Uli Jon Roth cancels tour after visa problems ...

Dear Friends,


Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone the first four dates of our up-coming US tour for now.


Our work Visas have been delayed through no fault of our own. This has happened each year since 2014, but so far, the Visas were always granted at the last minute.

We don't know why, but each year it is getting harder to obtain the required work Visas for foreign artists like myself, no matter how far in advance we are applying and no matter what we do. The hurdles are considerable and each year the bar gets raised it seems.

We don’t know why that is. I suppose, one needs to be patient.


Regretfully, the three shows in Texas and Arizona, which were supposed to take place now, will have to be postponed until the second half of July.

I'm are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Please keep your fingers crossed that we receive the work Visas soon!


Stay tuned!


Your friend



Phil Mogg has confirmed that next year’s 50th anniversary tour with UFO will be his last as the frontman of the long-running hard rock band. Consequently, it seems almost certain that at that point they will cease to exist. UFO were formed in London in 1969 and Mogg is their only ever-present member, performing on all of the group’s 22 studio albums.


“This decision has been a long time coming, I’ve considered stepping down at the end of UFO’s previous two tours,” Mogg explains. “I don’t want to call this a farewell tour as I hate that word, but next year’s gigs will represent my final tap-dancing appearances with the band.


“2019 marks UFO’s 50th anniversary, so the timing feels right,” he continues. “There will be a final tour of the UK and we will also play some shows in selected other cities that the band has a strong connection with. But outside of the UK this won’t be a long tour. Being out on the road isn’t always tremendously luxurious and although the playing is as great as it ever was, the stuff that surrounds it becomes very tiresome. I always told myself that when I reached that stage I would step down, and that’s what I’m going to do. This is the right time for me to quit.”

Mogg turned 70 back in April and although his voice remains strong, he admits that age played its part in his conclusion.


“I’m a big reader of obituaries, and my finger always goes down to: ‘I wonder how old they were…’,” he chuckles. “The last few years have been tough, losing Lemmy was awful and I was sad that Jimmy Bain passed on a cruise ship. That distressed me quite a lot.”


While many veteran bands in such a position simply cease playing live and continue to record, UFO will no longer be releasing new music. Last year’s covers collection ‘The Salentino Cuts’ is set to become a signing-off point, though Mogg insists that however unlikely the prospect might seem – the singer is a lone strand of consistency throughout a 50-year history – he would have no problem with UFO continuing with a replacement.


The band’s current line-up – completed by keyboard player/second guitarist Paul Raymond, guitarist Vinnie Moore, drummer Andy Parker and bassist Rob De Luca – have of course been informed of Mogg’s decision.


“I’ve told the guys that this is how it is,” he says. “They know it’s my time to go and they know that they can do whatever they want to do without me but I don’t want to play live or make records anymore, though having said that I might go on and do an album of my own. I’ll have to see how I feel about that.”


Of course UFO have either split up, retired or gone on hiatus several times before but Mogg is keen to make the distinction that next year’s dates don’t just mark the end of his touring commitments with UFO – for Phil, there will be no further concerts of any kind.


“For me, this is the end of my stint with UFO,” he clarifies. “This is a line in the sand. I’m suggesting we call the tour ‘Last Orders’, though I also like ‘The Bar Is Closing’. I’m also tempted to name it ‘The Drinks Are On Parker’,” he chuckles, referring to long-suffering sticksman Andy Parker.


You’ll have gathered that Mogg is not about to slash his wrists anytime soon. Of course he is sad that the finishing line is now within sight but has had sufficient time to live with and process such a massive personal decision.


“Maybe the best word to use is ‘bittersweet’,” he concludes. “But my time has arrived and all that remains is to make sure that we have a good tour.”



Members of MAGNUM’s classic-era line-ups reunite for a celebration of the band’s much- loved back catalogue covering the period 1978-94.


One of the UK’s finest exponents of melodic rock music, Magnum achieved high album and singles chart positions in both the UK and Europe and gained a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands on the touring circuit, delighting audiences with concerts that were always captivating both musically and visually. Highlights of the band’s career include regular sold-out theatre tours including a memorable five nights at London’s legendary Hammersmith Odeon performed during 1988 together with headline appearances at Birmingham NEC and Wembley Arena, as well as appearances at major festivals.


Kingdom of Madness features Mark Stanway, Richard Bailey, Micky Barker, Laurence Archer and Mo Birch – all of whom have toured and / or recorded with Magnum – together with legendary bassist Neil Murray and acclaimed vocalist Chris Ousey – establishing a pedigree line-up of world class musicians. Kingdom of Madness not only celebrate the legacy of Magnum’s classic period, but also include key tracks from Grand Slam – Stanway and Archer’s collaboration with Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott.


“There is an extensive catalogue of great songs from the classic years of Magnum which have not been performed on stage in many years and which audiences have constantly requested” says Mark Stanway, keyboard player with Magnum for 36 years. “Having said that, I should state that we by no means consider ourselves a Magnum “tribute” – how can it be when five of the members have a shared legacy with the band? I’m delighted to be working with Richard, Micky, Laurence and Mo again and in Neil and Chris we have two musicians with their own distinct history who will obviously bring their personal musical identity to the project. In addition, with our focus being firmly on the music from the earlier period, we do not perceive ourselves as being in “competition” with the current Magnum. There is more than enough music to keep both bands busy - a fitting testament to the song-writing of Tony Clarkin. “I’m truly looking forward to performing classic Magnum music as well as the best of the Grand Slam tracks with such a prestigious line-up.”


Kingdom of Madness will make its live debut at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton on Friday
December 21st 2018. Tickets available very soon from: www.newhamptonarts.co.uk


Featuring: MARK STANWAY - Keyboards (Magnum 1980-2016, Grand Slam) RICHARD BAILEY – Keyboards / flute (Magnum 1975-80, Whitesnake) MICKY BARKER – Drums (Magnum 1985-95)
LAURENCE ARCHER – Guitar (Magnum 1984, Grand Slam, UFO)
NEIL MURRAY – Bass (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Snakecharmer)
CHRIS OUSEY – Lead vocals (Snakecharmer, Heartland)
MO BIRCH – Backing vocals / percussion (Magnum, Go West, UB40)



Following up the worldwide top 10 video chart success “Act I”, Tarja and earMUSIC are happy to announce the release of the long-awaited follow up “Act II” this summer.


Filmed during Tarja’s world tour “The Shadow Shows”, during which the influential heavy rock singer circled the world for 7 ½ times with over 300.000 km travelled and played over 200 shows in 40 countries in front of 1 million people.

 “Act II” consists of the singer’s very intimate set filmed and recorded live at the Metropolis Studio in London, UK and the breathtaking live performance of one of her shows in Milan, Italy, as well as previously unreleased interviews and photo galleries.

The theatrical rock adventure “Act II” combines two incredible, yet slightly different live performances on video:

The first chapter, “Metropolis Alive”, has been filmed two months prior to the release of Tarja’s 2016 success “The Shadow Self”. Twenty (20) winners from all over Europe were lucky to witness Tarja’s intimate, yet rocking 75 minute set at renowned Metropolis Studios in London, UK where the singer performed songs from her then unreleased album – for the first time in front of an audience.


“Act II’s” second chapter has been recorded on November 29th, 2016 at the magnificent Teatro della Luna in Milan, Italy and includes hits from all four Tarja albums such as “Innocence”, “Die Alive”, “Until My Last Breath” as well as an incredible cover of Muse’s classic “Supremacy”. That night’s set list also enchants the soprano’s long-time fans with a medley consisting of the distinctive Nightwish evergreens “Ever Dream”, “Slaying The Dreamer” and “The Riddler”. All topped off with a remarkable acoustic set which presents Tarja classics in a brand new way.


Even though the shows deliberately differ in look, sound, approach to the music and adrenalin, both have one thing in common: from the very first to the very last tune, the state of the art production displays Tarja’s energetic performance and her graceful, charming presence.


“Live videos became more and more mere documentations focusing on a band’s performance in a remote, distant and technical way. The lightshow and the LED’s only support the band’s performance but have no significance of their own.


With “Act II” it is different. Here everything has a significance, every little detail is important because it is not only a live-recording, a live-documentation.


In the video, every song was treated in order to transport the feeling I wanted to express live at the show. As close as possible to the way the audience might have felt it that night. We used additional footages, used video snippets, photos and graphics and worked with lights, framings and reflections, changed colours and created moods, distorted pictures and inserted slides. And sometimes we kept the pure picture because itself it transported everything we wanted.

“Act II” is not a live-video, it is a live-art-video and you are free to discus it very controversially; what is exactly what I want.”

