbahnhof Club, Berlin
23.12.2016 VAZ-Mittelalterspektakel, A-St. Pölten



Spinefarm Records are aware that free and wild cult leaders, Electric Wizard, are working on their ninth studio album, with delivery expected in time for a Halloween 2016 release.


This is all the information available. The whereabouts of the band and the recording / mixing details are not currently known, but more news should follow in due course…


This new offering will be the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Time to Die’ – which can be purchased here – and will be the second release on the band’s ‘Witchfinder Records’ imprint, the result of a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records.


‘Time to Die’ effectively closed the lid on a particular part of the band’s career, and this new album will represent a fresh turn of the turf…


Until that time, get your fix of pure evil at one of these live performances:-


12/07/16 – Download, Castle Donington, UK
28/07/16 – Metal Days, Tolmin, Slovenia
13/08/16 – Brutal Assault, Czech Republic
26/08/16 – Psycho Las Vegas, Las Vegas, US
01/10/16 – Z7, Basel, Switzerland


EW recently headlined ‘Desertfest’ in both Berlin and London, finishing off the festivals (and the attendees’ ear drums) with the sort of performances that have made them the true gate-keepers of UK metal’s great & glorious traditions.


The Agonist Signs Worldwide Deal With Napalm Records!

Montreal Canada's THE AGONIST are pleased to announce they have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records.

Guitarist Danny Marino on signing with Napalm Records:

"We are thrilled to start the next chapter of THE AGONIST with Napalm Records! Since recording Eye of Providence we have been exploding with creativity and are set to record our best record to date. We've been working non-stop on the material on and off the road and now after four albums we have really found ourselves. Vicky and I seem to operate on a hive mind where we know exactly what the other is going for in the writing before it happens. It can actually be freaky sometimes. We are also very excited to be recording this album with Mike Plotnikoff. His experience and input will really help take our sound to a new level."


Napalm Records A&R Demetri Benoist said about the signing of THE AGONIST: "We are very excited to be working with THE AGONIST, this is a new chapter. THE AGONIST are poised to take it to the next level. Getting them in the studio to work with Mike Plotnikoff was a no brainer. Mike is going to push the envelope and help bring out their best. Napalm Records is committed to making the new album their most successful."


The band is currently in the studio with producer Mike Plotnikoff to record their new album shortly. Plotnikoff produced, engineered, and mixed Buckcherry's very successful "15" record, Otep, Like A Storm, Escape the Fate, Halestorm, Drowning Pool, Theory of a Deadman, 3 Doors Down, Black Stone Cherry, Fear Factory, Flyleaf, Skillet. P.O.D. and Like A Storm.