 “Act II” is going to be released on July 27th, 2018 on earMUSIC as 2CD digipak, 3LP Gatefold (180g, black), DVD, Blu-ray, Limited Mediabook 2CD+2BD (incl. two full live shows filmed at Woodstock Festival in Poland and Hellfest in France as bonus) and Digital.

A wide variety of exclusive, limited fan items and bundles can be found on Tarja’s official web shop: https://tarja.tmstor.es


“Act I”, Tarja’s first ever live release, charted Top 10 all over Europe as well as almost all over the world, with a sensational #5 in Germany's General Charts. The video version even remained for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts.


“Act II” keeps the energy and aesthetics of its predecessor, but adds a new chapter to the live saga in a brand new way.

“Turn of the lights, volume up and dive into the show!” - Tarja




Blu-ray: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_Blu-ray

DVD: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_DVD

Vinyl: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_Vinyl

Mediabook: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_Mediabook

Digital: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_Digital

CD: https://tarja.lnk.to/Act2_CD


Official webstore: https://tarja.tmstor.es




No Bitter End / 500 Letters / Eagle Eye / Demons In You / Lucid Dreamer / Shameless / The Living End / Calling From The Wild / Supremacy / Tutankhamen - Ever Dream - The Riddler - Slaying the Dreamer

Goldfinger / Deliverance // Acoustic Set: Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone // Love To Hate / Victim of Ritual / Undertaker / Too Many / Innocence / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath  


3LP+download code


Side A
No Bitter End / 500 Letters / Eagle Eye / Demons In You

Side B
Lucid Dreamer / Shameless / The Living End / Calling From The Wild

Side C
Supremacy / Tutankhamen - Ever Dream - The Riddler - Slaying the Dreamer / Goldfinger / Deliverance

Side D
Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone

Side E
Love To Hate / Victim of Ritual / Too Many

Side F
Undertaker / Innocence / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath  

 BD // DVD


Filmed at Metropolis Studios, London, UK, 6th of June 2016.

No Bitter End / Eagle Eye / Sing For Me / Love To Hate / The Living End / Medusa / Calling From The Wild / Victim Of Ritual / Die Alive / Innocence / Until My Last Breath / Too Many  

Filmed at Teatro della Luna Assago in Milan, Italy, 29th of November, 2016.

Against The Odds / No Bitter End / 500 Letters / Eagle Eye / Demons In You / Lucid Dreamer / Shameless / The Living End / Calling From The Wild / Supremacy / Tutankhamen – Ever Dream - The Riddler – Slaying the Dreamer / Goldfinger / Deliverance // Acoustic Set: Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone // Love To Hate / Victim of Ritual / Undertaker / Too Many / Innocence / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath  

Bonus Material
Interviews with Tarja and band members
PhotoGallery 1: Through the eyes of the fans
PhotoGallery 2: From stages and streets by Tim Tronckoe

Limited Mediabook


Filmed at Metropolis Studios, London, UK, 6th of June 2016
No Bitter End / Eagle Eye / Sing For Me / Love To Hate / The Living End / Medusa / Calling From The Wild / Victim Of Ritual / Die Alive / Innocence / Until My Last Breath / Too Many  


Filmed at Teatro della Luna Assago in Milan, Italy, 29th of November, 2016.

Against The Odds / No Bitter End / 500 Letters / Eagle Eye / Demons In You / Lucid Dreamer / Shameless / The Living End / Calling From The Wild / Supremacy / Tutankhamen – Ever Dream - The Riddler – Slaying the Dreamer / Goldfinger / Deliverance // Acoustic Set: Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone // Love To Hate / Victim of Ritual / Undertaker / Too Many / Innocence / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath  


Bonus Material
Interviews with Tarja and band members
PhotoGallery 1: Through the eyes of the fans
PhotoGallery 2: From stages and streets by Tim Tronckoe


Filmed at Woodstock Festival, Poland, 16th of July, 2016.

Against The Odds / No Bitter End / Demons In You / 500 Letters / Ciaran’s Well / Supremacy / Calling From The Wild / Tutankhamen – Ever Dream - The Riddler – Slaying the Dreamer / Innocence / Victim Of Ritual / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath / Over The Hills And Far Away


Filmed at Hellfest, France, 19th of June, 2016.
No Bitter End / Never Enough / Ciaran’s Well / Calling From The Wild / Supremacy / Victim Of Ritual / Tutankhamen – Ever Dream - The Riddler – Slaying the Dreamer / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath


No Bitter End / 500 Letters / Eagle Eye / Demons In You / Lucid Dreamer / Shameless / The Living End / Calling From The Wild / Supremacy / Tutankhamen - Ever Dream - The Riddler - Slaying the Dreamer


Goldfinger / Deliverance // Acoustic Set: Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone // Love To Hate / Victim of Ritual / Undertaker / Too Many / Innocence / Die Alive / Until My Last Breath  


Tarja with her band and Stratovarius will be out on tour! 

A Nordic Symphony ‘18 - routing:

01.10.2018 - Frankfurt - Batschkapp

02.10.2018 - Kiel - Max

03.10.2018 - Hannover - Capitol

05.10.2018 - Karlsruhe - Substage

07.10.2018 - Utrecht - TivoliVredenburg

09.10.2018 - Bochum - Matrix

10.10.2018 - Cologne - Essigfabrik

11.10.2018 - Saarbrücken - Garage

13.10.2018 - Solothurn - Kofmehl

14.10.2018 - Grenoble - La Belle Electrique

16.10.2018 - Rome - Orion

17.10.2018 - Milan - Alcatraz

18.10.2018 - Munich - Backstage

20.10.2018 - Innsbruck - Music Hall

21.10.2018 - Prague - Forum Karlín

22.10.2018 - Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg

24.10.2018 - Gdansk - B90

25.10.2018 - Krakow – Studio

26.10.2018 - Dresden - Reithalle

28.10.2018 - Budapest – Barba Negra

29.10.2018 - Sofia - Universiada Sports Hall



The New Breed is our growing stable of young, exciting, up-and-coming bands who represent the future of hard rock and metal. The label is focused on finding and developing new bands from many different territories that will show the world that rock is indeed far from dead.

We have put together a sampler that includes tracks from some of the New Breed bands to whet fans’ appetites worldwide for these new signings. A FREE 12 track sampler can be downloaded from the label's website at www.frontiers.it and CD version of the same sampler is available from select New Breed artists' merch booths at current and upcoming gigs.


The New Breed sampler is also available on streaming services too, including:


YouTube: https://bit.ly/2GjCvf9

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2IZMkRd

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2LrRjeC

Deezer: https://bit.ly/2GJ9hpq


In addition to the sampler, Frontiers has also launched a New Breed Playlist on Spotify, which will be updated frequently. Be sure to follow it here: spoti.fi/2IJ2dLt


Follow the bands and the label and help FRONTIERS MUSIC show the world that #RockAintDead


Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino says "In the past few years, we have been receiving more and more solicitations from new bands whose material has been of the utmost quality and immediately made us stand up and take attention! Like never before have we seen this much young talent surfacing all over the globe. So, we have set off on a journey to rejuvenate the rock scene, trying to find even more of the most exciting new acts in hard rock, metal, and melodic rock.


The NEW BREED, as we call them, are artists who will showcase to the fans some of the best new talent in rock 'n roll music!


We are confident fans will enjoy this music as much as we do because at the end of the day, we are just a bunch of music fanatics too! Music fans have an overwhelming amount of new music presented to them these days, but if they give the New Breed acts a chance, they will enjoy what they hear and quite possibly find their new favorite band or bands...


Looking forward to showing everyone out there that Rock Ain’t Dead!"


GM of US Operations, Nick Tieder, says of the New Breed, "New Breed is a concept we came up with to separate our developing acts from the established artists on the roster. Many of the New Breed bands are certainly influenced by music from the '70s, '80s, and or '90s, but they also have their feet firmly planted in the 21st century. We wanted to make sure fans are aware that not only is Frontiers the home for their favorite artists from yesteryear, but also home to a stable of emerging new talent. We see a TON of comments on social media from fans bemoaning the current state of rock music, seemingly unaware that there is a wealth of great new rock bands not only on Frontiers, but in the genre in general right under their noses. We are on a mission to remedy the perception that rock music is dead. It is quite the opposite, in reality.


And within the New Breed talent pool is a lot of diversity. They are running the gamut from modern hard rock to alternative rock to melodic rock to bluesy hard rock and more. The common theme they all share is loud guitars, excellent vocals, pulsating rhythm sections, and superb songwriting.


We hope rock fans out there, if they are so inclined, will take the time to download this free sampler and/or check it out on any of the digital streaming services. We're confident you'll not only find something you like, but something you LOVE!


Rock. Ain't. Dead.


Bands that make up the New Breed at the moment are…


- Croatia


- Finland


- Spain


- Sweden


- United Kingdom


- United States



We are officially opening applications for the position of lead vocalist in Bigfoot. We are a signed, touring band so serious applicants only please.


We are based in Greater Manchester but are willing to consider applicants in all locations and will adapt for the right person.


If you think you are right for the position please send a bio with any examples of your previous work directly to us via message on our Facebook page or to bigfootrockuk@gmail.com to be considered and receive further details.


Thank you in advance!



Sad news from the Bigfoot camp…after nearly 4 years, singer Antony ‘Ant’ Ellis has made the decision to move on from the band for personal reasons.


Ellis states, “I've decided I needed this simply for my overall happiness. I wish the lads all the luck in the world and I’m sure they will find a suitable replacement. Don't worry, I'll not be disappearing off the face of the earth and will be getting to as many gigs as I can to see you all. With love my friends/family - Ant”.


A statement from the band includes, “We would like to wish Ant the best of luck with his future and all that he pursues. As for us, we are looking to the future with positivity and have made the decision to continue the vision that we originally set out to create with the band. We hope all the fans, friends and colleagues we have met along the way will see this as a respectful parting of ways in this amicable decision. Sam, Tom, Mick & Matt”.


At present time there is no new singer in place but the band will be hard at work sifting through suggestions and resumes. Bigfoot will continue with plans for the next album and upcoming dates.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce you to SIR REG!

"FOOL (Fight of our Lives), the first single from the new SIR REG album is about pulling yourself back from the brink the minute you feel all hope is lost. Nothing and nobody can stand in your way when you decide to go grab your hopes and dreams and achieve everything you believe is rightfully yours.”  - Brendan Sheehy

SIR REG is an energetic six piece from Sweden fronted by Irishman Brendan Sheehy on vocals, who left his home-town of Dublin to come to Sweden to fulfill his dream – to put together the most amazing band possible.


With songs about everything from the issues of modern day society to finding the right bar on a Saturday night, combined with strong melodies and explosive live shows, SIR REG have made a name for themselves in the Celtic punk and rock scene.


Since the birth of the band in 2009 they have released four critically acclaimed albums and have performed on many of Europe’s biggest stages alongside bands like The Mahones, The Misfits, Thin Lizzy and The Real McKenzies. The band’s latest album Modern Day Disgrace (2016) has been hailed as their best to date by many fans and critics.


Later this year SIR REG will release their fifth studio album 'The Underdogs' on the Swedish based label Despotz Records. Here's what the band has to say about the album;


"The Underdogs is the new album from Celtic punk band SIR REG. Everyone loves an Underdog. They represent the belief that anyone can achieve and accomplish whatever they believe in, despite overwhelming odds. This album deals with the struggles and fighting of the ordinary men and women, to make their voice heard and their opinions count, whilst not losing their spirit and ability to enjoy the simpler things in life, like hanging out with friends at their favourite bar on a Saturday night.”


SIR REG are:

Brendan Sheehy - vocals / acoustic guitar
Karin Ullvin - violin
Chris Inoue - guitar
Mattias Söderlund - bass
Filip Burgman - mandolin
Mattias Liss – drums


SIR REG (2010)
A Sign of the Times (2011)
21st Century Loser (2013)
Modern Day Disgrace (2016)


More from SIR REG


Lizzy Borden returns with new Album 'Obsessed With You'

For decades, Lizzy Borden has been one of theatrical rock's top front-men. Released on June 15th, Borden will issue his first album in 11 years, My Midnight Things, via Metal Blade Records. With the hard n' heavy tracks of the album opening title cut "Obsessed With You" and "The Scar Across My Heart", the extended layoff between albums has not dulled his desire to rock and shock. "Although we have stayed busy touring all over the world, I missed being a recording artist. I look at the new album as a new beginning, I pushed the restart button on my career," Borden comments. 


The album can be ordered (and the "My Midnight Things" lyric video can be viewed) via this link: metalblade.com/lizzyborden - where the record is available in the following formats: 


--limited 1st edition Digipak-CD (includes bonus tracks)


--180g black vinyl

--clear pacific blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

--clear burgundy marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)

--olive/black marbled vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

--opaque cool gray marbled vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 200 copies)


* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!


Having signed a new contract with Metal Blade on the strength of three demo tracks, Borden opted to produce My Midnight Things himself, with Joey Scott as co-producer, who also handled all the drumming duties. "I knew what I was going for and had doubts that I could find a producer who would understand that," Borden explains. "My approach is very different than what is happening in today's current sound."




The album was also mixed by Greg Fidelman (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Adele, U2) and mastered by Tom Baker (David Bowie, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Tom Petty).


Borden is planning on hitting the road shortly. "I've already started working on the 'My Midnight Things' show, and I really can't wait to play these songs live," Borden adds. "There are so many talented players out there in the world, I know I will find the right musicians to be on stage with me in my touring band in the new show. And just based on what is being talked about so far, it will be the best show I've ever done. I really do feel a new excitement that I have not felt in years. The best is yet to come."


My Midnight Things track-listing:

1. My Midnight Things 

2. Obsessed with You 

3. Long May They Haunt Us 

4. The Scar Across My Heart 

5. A Stranger to Love 

6. The Perfect Poison 

7. Run Away with Me 

8. Our Love Is God 

9. My Midnight Things (Reprise) 

10. We Belong to the Shadows 


Lizzy Borden online:   http://www.lizzyborden.com   http://www.facebook.com/lizzybordenband


Lord Of The Lost to release new studio album “Thornstar” on August 3rd 2018

Lord Of The Lost are a multi-talented, modern metal band whose music presents itself far beyond genre stereotypes: a solid metal base featuring industrial parts or other dark rock elements – nothing is impossible. 

This band takes a flying leap beyond genre parameters – better than ever! Their previous releases topped the German album charts already, while the upcoming release “Thornstar” will in no way be inferior to past efforts.

This, their sixth studio album, reveals even more sonic facets of the band, all the while remaining hard and forceful.

The deep and emotional concept behind the album follows the story of a doomed high civilization - “Thornstar” is a record unique in both sound and concept

Singer Chris Harms on this concept:

“From the beginning it has been a big vision we had with "Thornstar" – the concept demands a lot of responsibility. And the final result overtook us completely”.

“Thornstar” will be released on August 3rd, 2018, via Napalm Records. Pre-order the album here.


1. On This Rock I Will Build My Church
2. Loreley
3. Black Halo
4. In Our Hands
5. Morgana
6. Haythor
7. Naxxar
8. Cut Me Out
9. The Mortarian
10. Under the Sun
11. In Darkness, In Light
12. Forevermore
13. Ruins

1. Abracadabra (feat. Dero Goi)
2. Voodoo Doll
3. The Art of Love
4. Lily of the Vale
5. Penta
6. Free Radicals
7. Live Pray Die Repeat

On the “Thornstar Tour 2018” Lord Of The Lost will make their way through Germany and Switzerland and even play their first headline shows in Spain, France and the UK. It will be loud, relentless and a display of pure joy for playing music – it is not without a reason, that Lord Of The Lost are one of the most sought after live bands of the scene!

Additional international shows are in the works. See all dates below.

European & UK Tour Dates 2018:

04.10.18 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp
05.10.18 DE - Hannover / Musikzentrum
06.10.18 DE - Berlin / Columbia Theater
11.10.18 DE - Nuremberg / Hirsch
12.10.18 DE - Cologne / Essigfabrik
13.10.18 DE - Dresden / Alter Schlachthof
18.10.18 CH - Pratteln / Z7
19.10.18 DE - Munich / Backstage
20.10.18 DE - Stuttgart / Im Wizemann
26.10.18 DE - Leipzig / Werk 2
27.10.18 DE - Hamburg / Markthalle
31.10.18 ES - Barcelona / Salamandra 1
01.11.18 FR - Toulouse / Rex
02.11.18 FR - Nantes / Ferrailleur
03.11.18 FR - Paris / Boule Noire
21.11.18 UK - Newcastle Upon Tyne / The Cluny
22.11.18 UK - Glasgow / Ivory Blacks
23.11.18 UK - Manchester / The Ruby Lounge
24.11.18 UK - London / Electrowerkz
25.11.18 UK - Bristol / The Fleece Bristol

Get tickets here.

Weblinks:  www.lordofthelost.de   www.facebook.com/lordofthelost


Airrace and The Treatment announce joint UK tour

One of the UK’s pioneering AOR acts, Airrace were originally formed in 1982. Having recently re-signed to the Frontiers label, they have today released a new single and announced a forthcoming album and
a tour to promote it.


The single, ‘Summer Rain’, is described by band leader and guitarist Laurie Mansworth as “a song for the summer. I wanted to write something upbeat with a positive feel, as there is far too much doom and gloom around at the moment. This song will hopefully take you to a sunny day and lift your spirit."


Watch the video and hear the song, "Summer Rain" here: https://youtu.be/-RAP_1jj87w


Pre-order "Untold Stories" here: http://radi.al/AirraceUntoldStories


The album, entitled ‘Untold Stories’, will be released on 10th August. Mansworth continues : “We had a great time making the record. It’s not typically Airrace, with a lot of the material being more 70’s influenced. There is also a much wider spectrum between light and shade in the writing. I have always liked a wide range of different musical styles, from ELO to Led Zep, and when writing these songs I incorporated many of my influences from over the years.”


An eight date UK tour in September to promote the album will see Airrace pairing up with Frontiers labelmates The Treatment with support from Tequila Mockingbyrd. The itinerary is :


21.09.18 CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach
22.09.18 LONDON Underworld
23.09.18 NORWICH Waterfront
24.09.18 CAMBRIDGE Portland
27.09.18 WOLVERHAMPTON Slade Rooms
28.09.18 SHEFFIELD Corporation
29.09.18 NEWCASTLE Cluny
30.09.18 GLASGOW Stereo


Known in Hard Rock circles for being the band that saw the musical debut of drummer Jason Bonham, Airrace was the brainchild of former More guitarist Laurie Mansworth. Following the acclaimed 1984 release of their debut album, ’Shaft Of Light’, the band supported rock titans such as Queen, AC/DC and Meat Loaf, but they had crash-landed by the summer of 1985. It took a 25th anniversary reissue of the record to reunite the group (with a slightly amended line-up), and they eventually issued a second album, ‘Back To The Start’, via Frontiers in 2011.


Adam Payne - vocals
Laurie Mansworth - guitar
Rocky Newton - bass
Linda Kelsey Foster - keyboards
Dhani Mansworth - drums


Heavy Pettin' announces October 2018 UK Tour Dates

Glasgow rockers HEAVY PETTIN' have announced UK tour dates in October 2018 with Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of ANGEL - on their first ever UK tour. Heavy Pettin' will also be doing extra Headline Shows in Glasgow and Milton Keynes.


UK Tour dates:


12th OCT - Eleven, Stoke w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
13th OCT - The Underworld Camden, London w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
14th OCT - The Robin 2, Bilston w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
15th OCT - Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
16th OCT - The Cat House, Glasgow - Headline Show
17th OCT - Trillians Newcastle, Newcastle w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
18th OCT - ROCK CITY, Nottingham w/ Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of Angel
19th OCT - The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes - Headline Show


Stardom beckoned for Heavy Pettin' back in the early 80's with arena tours supporting Kiss, Ozzy and Mötley Crüe and along with the help of MTV, the band scored a couple of Stateside hits.


However, after two hit albums with 'Lettin' Loose' in 1983 and two years later with 'Rock Ain't Dead', they literally ended with a 'Big Bang' after a misguided attempt at the Eurovision Song Contest in '87 resulting in the band breaking up with their third album released after their demise two years later.


News of their reunion came as a complete surprise when earlier last summer Steve 'Hamie' Hayman flew over from the States from where he now resides to exclusively announce to MetalTalk & TotalRock that the band were reforming for a gig at WinterStorm and they did a triumphant return - with the prospect of further gigs across Europe/UK for 2018.



Brand new lyric video from shock rockers Lordi - Your Tongue's Got The Cat

LORDI - Your Tongue's Got The Cat (2018) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records taken from the album 'Sexorcism', to be released May 25th, 2018. 


Pre order now and choose your store! EN: http://promo.afm-records.de/en/lordi DE: http://promo.afm-records.de/de/lordi


Powerwolf to release new studio album “The Sacrament of Sin” on July 13th 2018

Powerwolf, Germany's most successful metal band, is back! 

After having released first details of the upcoming studio album “The Sacrament of Sin”, it's time for pre-orders to go live!

“The Sacrament of Sin” will be released on July 13th, 2018 via Napalm Records.

Pre-order the album here in the following formats:

Regular Editions:

• 2 x 1 CD Mediabook (36 pages + 24 pages)
• 1 CD Jewelcase
• 1 LP Gatefold black

Special Editions:

• 1 LP Gatefold green
• 1 LP Gatefold gold
• “Priest-Edition”: 3-CD Earbook (regular-, cover-, & orchester album) + Metal Cross (14 x 10 cm, Antique Copper Look) + Manipel (Preacher Scarf - 150 x 16 cm, Cotton with Embroidered Logo)

Deluxe Hardcover Box (only Non-Europe):

• 3-CD Earbook (28 x 28 cm, 80 pages) incl. Bonus Track (Earbook Exclusive) + Bonus Album (Cover Songs – 10 POWERWOLF Hits performed by Various Artists) + Bonus Album (Orchestral Songs – Earbook Exclusive)
• 1-LP in Gatefold (Gold)
• Bonus 1-LP in Silver (Cover Songs – Deluxe Box Exclusive)
• Cover Flag (150 x 100 cm)
• 5 Signed Photo Cards
• Cotton Bag
• Sticker

Matthew Greywolf on the upcoming release:

“We're proud to finally unveil the album title along with the amazing cover artwork of "The Sacrament of Sin". While we are in the final stage of mixing the album at Fascination Street Studios we can't wait to unleash this monster and celebrate this new chapter together with all of you - expect nothing less but a mass more intense than ever, bringing some new elements to the liturgy while being as wild and wolfish as it could!”...


1. Fire & Forgive
2. Demons are A Girl's Best Friend
3. Killers with the Cross
4. Incense And Iron
5. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
6. Stossgebet
7. Nightside of Siberia
8. The Sacrament of Sin
9. Venom of Venus
10. Nighttime Rebel                                
11. Fist By Fist (Sacralize or Strike)
12. Midnight Madonna (Bonus Track – only available at EMP and Napalm Records-Mailorder)

Powerwolf's history of success is a true metal fairytale! With their last three records all hitting the Top 3 of the German album charts, two of them at Number 1, sold-out headline shows and frenetically celebrated festival gigs all over Europe, Powerwolf prove: Metal is religion and with their new effort The Sacrament Of Sin the best is yet to come!

After loads of captivating live gigs, sold-out headliner shows - Grab your chance to meet Powerwolf again at these very special summer festival appearances as well as on a full European headlining tour run together with Amaranthe and Kissin Dynamite! Get your tickets here.

Summer Festivals 2018:

15.06.18 FR - Paris / Download Festival
22.06.18 BE - Dessel / Graspop Metal Meeting
04.07.18 DE - Ballenstedt / Rock Harz Open Air
11.07.18 HU - Budapest / Rock Marathon Festival
12.07.18 CZ - Vizovice / Masters Of Rock Festival
14.07.18 DE - Balingen / Bang Your Head Festival
03.08.18 RO - Rasnov / Rockstad Extreme Fest
10.08.18 ES - Villena / ESP Leyendas Del Rock
16.08.18 DE - Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze Open Air
17.08.18 AT - Graz / Metal On The Hill
18.08.18 SE - Falun / Sabaton Open Air

European Tour Dates 2018:

26.10.2018 DE - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
27.10.2018 DE - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
29.10.2018 DE - Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36
31.10.2018 DE - Berlin, Huxleys
01.11.2018 PL - Warsaw, Progresja
02.11.2018 DE - Leipzig, Haus Auensee
06.11.2018 AT - Vienna, Arena
07.11.2018 IT - Milan, Live Club
09.11.2018 DE - Munich, Tonhalle
10.11.2018 DE - Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena
11.11.2018 NL - Eindhoven, Effenaar
12.11.2018 UK - London, Koko
14.11.2018 CH - Lausanne, Les Docks
15.11.2018 CH - Zurich, Komplex 457
16.11.2018 DE - Geiselwind, Music Hall
17.11.2018 DE - Saarbrücken, Saarlandhalle

Tickets for all shows can be purchased here.



Seventh Wonder to release new studio album “Tiara” on October 12th 2018

Heeding the ravenous Seventh Wonder fans’ requests to hear new music from the band, Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to finally announce the release of “Victorious”, the first single off of Seventh Wonder’s brand new studio album “Tiara”, which is scheduled for release on October 12th, 2018!

Hailing from Sweden, progressive metal greats Seventh Wonder are thrilled to be releasing their long in the making fifth studio album “Tiara”, their first batch of new material since “The Great Escape,” originally released in 2010. Having previously released via Frontiers the live album and long-form video, “Welcome to Atlanta” (recorded at the ProgPower Festival in 2014), the band is now ready to “unleash the beast”!

Says bassist Andreas Blomqvist: “It has been many years in the making, but it is finally done and we couldn’t be happier with it. "Tiara" is everything you have come to expect from Seventh Wonder, but I also hope there are some new flavors in there to keep it interesting. We really didn’t think too much about what sound we were going for, nor did we have to force it, it all came natural, albeit slow this time around… We are super proud of this album and we are so much looking forward to sharing it with you!”...

Continues Andreas: “"Victorious" was the first song on the album that was completed. It wasn’t written first, but it was the first one we sat down and wrote the lyrics for, so it is special to us. I am thrilled to finally be able to share a song off of Tiara with you!”...

“Tiara” will be released on October 12th, 2018 on CD, 2xLP, and MP3.

Pre-order “Tiara” here. Limited edition colored vinyl, t-shirt bundles, and more are available from Frontiers' webstore here.

Originally formed in Stockholm in 2000, the band debuted in 2005 with “Become”. The second album, “Waiting in the Wings” - and first to feature Tommy Karevik on vocals - followed in 2006. Two more successful records, the concept album, “Mercy Falls” (2008) and “The Great Escape” (2010) followed before the band went on a hiatus of sorts following singer Tommy Karevik being chosen to take Roy Kahn’s place in Kamelot.


1. Arrival
2. The Everones
3. Dream Machines
4. Against the Grain
5. Victorious
6. Tiara's Song (Farewell Pt. 1)
7. Goodnight (Farewell Pt. 2)
8. Beyond Today (Farewell Pt. 3)
9. The Truth
10. By The Light of the Funeral Pyres
11. Damnation Below
12. Procession
13. Exhale


Andreas Blomqvist - Bass
Johan Liefvendahl - Guitar
Tommy Karevik - Vocals
Andreas Söderin - Keys
Stefan Norgren - Drums



The Spirit sign with Nuclear Blast

Saarbrücken, Germany based melodic black/death metal newcomers The Spirit are pleased to announce that they've signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

In the 1990s, the harshness of melodic death metal and the attitude of black metal were combined by a couple of Scandinavian bands, inventing a whole new breed of darkness and kick starting a new chapter in heavy music. The Spirit have taken this groundwork, adding their own impressive touches and unique identity, whilst always keeping their musical roots close to mind. Their songs are full of creative rhythms, clashing melodies and sharp sentiment; delivered fast-paced - vividly presenting the band's spirit.

The quartet's debut Sounds From The Vortex has already been highly praised by press and fans for its irrepressible power and passion. Every note is presented with a lot of heart and manic undertones. At this year's Party.San Open Air and Summer Breeze, The Spirit will spread their unholy atmosphere and prove their impeccable live skills.

The band stated on their alliance with Nuclear Blast:

"We are very proud that we could arouse Nuclear Blast's interest, which is such a renowned label that has released so many great albums throughout the years. There is no doubt that this collaboration is a giant step for The Spirit. Sinister music created with high passion is what you can expect. Sounds From The Vortex is just the beginning! We are looking forward to working with Nuclear Blast in the future and we are glad that they will spread our sounds all over the globe from now on."

The Spirit is: MT | vocals, guitars, AK | guitars, AT | bass, MS | drums


The Spirit have also announced that they'll be opening for death metal legends and label mates Kataklysm and Hypocrisy on their upcoming 'Death…Is Just The Beginning' European run in October/November. Full dates are below.

The Spirit live:

28.04. DE Saarbrücken - Kleiner Klub (w/ NARVIK, CARN DÛM)
09. - 11.08. DE Schlotheim - Party.San Open Air
15. - 18.08. DE Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze

'Death…Is Just The Beginning'

18.10. DE Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
19.10. DE Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn
20.10. DE Munich - Backstage
23.10. HU Budapest - Barba Negra
24.10. AT Vienna - Arena
25.10. PL Wrocław - Zaklęte Rewiry
26.10. DE Geiselwind - MusicHall
27.10. IT Milan - Live Music Club
28.10. CH Pratteln - Z7
29.10. FR Lyon - Ninkasi Kao
31.10. ES Madrid - Sala Mon
01.11. ES Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
02.11. FR Limoges - CC John Lennon
03.11. FR Paris - La Machine du Moulin Rouge
04.11. BE Antwerp - Trix
05.11. DE Hamburg - Docks
06.11. SE Gothenburg - Trädgår'n
07.11. SE Stockholm - Fryshuset
09.11. FIN Helsinki - The Circus
10.11. FIN Tampere - Pakkahuone
12.11. DK Copenhagen - Pumpehuset
13.11. NL Leeuwarden - Neushoorn
14.11. DE Berlin - Kesselhaus
15.11. DE Dresden - Eventwerk
16.11. DE Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle 2
17.11. DE Leipzig - Hellraiser

More info: www.thespiritmetal.bandcamp.com  www.facebook.com/thespiritband


Danny back in The Wildhearts

I can't believe we are back on tour next month and with Danny back in the band, it's crazy!


Now I'm sure you all know how volatile and unsettled a band The Wildhearts have always been but right now there is a solidarity in our camp. This time last year Ginger and I were not even speaking to each other and here we are about to take our monster of a band back out on the road. We have started work on a new album and our differences have been well and truly buried. We have new management and we have major plans afoot.


Life is way too short and you need to make the most of all that you are given. We are so lucky that we still do this for a living and that enough folks out there give a fuck about us. Our fans are a truly lovely bunch, the best, who sing louder than most and in May we need you to come and support us, Reef, Terrovision and Dodgy and enjoy a huge big slice of muthafuckin Britrock!


For those about to ROCK!!!


Big Love



Keyboardist Vikram Shankar joins progressive metal band Redemption

Keyboardist Vikram Shankar has joined progressive metal band Redemption. Nick van Dyk - the band's guitarist and songwriter, who has also played the majority of keyboards on Redemption's seven studio albums - comments: "We haven't had a dedicated keyboard player since before 2011's 'This Mortal Coil'. We were very happy and fortunate to have had Greg Hosharian in the band for some time, but when Greg left to focus on composing and conducting classical music, we decided to continue without replacing him and I returned to playing keys in addition to guitar. I'm comfortable enough handling things, but at the same time, from a performance and also from a compositional standpoint, it's always been in the back of my mind that having a dedicated keyboardist allows us to do more, sound better, and grow."


Van Dyk continues: "Almost as soon as Tom [Englund, vocals] joined Redemption, he introduced me to Vikram by way of Vik’s YouTube channel, where Vik showcases both original compositions as well as stunning arrangements of some great progressive metal songs. I was utterly floored. This is a guy who has perfect pitch, tremendous feeling to his playing, and is absolutely a virtuoso - I mean he literally plays blindfolded to perfect his technique. I've never seen anything like it. Then we spent some time together, both one on one and then with the rest of Redemption, and learned he’s a terrific guy as well as a terrific musician. He came out to LA for a few days and spent some time adding some parts to our otherwise-finished upcoming release, Long Night's Journey into Day, and it was evident that not only does he have technique and feel for miles to enhance our musicianship, but he and I share a similar compositional sensibility. We hear things the same way, plus Vikram adds fresh ideas and his tremendous talent as an arranger and writer. I can't wait to involve him more in songwriting for future material, and we are all thrilled to have him join us on stage and in the studio. He's an absolutely stunning talent."


"I'm honored to have the opportunity to play alongside the talented folks in Redemption!" enthused Vikram. "The guys are wonderful musicians and wonderful people, and I can't thank them enough for welcoming me into the fold as they have. Can't wait to see and play for all the Redemption fans at Progpower USA and elsewhere, and for the future of our music and collaboration!"


Already confirmed to headline ProgPower USA 2018, Redemption - featuring Tom Englund (vocals; Evergrey), Nick van Dyk (guitars and keyboards), Sean Andrews (bass), Chris Quirarte (drums), Vikram Shankar (keyboards) - will release their seventh full-length album, Long Night's Journey into Day, this summer via Metal Blade Records. The first to be produced with Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Primal Fear, Amaranthe, Doro, etc.), Long Night's Journey into Day also features guest guitarists Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM) and Simone Mularoni (DGM). Stay tuned for more Redemption news coming soon!


https://www.facebook.com/RedemptionBand  https://twitter.com/redemptionmetal


Primordial enters charts worldwide with new album 'Exile Amongst The Ruins'

Irish Pagan Metal Gods Primordial have just released their new album, Exile Amongst The Ruins, through Metal Blade Records. The album entered multiple charts globally, including a Top 10 entry in Germany. Comments Primordial: "It gives the statistician within us a very nice smile over our first week chart entries! Thanks to everyone who went out there and bought it in week one and supporting real independent music and to Metal blade for all the hard work! To the bitter end!"


Exile Amongst The Ruins chart numbers:

USA Current Hard Music Albums # 20

USA Top New Artist Albums # 28

USA Record Label Independent Current Albums # 61

USA Top New Artist Albums Consumption # 104

Canada Top 200: #140

Canada Hard Music Charts: #40

Germany album charts: # 9

Austria album charts: # 26

Switzerland album charts: # 27

Finland physical album charts: # 6

Sweden physical album charts: # 21

Sweden metal charts: #5

United Kingdom official rock & metal album charts: # 18

United Kingdom independent charts: # 39


To preview and purchase Exile Amongst The Ruins, please visit http://metalblade.com/primordial


Once again building upon their signature sound, the follow up to 2014's Where Greater Men Have Fallen is a more raw, "old school sounding" record than its predecessor. Hitting home with what vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga describes as "a direct energy" and wielding an urgency that is undeniable, the Irish quintet once again effortlessly blend elements of tragedy and might like no one else. Likewise, the evolution in their sound continues to be organic and unforced, ensuring that Exile Amongst The Ruins is essential listening for both their long term faithful and those only now drawn into their world.


Heathen Crusade 2018 tour dates

Presented by Metal Hammer, Deaf Forever, Guitar, Kulturnews, Metal.de, Firebird Industries & Dragon Productions

Featuring Primordial, Moonsorrow, Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Apr. 12 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Neushoorn
Apr. 13 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
Apr. 14 - Paris, France - Trabendo
Apr. 15 - Brugge, Belgium - Entrepot
Apr. 16 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall
Apr. 17 - Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg - Kulturfabrik
Apr. 18 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
Apr. 19 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
Apr. 20 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser
Apr. 21 - Prague, Czech Republic - Akropolis
Apr. 22 - Kosice, Slovakia - Colloseum
Apr. 23 - Budapest, Hungary - Barba Negra
Apr. 24 - Wien, Austria - Szene
Apr. 25 - Munchen, Germany - Backstage
Apr. 26 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos-Saal
Apr. 27 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix
Apr. 28 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle


Get your tickets now: dragon-productions.eu
Further info here: facebook.com/HeathenCrusade


Further Primordial festival appearances:

May 12 - Haugesund, Norway - Karmoygeddon
May 26 - Dublin, Ireland - Tivoli Theatre
June 9 - Solvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock
July 14 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head!!!
July 20 - Bertingen, Germany - Rock Unter Den Eichen
July 21 - Brescia, Italy - Colony Festival
July 27 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metaldays
Aug. 11 - Villena, Spain - Leyendas Del Rock
Aug. 12 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Alcatraz Metal Festival
Aug. 26 - Suceava, Romania - Bucovina Rock Castle


Primordial line-up:  A.A. Nemtheanga - Vocals, Ciarán MacUilliam - Guitar, Michael O'Floinn - Guitar, Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass, Simon O'Laoghaire - Drums


https://www.facebook.com/primordialofficial   https://www.youtube.com/user/primordialvideo


Trillium Announce New Album, TECTONIC - Out JUNE 8th

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the new studio album, "Tectonic" from Amanda Somerville’s TRILLIUM on June 8th !


Best known for her collaborations with various high profile European metal bands like Avantasia, Epica, KAMELOT, After Forever, and her amazing musical partnership with Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske under the Kiske/Somerville banner, Amanda Somerville is easily one of the most sought after and gifted female vocalists of the current hard rock and metal scene. With a vocal range from tenor to soprano and a stylistically diverse singing ability, Amanda’s voice is well suited for multiple styles, but this new TRILLIUM album is firmly rooted in the metal genre, thanks also to the creative contribution from Amanda’s husband, former After Forever and HDK guitarist Sander Gommans.


"Where [Trillium debut album] “Alloy” was rather dark and moody and restless, Tectonic is on the whole more uplifting and full of strength and character, though it’s just as full of emotion,” explains Amanda. "My life was shaken up by figurative earthquakes through several elements shifting in recent years and that’s what this album represents. It’s a challenge to make an album that’s musically heavy without being dragged down by melancholy, but that’s what Sander and I set out to do from the beginning and it worked out beautifully!”


Amanda continues, “The core and essence of Tectonic is very personal and comes, basically, from the hearts and minds of a singer and a guitar player and I think that’s very apparent when you listen to the songs. Sander and I didn’t want to overthink things and over-complicate the songs. There’s definitely some bombast in there because we both have a love of keyboard arrangements, but they don’t rule the roost here. Also, the only guest performances are by good friends from my hometown in Flint, Michigan who also played live with me solo and with Trillium, and also some great mates and colleagues of Sander’s, so it’s really a “family” kind of album. We tried to keep things simple, and yet I think it’s anything but low-key!”


Today, the first song and video, "Time To Shine" from the album has been premiered:

 https://youtu.be/CyOpQ932n2E "The focus for the video was something where I wanted to show the essence of the album’s hopeful and uplifting spirit. “Time To Shine” depicts that positivity while maintaining a serious, hard-edge vibe, so it’s a good combination of the elements that I love about Tectonic. Besides being autobiographical, I feel like this is a song that says, “OK, I’ve arrived and it’s where I want to be: here I am, now let’s keep it going,” says Amanda.


Fans of Trillium’s debut album, “ALLOY” as well as artists like The Dark Element, Tarja, Cellar Darling, Lacuna Coil, and the like will find much to enjoy in this beautiful new record!


1. Time To Shine
2. Stand Up
3. Full Speed Ahead
4. Hit Me
5. Fighting Fate
6. Nocturna
7. Fatal Mistake
8. Shards
9. Cliché Freak Show
10. Eternal Spring


Produced by Amanda Somerville & Sander Gommans


Amanda Somerville’s TRILLIUM are:  Amanda Somerville - vocals, Sander Gommans - guitars & bass, Erik Van Ittersum - keyboards, Andre Borgman - drums


Except on: “Full Speed Ahead”: bass by Mark Burnash, 2nd guitar solo by Paul Owsinski


www.amandasomerville.com   www.facebook.com/amandasomervilleofficial
www.instagram.com/amandasomervillemusic   www.twitter.com/amsomerville


Epic melodic death metallers Nothgard sign to Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the addition of epic melodic death metallers Nothgard from Germany to its roster! The Bavarian quartet has signed a multiple album deal with Metal Blade and is right now in the middle of recording their tentative new album, to be released during the second half of 2018!


Comments Nothgard singer/guitarist Dom R. Crey: "We are really happy to announce the signing with the renowned label Metal Blade Records. For years we have had an eye on the countless and fantastic releases Metal Blade has launched. Eventually we can call ourselves part of this family, something that makes us really proud. We are looking forward to a great collaboration and cannot wait to usher into a new era of Nothgard."


Dom is also presenting us an outlook on the upcoming new Nothgard album: "This exciting chapter will be initiated by a new studio album! In the history of the band we have never worked harder on an album. And to be honest we never had a clearer view on our approach of composing and on our sound. We listened to both, our fans and ourselves. We have clearly analyzed our strength and how to transfer this awareness to our material. Right now tons of work are still laying ahead of us and in the end our fans will judge the result. But let me tell you: As a band we are more than happy about the outcome so far and can't wait to present it to the rest of the World!"


Founded in 2008 by singer and lead guitarist Dom R. Crey, Nothgard dragged along the winning ways since their debut album, Warhorns Of Midgard, from 2011. The high technical quality of their guitar work and the epic orchestration of their melodic death metal is exciting to fans and critics alike. In 2014, the band released another epic milestone of deadly metal, memorable melodies and influences from both neo-classical and folk music called Age Of Pandora. After the release, Nothgard finally signed to Noise Art Records who released the band's latest album, The Sinner's Sake, their most serious approach yet to enter the melodic death metal throne. On The Sinner's Sake, deadly riffs meet playful, catchy lead guitars, while the epic orchestration arranges for a cinematic atmosphere that will bring goosebumps to your skin! Completed by Dom R. Crey's raw vocals, Nothgard's sound is both stormy-spectacular and full of a sublime atmosphere. With The Sinner's Sake, Nothgard set off into the most spectacular chapter in the band's history so far. And the best is yet to come!


Nothgard line-up:  Dom R. Crey - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards, Skaahl - Guitars, Nico Kolja - Bass, Felix Indra - Drums


Nothgard live:

May 20 - Leipzig, Germany - Wave Gotik Treffen
June 14 - Uttenhofen, Germany - Aaargh Festival
July 5 - Ballenstedt, Germany - Rockharz Open Air
July 15 - Manrode, Germany - Fest Evil Manrode 2018
Aug. 24 - Cham, Germany - Mosh Open Air 2018
Aug. 31 - Nauen, Germany - Rock for Roots XV


www.facebook.com/nothgard   www.nothgard.com   https://twitter.com/nothgard


MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST announce European tour for October/November 2018!

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST are pleased to announce that they will be touring Europe and the UK this coming October/November in celebration of their latest studio album release, »Resurrection«; out now via Nuclear Blast. The dates will comprise of 12 headline shows with support coming from multinational melodic metal band Eden's Curse (UK only!), plus a headline festival appearance at Hard Rock Hell XII.


Michael Schenker stated:

"Following a really enjoyable and successful North American tour, I'm happy to announce that I'll be touring in the UK and mainland Europe with MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST. On tour we will play an extended setlist with classics from across the M.S.G. eras plus UFO, Scorpions, TEMPLE OF ROCK and material from the new album »Resurrection«, too. We have had great fun performing the new songs for the first time in North America - they've had a great reception from the audience. Experiencing the third part of my career in such nice company is a true pleasure. I hope to see you on our UK and European tour, keep on rockin'!"


Touring with internationally renowned guitar maestro Michael Schenker will be three legendary MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalists Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin Mc Auley plus Michael Schenker's TEMPLE OF ROCK vocalist Doogie White. Chris Glen will be appearing on bass with Ted McKenna on drums and Steve Mann on guitar/keys.


featuring 3 original M.S.G. singers Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley plus Doogie White (ex-RAINBOW, Michael Schenker's TEMPLE OF ROCK)


27.10. ES Málaga - París15
28.10. ES Madrid - La Riviera
30.10. IT Milan - LIVE MUSIC CLUB
31.10. CH Pratteln - Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln
01.11. DE Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen
02.11. DE Karlsruhe - Festhalle Durlach
03.11. NL Amsterdam - Melkweg Amsterdam



05.11. UK Glasgow - O2 ABC Glasgow
06.11. UK Birmingham - Institut O2
08.11. UK Gwynedd - Hard Rock Hell (sold out)
09.11. UK Newcastle - O2 Academy Newcastle
10.11. UK London - O2 Forum Kentish Town
11.11. UK Manchester - Manchester Academy


Booking Europe: Dragon Productions GmbH
Booking Germany: a.s.s. concerts
Meet & Greets: www.michaelschenkerfest.com


More MSF dates:


28.04. SE Stockholm - Rock City Stockholm


MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST released their latest studio album »Resurrection« in March of this year to widespread critical acclaim. Produced by Michael Schenker and Michael Voss-Schoen, the record additionally features guest appearances from Kirk Hammett, Wayne Findlay and Michael Voss-Schoen.


Order »Resurrection« physically, here: http://nblast.de/MSFResurrection
Order »Resurrection« digitally, here: http://nblast.de/MSFResurrection


Or order the 12' single »Warrior« (incl. 'Warrior' and 'Heart And Soul'), here:


More on »Resurrection«:





Michael Schenker is one of the most significant rock guitarists in the history of music. He has mesmerised the rock community since the 70's with his characteristic guitar playing style and solidified his place in music history writing hits like 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Rock Bottom' during his time in UFO, as well as composing SCORPIONS classics such as 'Coast To Coast' and 'Holiday', among others. His playing has proved influential for several generations of guitar players.


Back in 1979, the 'German Wunderkind' decided that he wanted to be his own boss. He founded the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP aka M.S.G. and released masterpieces such as »Assault Attack« and »Built To Destroy«, the live legacy »One Night At Budokan« as well as the McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP pearls »Perfect Timing« and »Save Yourself«. M.S.G. also became a home for some great vocalists, including Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet (ex-RAINBOW etc.) and Robin McAuley. Those guys were also a part of the comprehensive MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST, whose celebrated Tokyo show was released as live CD, DVD and Blu-ray in March 2017. Now the time has come for Michael Schenker to move another step forward: by releasing the new MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST studio album, he fulfils the long-awaited dream of all hard rock fans!


More info:  www.michaelschenkerhimself.com  www.facebook.com/michaelschenkerrocks
www.twitter.com/MW_Schenker   https://www.instagram.com/michaelschenkerrocks/


English NWOBHM legends Satan (Band) sign to Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of long-time running NWOBHM legends Satan to its roster.


The heavy metal quintet has signed a multiple album deal with Metal Blade and has just finished recordings for their tentative new album to be released during the second half of 2018!


Comments Satan: "Metal Blade is part of Satan's past and we are super excited for it to be part of our future. It seems so fitting, it's hard to imagine another label that could give us a better platform for our music today."


While standard bearers of the NWOBHM movement and responsible for '83's seminal Court In the Act and '87's Suspended Sentence, with their tentative new album Satan make it abundantly clear that in 2018 they are not interested in simply capitalizing on past glories. Comprised of 10 tracks of searing metal, it is blatantly and profoundly the work of the Newcastle upon Tyne natives at their very best, infusing their signature sound with a more raw, wild and spontaneous vibe than they showcased on 2015's mighty Atom By Atom, in the process displaying more passion and energy than slews of bands half their age.


Having reunited in 2012 and returned to touring duty, Satan - comprised of six-stringers Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey, bassist Graeme English, drummer Sean Taylor and vocalist Brian Ross - once more proved their collective mettle with 2013's Life Sentence and follow-up Atom By Atom, both records critically acclaimed and maintaining the high standards of their earlier releases. With such a powerful collection in their hands the band were unsurprisingly eager to take it on the road, and they once again had successful tours and festival runs in Europe, North America and South America, culminating with a slot opening for Pentagram in Helsinki, which Tippins counts as a true honor.


Satan will unleash their latest batch of classical Heavy Metal songs in the second half of 2018. Be prepared for one of the best Metal albums of the year and stay tuned for more information about it!


Satan line-up: Brian Ross - Vocals, Russ Tippins - Guitars, Steve Ramsey - Guitars, Graeme English - Bass, Sean Taylor - Drums


https://www.facebook.com/officialsatanpage   https://twitter.com/SatanUK


Dan Patlansky announces dates for November 2018 UK tour

Following his sold-out March 2018 Perfection Kills UK Tour, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist Dan Patlansky will return this year for his November 2018 UK Tour.

Earlier this year he released his ninth studio album Perfection Kills. The album is the follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Introvertigo” which was voted #1 Blues Rock Album 2016 by Blues Rock Review.


The tour kicks off at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms (21 Nov) and include dates in Norwich (22 Nov), Newbury (23 Nov), Chester (24 Nov), Bury (25 Nov), Leeds (27 Nov), Bromsgrove (28 Nov), London (29 Nov) and Bristol (30 Nov).


Patlansky was nominated as one of Classic Rock magazine’s hotly tipped new artists of 2015. His album, Dear Silence Thievesreceived accolades and praise from the British press. He’s been voted Most Promising Male Blues Artist by Blues & Soul Magazine, and only recently has he been nominated as Best International Solo Artist at the Planet Rock Radio ‘Rocks’ Awards.


Perfection Kills was recorded at Scherzo Productions, a recording studio in Dan’s home town of Pretoria, South Africa. Dan chose Scherzo because he wanted to make a different sounding record and he felt it was the right studio for his vision.


Perfection Kills is all about my vision of making a record that still makes the song writing a priority as in the past, the final product delivers a far more real and organic result.”

What sets the new album apart from its predecessors is the honesty and live sound of the songs. “To me it feels like a band playing live in the studio which isn’t far from the truth. As mentioned the songs are still the priority and always will be, but on this album they come across far closer to the way they will sound live.  This is the album I’ve wanted to make for a few years now. So all I wanted to do was get the sound and production in my head across to the listeners in a raw and charmingly rough way.” 


What songs from the new album is Dan most looking forward to playing on the road?


“The first single, Dog Day, and the songs Johnny, Mayday and Too Far Gone are first that come to mind. I think all the songs will translate at a different level compared to previous songs on the live stage. I cannot wait to test drive the tunes.” 

Perfection Kills is a concept that Dan whole heartedly believes in. Says Dan, “In any art form perfection doesn’t exist because there is no yard stick to measure it by. The pursuit of perfection ends up doing far more harm to the art than good. This was the mind set we adhered to when we went into the recording studio, “Why try to be perfect?”

Tickets on sale Wednesday 4th April 2018

24 HR BOX OFFICE: 08444 780 898
Book tickets from: www.thegigcartel.com


Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
Wednesday 21st November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5LB


Norwich, The Waterfront
Thursday 22nd November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Facebook / Twitter
139-141 King St, Norwich NR1 1QH


Newbury, Arlington Arts Centre
Friday 23rd November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Venue Box Office: 01635 244 246
Facebook / Twitter
Mary Hare, Snelsmore Common, Newbury RG14 3BQ


Chester, The Live Rooms
Saturday 24th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Venue Box Office: 08712 200 260
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
1 Station Rd, Chester CH1 3DR


Bury, The Met
Sunday 25th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Venue Box Office: 01617 612 216
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Market St, Bury BL9 0BW


Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Tuesday 27th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
33 Queen's Rd, Leeds LS6 1NY


Bromsgrove, Artrix
Wednesday 28th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Venue Box Office: 01527 577 330
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Slideslow Dr, Bromsgrove B60 1GN


London, O2 Academy Islington
Thursday 29th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
16 Parkfield St, London N1 0PS


Bristol, The Tunnels
Friday 30th November 2018

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898
Venue Box Office: 0845 605 0255
Facebook / Twitter
Arches 31 & 32, Bristol & Exeter Mews, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6QF


Dan Patlansky - never far from like-minded genius, guitarist, singer songwriter, and globally respected purveyor of the blues, sidles into his second successive decade as one of the world’s finest blues-based storytellers of his generation.


Ever since his debut album, Standing at the Station, followed by his 2004 major label (Blue Note, EMI produced) masterstroke True Blues, Patlansky has immersed himself in the rich and rollicking world of blues rock music. In February 2005, and again in July 2006, Selwyn Miller, the New Orleans based manager of David Gates, Bread, Randy Crawford and Petula Clark (amongst others), took Patlansky to New Orleans to showcase his outstanding talent.


In 2006, Fender acknowledged his talent with a guitar and amp endorsement, making him only one of six on the continent to enjoy such a privilege.


As Dan settled into his groove, what followed was a barrage of brilliantly executed eclectic and acoustic blues albums. 2006 brought with Real, Move My Soul in 2009, 20 Stones in 2012, and the unplugged wonder of 2013’s acoustically anchored Wooden Thoughts release.


With each new release, Patlansky’s albums brought with him a tighter and more engaging lyrical twist and even more interesting turns, all of which led beautifully to his much anticipated 2014 full- electric album released in May. In December 2014, Dear Silence Thieves(produced by Theo Crous) was voted the #1 Blues Rock Album in the world released for 2014 by Blues Rock Review, alongside names such as Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons, Devon Allman, The Black Keys, Philip Sayce, and many more.


“After over a decade of making albums for us, Dan’s seventh album continues to deliver the goods that have made him the premier blues rock guitar player in South Africa, if not one of the top in the world.” – Kevin O’Rourke, Blues Rock Review.


Patlansky started 2014 off with a bang when he was chosen to open for Bruce Springsteen in front of 64 000 people at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg in February on his High Hopes tour. Patlansky was personally approved by Springsteen as support act, seeing as Springsteen rarely has guest artists for his shows. A milestone, Patlansky played in front of the biggest audience of his career.


After touring Europe in 2013 with Everlast, Patlansky returned to the continent in October 2014 for another tour to promote Dear Silence Thieves. He impressed Norway when he headlined the Fjord Blues Festival with words such as ‘magic’ and ‘religious experience’ used to describe his performance.


With successful shows in the Netherlands and Germany, Patlansky ended his European tour by headlining Denmark’s Horsens Blues Festival, where he played at the ‘Showcase Stage’ in the basement in 2013.


After Dear Silence Thieves was voted the #1 Blues Rock Album in the world by Blues Rock Review in 2014, Patlansky received raving reviews in European and international press for the album. Dear Silence Thieves was released in the UK on 27 April 2015, the same day he performed a launch showcase concert at The Borderline in London. Dan also visited Europe in May, June and July and performed shows throughout the UK, Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.


In March 2015, legendary guitarist Joe Satriani announced Patlanksy as special guest on his UK Shockwave November 2015 tour which stretched over the course of 31 days, 10 countries and 25 shows.


In May 2016, Dan released the follow up album to Dear Silence Thieves with Theo Crous helming the production, entitled INTROVERTIGO. Patlansky used his personal life experiences as inspiration for the album to ultimately marry good songs with guitar playing, and the album has been received with critical acclaim both in SA and abroad.


Dan kicked off 2016 with his Sweet Home Africa Solo Acoustic Tour, followed by his INTROVERTIGO album launch tour in April in South Africa. In May 2016, Dan performed as special guest on award-winning Blues Rock band, King King’s nationwide UK tour, performing 26 shows over the course of May and June 2016 in Germany Netherlands and the UK. Back in South Africa, Dan completed a nationwide solo acoustic tour.


Patlansky ended 2016 on a high note when INTROVERTIGO was voted as the #1 Blues Rock Album in 2016 by Blues Rock Review, becoming the first artist ever to place #1 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of the Year twice (Dear Silence Thieves 2014, Introvertigo 2016). The album was also voted #8 of the Top 15 albums of 2016 by The Blues Magazine.


Patlansky returned to the UK for his first-ever headline tour in April and May 2017 touring with special guest Ash Wilson.


After touring South Africa, Dan returns to the UK in November 2017 as special guest on Joanne Shaw Taylor’s tour.


His 9th studio album, PERFECTION KILLS, is set for worldwide release on Friday 2nd February 2017.


Awards, Nominations and Ratings:


Dear Silence Thieves (album)
*Voted Best Blues Rock Album 2014 – Blues Rock Review 2014
*UK iTunes Top Twenty Blues Albums – November 2015
*Hot Contender “Album of the Year”- Blues & Soul Magazine - December 2015
*Album named #41 in Classic Rock Magazine’s ’50 Best Albums of 2015’


20 Stones (album)
*UK iTunes Top Twenty Blues Albums – November 2015


Introvertigo (album)
*Voted Best Blues Rock Album 2016 – Blues Rock Review 2016
*Voted #8 ‘Top 15 Albums of 2016’ – Blues Magazine


Dan Patlansky
*Top 20 Blues Rock Artists – Blues Magazine – December 2015
*Male Artist of the Year – Blues & Soul Magazine – December 2015
*#4 of 10 Best Rock Guitarists in the World – Total Guitar Magazine - December 2015
*Nominated ‘Best International Solo Artist’ – Planet Rock Radio ‘Rocks Awards’ February 2016
*Nominated and rated #2 in the category of Top 5 ‘Overseas Artist of the Year' – British Blues Awards – September 2016




Perfection Kills (2018)
Dear Silent Thieves (2015)

Wooden Thoughts (2013)
20 Stones (2012)
Move My Soul (2009)
Real (2006)
True Blues (2004)
Standing at the Station (1999)


Dan Patlansky Online
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter
Instagram | YouTube

Leverage return to Frontiers family for new release

We are excited to welcome back to the Frontiers' family the recently reunited Finnish Melodic Metal masters LEVERAGE!

Leverage landed on the scene with the independent release of their debut album, “Tides” in 2006. With their blend of Symphonic and Melodic Hard Rock, with some Progressive Metal twists, Leverage created a buzz on the scene and were signed by Frontiers for the release of their second album, "Blind Fire" in 2008 before moving to a different home for their next album, "Circus Colossus" (2009). The band became inactive not too long after the release of that album.


Somewhere during the lengthy hiatus, guitarist and band founder Tuomas Heikkinen started writing some heavy rock songs with Mikko Salovaara for Kimmo Blom to sing. This was at first more like ’therapy’....making music just for the sake of it. However, writing with Mikko and especially later, getting to play some Rainbow tribute gigs under the "Wolf Moon Rising" moniker, the guys started to get the feeling that the time was right to make the next step and bring back the sleeping monster that is LEVERAGE. The new lineup now includes Kimmo Blom (ex-Urban Tale) on vocals, Tuomas Heikkinen and Mikko Salovaara on guitar, Marko Niskala on keyboards, Sami Norrbacka on bass, and Valtteri Revonkorpi on drums.


"Of original Leverage members, Torsti Spoof had already switched his career to writing film scores and Pekka Hansio Heino was busy singing working with Brother Firetribe,” says Tuomas. "There’s never been any issues and nothing but brother-like friendship between any of us, it was just obvious that we couldn’t continue LEVERAGE as a heavy rock band with the same line-up. In a way, this is a circle closing. Kimmo was actually supposed to be the vocalist on the first pre-production demos of what became ’Tides’ back in the day, but he was too busy at that time with Urban Tale for it to happen."


Leverage’s new lineup already went into the studio and came up with an impressive single, “Red Moon Over Sonora”, which you can see a lyric video for here: https://youtu.be/8HlQs9biK4I


"It’s a blast to enter a new era with the new line-up and a renewed relationship with Frontiers, who we believe is the powerhouse for bands like us,” concludes Tuomas. "We’re super excited about the new music we’re working on right now and look forward to sharing it through new releases and playing live.”


You can expect new music very soon as the band is set to deliver a digital only EP this year and a new release to come in early 2019!




TNT return with brand new studio album entitled 'XIII' this June

TNT will release their new album, "XIII" on June 8, 2018! More details and first single COMING SOON on Frontiers Music Srl!

XIII tracklisting:


10. 17th OF MAY


Sunstorm return with new album on Frontiers Music Srl

The fabulous Joe Lynn Turner project, SUNSTORM will release their new album, THE ROAD TO HELL on June 8, 2018! First single and pre-orders COMING SOON on Frontiers Music Srl!

THE ROAD TO HELL tracklisting: