Vixen's vocalist Janet Gardner to release solo album

Vixen's vocalist Janet Gardner set to release her self-titled debut solo album on August 18 via Pavement Entertainment in conjunction with Eternal Sound Records for Europe. 


All songs were written, performed and produced by Gardner and her husband Justin James, a guitarist, songwriter and producer who has previously worked with bands such as Staind, Collective Soul and Tyketto.


Tracklisting for release: 

01.  Rat Hole
02. Hippycrite
03. If You Want Me
04. Candle
05. Your Problem Now
06. Let It Be Over
07. Lost
08. The Grind
09. Best Friend
10. The Good Or The Bye

UFO - THE SALENTINO CUTS (Compilation) Will Be Available Worldwide On September 29


1. Heartful of Soul
2. Break on Through (To the Other Side)
3. River of Deceit
4. The Pusher
5. Paper in Fire
6. Rock Candy
7. Mississippi Queen
8. Ain't No Sunshine
9. Honey-Bee
10. Too Rolling Stoned
11. Just Got Paid
12. It's My Life


TONY MILLS - New Album Details Unveiled

Track Listing -

When the Lights Go Down
Dream On
Weighing Me Down
The Art of Letting Go
When We Were Young
Storm Warning
Seventh Wonder


Lead Guitars - Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake); Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley); Robby Boebel (Frontline, Evidence One, State of Rock); Neil Frazer (Rage of Angels, Ten)

Rhythm Guitars - Tommy Denander; Robby Boebel; Pete Fry (FarCry); Tom Martin (Vega)


Bass Guitar - Toine Vanderlinden (Martyr, Rebelstar Rock); Linda Mills (Dolls of Disaster) 


Keyboards - Eric Ragno (The Babys, Joe Lynne Turner, China Blue); Tommy Denander and Robby Boebel; James Martin (Vega)

Vocals - Tony Mills and Pete Newdeck Drums and production, mixing - Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation, Blood Red Saints, The Shock)

Mastered by Harry Hess / H-Bomb Mastering.

Artwork by Kentaro Kanomoto, graphics and video co-ordination by Linda Mills

Revolution Saints return with new album via Frontiers Music Srl

After the 2015 release of the self-titled debut album by REVOLUTION SAINTS--Deen Castronovo (ex-Journey, Bad English), Doug Aldrich (The Dead Daisies, ex-Whitesnake, DIO), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees)—rock fans around the world rejoiced at the inspired musical offering. Those fans will, once again, have cause for celebration as REVOLUTION SAINTS will be releasing their second album later this year. 


LIGHT IN THE DARK is due out October 13 on Frontiers Music Srl. The album will be available on CD, CD/DVD Deluxe Edition (includes live bonus tracks on the CD and on the DVD, footage from the band’s first-ever live performance captured at Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan this past April, a “Making Of” mini-documentary, and music videos for “Light In The Dark” and “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”), Vinyl, and as a special Limited Edition Box Set (includes the Deluxe Edition CD/DVD, 180g Vinyl, T-shirt (size L), poster, lithograph and sticker).


For LIGHT IN THE DARK, REVOLUTION SAINTS once again teamed up with producer/songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, JORN), who was also behind the boards for the band’s debut album. Most of LIGHT IN THE DARK was recorded at Del Vecchio’s studios in Somma Lombardo, Italy, with additional recording taking place at Blades’ studio in Washington, Aldrich’s CasaDala studio in Los Angeles, and other countries all over the world while Aldrich was on tour with The Dead Daisies.


“This is a fun band!” exclaims bassist Jack Blades. “I think the fans are going to pick up on the excitement and the shear musical enjoyment we are having. It was great going to Italy to get the album started and film the videos, and the music speaks for itself.”


“’Light In The Dark’ is such a great song,” continues singer/drummer Deen Castronovo. “It was the first one we recorded. We ran through it a few times and nailed it in the first couple takes. We're so excited for everyone to hear this record. We're very happy with what we came up with and can't wait to bring it to everyone live.”


As guitarist Doug Aldrich proclaims, “I’m very excited about REVOLUTION SAINTS’ second record! First I want to say that it's because of huge support from the fans that RS2 happened. Thank you. If you liked #1, I think you'll love this one even more. It’s stronger, and a bit heavier in some spots. We tried a few new things and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it! There’s a very good chance we’ll finally get to play live and we’re currently exploring the possibilities of a tour. For now, get ready, because the album kicks ass and it's comin’ at you real soon!”


REVOLUTION SAINTS was born from the vision of Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino, who for years had hoped to work on a project highlighting Deen Castronovo’s amazing vocal abilities. Having previously worked with all three artists on different projects on Frontiers, having Deen, Jack and Doug on board together was a dream come true for Perugino.


This time, with one album already under their belt, REVOLUTION SAINTS entered the studio to record the new album more familiar with one another and a clear understanding of where they wanted this to go. As with the first album, Castronovo’s superb vocal talents are in the spotlight on this release and deservedly so. Pretty impressive for a man who is most widely known for his incredible drumming talents. Jack Blades really needs no introduction at this point, but for those who have been living under a rock, his bass and vocal talents are well documented over the years through his work with Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades, and more. And, of course, a major feature is the fiery and intense playing from former Whitesnake and DIO guitarist Doug Aldrich, whose blistering guitar fretwork is on full display here.


LIGHT IN THE DARK builds off the classic melodic rock style of the debut, but fans should prepare for a somehow even more inspired set and a few (pleasant) surprises. Inspiring, uplifting, emotionally powerful, and thoughtful, this album WILL be the soundtrack to many a moment in your life. 


To all of the loyal REVOLUTION SAINTS fans, prepare to have your patience rewarded beyond your wildest dreams with this album! Understand this clearly, REVOLUTION SAINTS is HERE TO STAY!


Here’s the complete track listing for LIGHT IN THE DARK:


1. Light In The Dark

2. Freedom

3. Ride On

4. I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

5. Don’s Surrender

6. Take You Down

7. The Storm Inside

8. Can’t Run Away From Love

9. Running On The Edge

10. Another Chance

11. Falling Apart

12. Back On My Trail (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)

13. Turn Back Time (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)

14. Here Forever (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)

15. Locked Out Of Paradise (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)


Bonus DVD contents:


--REVOLUTION SAINTS live at Frontiers Rock Festival (“Back On My Trail,” “Turn Back Time,” “Here Forever,” “Locked Out Of Paradise”)

--Making of LIGHT IN THE DARK (documentary)

--“Light In The Dark” (song video)

--“I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” (song video)


TYKETTO - LIVE FROM MILAN 2017 Is Going To Be Released on October 13

It will Be Available on CD/DVD and Blu-Ray 

1. Introduction
2. Sail Away
3. Strip Me Down
4. Nothing But Love
5. Walk On Fire
6. Lay Your Body Down
7. Standing Alone
8. Seasons
9. Burning Down Inside
10. Wings
11. Forever Young
12. Rescue Me
13. Reach

1. Introduction
2. Sail Away
3. Strip Me Down
4. Nothing But Love
5. Walk On Fire
6. Lay Your Body Down
7. Standing Alone
8. Seasons
9. Burning Down Inside
10. Wings
11. Forever Young
12. Rescue Me
13. Dig In Deep
14. Reach


Cats in Space return with new album and UK tour

AOR/Pomp Rockers CATS IN SPACE have released a music video for ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. The song is taken from the band's forthcoming album 'Scarecrow' - the follow up to 2015's 'Too Many God', due out on August 25th, 2017 and a national tour is confirmed for September.  


With ten brand new songs, ‘Scarecrow’ will rock you into submission, but they will also bring a smile to your face. And, in this increasingly wicked world, there’s a lot to be said for that. On this follow up to their debut ‘Too Many Gods’, Cats In Space offer unashamed fun, channelling the finest riffs and melodies in musical history: but don’t think for a second that this is a novelty band. Their resolve is steely and their determination absolute. Don’t bet against them!


Cats In Space tour dates:


Sep 06: The Borderline, London

Sep 12: The Globe, Cardiff

Sep 13: The Borderline, London

Sep 15: Rock City Basement, Nottingham

Sep 16: O2 Academy 2, Birmingham

Sep 17: The Fleece, Bristol

Sep 19: The Haunt, Brighton

Sep 25: G2, Glasgow

Sep 26: O2 Academy 3, Manchester

Sep 27: The Borderline, London



Their exuberant 70s-inspired music may hark back to the glory days but, by delivering no-holds-barred live shows at full throttle across the country, their committed and sincere approach to blowing the roof off is finding a warm welcome. A guilty pleasure they may be, but Cats In Space are living the dream simply by willing it into existence. Fresh from wowing audiences on the Thunder tour, the band are ready, and hungry for more. With big summer dates confirmed, a slot at the huge Phil Collins Hyde Park Show is already under their belt, and an appearance at Cropredy is coming [plus big news later in the year] these Cats are ready to get everyone in a flap. And, yes, those harmonies are all done live! Cats In Space are steering well clear of the litter tray, and they’re on the launch pad, ready for ignition. Get ready for some deep impact!


Cats In Space ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ is available for pre-order in the following formats from:


- Digipack CD

- 180g Gatefold Vinyl

- Cassette


Along with several bundled items, including:

- Exclusive Scarecrow Tee

- Signed CIS Band Photo

- Exclusive Premium Scarecrow Artwork Print


JAG PANZER New album "The Deviant Chord" out September 29th, 2017

US Metal legends JAG PANZER release a new lyric video for the song "Far Beyond All Fear" today. The track is taken from their forthcoming album "The Deviant Chord".


The lyric video was created by Jag Panzer guitarist Mark Briody: "I wanted the video to be a Jules Verne style adventure, like the kind we grew up with. I always wanted to set the lyric video in the same time period as the cover (late 1800s) so I could give some back story to the album artwork!".


The Deviant Chord will be available on September 29th, 2017 as a CD Digipak (including poster) and double LP coloured version as well as for download and streaming:


The cover artwork was created by Serbian artist Dusan Markovic and reflects the album's haunting atmosphere perfectly. 



1.   Born Of The Flame 4:00

2.   Far Beyond All Fear 3:49

3.   The Deviant Chord 5:37

4.   Blacklist 4:19

5.   Foggy Dew 3:20

6.   Divine Intervention 3:30

7.   Long Awaited Kiss 6:16

8.   Salacious Behavior 4:07

9.   Fire Of Our Spirit 4:37

10. Dare 5:17


MOTÖRHEAD - UNDER CÖVER (Compilation) Is Expected To Be Available In September



1. Breaking the Law (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2008
2. God Save the Queen (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2000
3. Heroes (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
4. Starstruck (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2014
5. Cat Scratch Fever (Produced by Peter Solley) 1992
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
7. Sympathy for the Devil (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
8. Hellraiser (Produced by Billy Sherwood) 1992
9. Rockaway Beach (Mixed by Cameron Webb) 2002
10.Shoot ‘Em Down (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
11. Whiplash (Produced by Bruce Bouillet and Bob Kulick) 2005


Official Trailer -


THE QUIREBOYS - WHITE TRASH BLUES Will Be Unleashed To The World On September 5



01. Cross Eyed Cat
02. Boom Boom
03. I Wish You Would
04. Take Out Some Insurance
05. Going Down
06. Help Me
07. Shame Shame Shame
08. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
09. Leaving Trunk
10. I'm a King Bee
11. Walking The Dog
12. Little Queenie

Phantom 5 return with 'Play to Win' on Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the second studio release by Phantom 5, PLAY TO WIN! The album will be out on October 13. 



After the success of their self-titled debut album, the brainchild of producer/guitarist (and for this record, bassist) Michael Voss and vocalist Claus Lessmann have returned with yet another incredible outing of impeccable German melodic hard rock! Once again joined by Robert Boebel on guitars and keyboards and Axel Kruse on drums, these fist pumping anthems will tickle the eardrums of any connoisseur of melodic hard rock.


Michael Voss says, "[t]o all the rockers out there, we are more than happy to continue this labour of love and come back with a bang! Again, guitar wizard Robby Boebel delivered powerful riffs and Claus wrote some magic melodies. The drums were delivered by heart-pounding visual timekeeper Axel Kruse and taped by the famous Rolf Munkes at Empire Studios. 11 well balanced songs, full of emotion and power, right in the vein of our first album. If you like the first one, you will love the new one! Come and get it... and play it loud...we play 2 win!!!"


Originally born as “Supremacy”, the band decided to change their name to Phantom 5 before recording their debut album for release last year. It had been a long time since the public had heard a melodic hard rock record THIS GOOD coming from Germany! Mixing influences from the cream of the crop of German melodic hard rock bands, but with Michael and Claus’ unique stamp on it, the debut was met with rave reviews across the board.


After the success of that album, Michael and Claus knew it was a no-brainer to follow it up with an even more inspired outing and that is exactly what they’ve done here. “Play To Win” does exactly what the title says!


Pre-order the album here:

• Frontiers:

• Amazon:

• iTunes:

• Google Play:

• Spotify:



1. The Change In You

2. Crossfire

3. Baptised

4. Read Your Mind

5. Play To Win

6. Child Soldiers

7. Do You Believe In Love

8. Phantom Child

9. Had Enuff

10. Shadows Dance

11. Reach Out


PRODUCED BY: Michael Voss

STUDIO: Kidroom Studios, Greven, Germany. Drum Recordings by Ralf Munkes at Empire Studios, Bensheim, Germany.

RECORDED BY: Michael Voss

MIXED BY: Michael Voss

MASTERED BY: Michael Voss



Claus Lessmann - Lead Vocals

Michael Voss – Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals

Robert Boebel - Guitars and Keyboards

Axel Kruse - Drums & Xplosions





Bigfoot to Release Self-Titled Debut Album October 13th via Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the self-titled debut of one of their latest UK signings - Bigfoot.  The album will be released October 13, 2017.


Bigfoot is a hard rock band from Wigan who burst onto the scene in the spring of 2014. With a wide range of influences from The Eagles through to Pantera, the group boasts the powerful vocals of Antony Ellis, dual lead guitars from Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, plus the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Matt Avery and drummer Tom Aspinall.


Order the debut album at the links below:


Google Play:



Digital pre-orders come with an instant download of "The Fear".


Follow the band on Spotify to be alerted when new singles from the album are released and to add "The Fear" to your favorite playlists:


'The Fear' was written shortly after the release of the second EP. Sam Millar describes it as:


"a song about the fear in our heads and how it can consume your whole life and take over", while musically  Mick McCullagh states that "it is a Jekyll and Hyde type affair. There's the gnarly, in your face heavy rock guitar side of it, then the melodic, anthemic side with big uplifting vocals. It's very dynamic, which adds to the tension we were aiming for." 



The video for 'The Fear' was shot by Shane Green at The Giffard in Wolverhampton.


Tom Aspinall says "we had played there a month or so before and thought the stage would be perfect for the shots we wanted with the idea of it being quite dark and frantic. We've worked with Shane in the past and knew he would deliver a fast paced and exciting video." 


Having toured constantly around the UK and performed at festivals including Breakout, Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell, Steelhouse and more, the quintet have built themselves a loyal grassroots following in their home territory. Two successful self-released EP's also drew the attention of the Naples based rock powerhouse Frontiers Music Srl, who signed them to their roster as fast as they could.


The self-titled debut album by Bigfoot is out on October 13th via Frontiers Music Srl. Co-produced by the band with Justin Richards (who also mixed the record), it consists of eleven songs. The artwork and track listing are as follows:


1. Karma

2. The Fear

3. Tell Me A Lie

4. Forever Alone

5. Eat Your Words

6. Prisoner Of War

7. Freak Show

8. I Dare You

9. The Devil In Me

10. Uninvited

11. Yours


This Bigfoot is no myth, but they are about to become legends.


Bigfoot is: Antony Ellis - vocals, Sam Millar - guitar, Mick McCullagh - guitar, Matt Avery - bass, Tom Aspinall - drums



Upcoming UK shows:


25.08.17  HULL Hair Metal Heaven

14.10.17  MANCHESTER Sound Control (album launch event)

11.11.17  SHEFFIELD Corporation (with Tyketto)

25.11.17  EDINBURGH La Belle Angele (with Tyketto)



Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real

Raised in a musical family, Lukas Nelson learned early on that true originality is hard won. Blessed with a measure of musical ability imparted by his father, country music legend, Willie Nelson, it’s clear that Lukas’ gifts have likewise been honed by a singular devotion to craft and a deep appreciation for the sacrifice an artistic life requires. Since forming Promise of the Real 10 years ago, the 28-year old singer/songwriter/guitarist and his bandmates have played hundreds of shows including major festivals and built a devoted, ever expanding following. In 2014, destiny knocked when Neil Young recruited Promise of the Real to be his road and studio band. They have performed with Young around the world and on his two most recent albums – and the rock legend has mentored the grateful young musicians ever since.



Still, with a bounty of invaluable experience under their belts, nothing foretold the artistic leap of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, the band’s new, self-titled album, a mesmerizing, deeply soulful, endlessly rewarding work, set for release this fall by Fantasy Records.



Recorded at The Village Studios in West Los Angeles Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real was produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer) and features the band’s new six-piece line-up: Tato Melgar (percussion), Anthony LoGerfo (drums) and Corey McCormick (bass, vocals) along with new members Jesse Siebenberg (steel guitars, Farfisa organ, vocals) and Alberto Bof (piano, Wurlitzer). Stefani (Lady Gaga) Germanotta added her signature vocals to the rousing tracks “Carolina” and “Find Yourself,” while Jess Wolfe and Holly Lessig of the Brooklyn-based indie-pop group Lucius provide backing vocals on five of the 12 tracks, evoking Exile on Main St.’s ecstatic, gospel-rooted harmonies.



Focused and self-assured, the new album includes 12 Nelson originals that draw on Lukas’ lineage as well as surrogate uncles like Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, J.J. Cale, The Band, Clapton-era Delaney & Bonnie and of course, mentor Neil Young.  An inspired work of cosmic country soul, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real is the sound of American music reborn, sure to be one of 2017’s most distinctive and essential recordings.



Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real is:



Lukas Nelson – guitar, vocals

Tato Melgar - percussion

Anthony LoGerfo - drums

Corey McCormick - bass, vocals

Jesse Siebenberg - steel guitars, Farfisa organ, vocals

Alberto Bof - piano, Wurlitzer


Released - Fantasy Records (Decca/Concord/Universal) on 25 August 2017


Linkin Park's Chester Bennington

Reports are flooding in that Linkin Park's Chester Beddington has been found dead, apparently after hanging himself following a further bout of depression.  No official statement has been released by the band as yet, further news to follow.  Chester leaves behind his second wife Talinda and six children.


 Tributes flood in for this much loved and respected artist:


Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Sixx A.M. tweeted: "I am in tears. Chester just told me how happy he was…..He was such a sweet and talented man……I feel so sad for his family, band mates and fans"


Hayley Williams from Paramore tweeted: "Artists are ppl compelled to bring beauty into a world that can be so dark. makes sense then that artists are always conscious of darkness & maybe at times made more vulnerable by it? i don't know. life can be relentless. heart hurts for Chester's family/band/friends/fans."


Nuno Bettencourt posted: "C. B., When we sing and play... we become children. Not a care in the world. But at some point, we put our toys down... and the music stops. And the children transform back to grown ups. When all you've known is music... That silence can be painfully deafening. I didn't quite expect to shed a tear writing this. But when I look at this photograph and the sheer happiness that we were feeling at that moment, It makes me angry that I can't somehow jump back into this photo and turn to this sweetheart of a man, grab him by the face and tell him that... I came back from the future to warn you that on July 20th 2017 you will die. I'm here to tell you that when that day comes, whatever darkness that has come over you, your friends, your family, your kids... will all be there for you when that silence becomes to painful to bear.  They'll all sing to YOU for a change... a song of love.
And once again the child won't have a care in the world. R.I.P Chester."


Linkin Park were in the middle of a world tour for their latest studio album One More Light' and had just completed the European leg. Their next date on tour was supposed to be July 27 in Massachusetts.


Only available at September shows!


We are very pleased to offer something special for Vega fans coming to see the band on their September headline shows in the UK. Frontiers Records have kindly given the band their blessing to self-release a limited edition CD, full of unreleased demo tracks that never quite made one of the bands 4 albums. The demo’s, date back from 2011 up until 2017. Before people start to go on about production, mix and mastering etc……..the songs are demo’s!!!


Nick commented “We wanted to do something for the fans who buy concert tickets and support live music, which is why this album will only be available to buy at the September shows”.


The album is not being sent out for reviews and won’t be available to buy in any shops or online retailers. The merch stand at the Vega shows is the only place to buy it.


Tracks included on the album are:

01 Forever endeavour
02 All my life
03 Coz it’s you
04 The brave
05 We’re alright
06 Why?
07 Love/Hate/Heartbreak
08 Something strange, something weird
09 I don’t know what I’m gonna do
10 Who do you love?


All songs were written, performed, produced, mixed, argued over and loved by Nick, Tom and James in various bedroom’s, lounges and dining rooms.



THE WATERFRONT, NORWICH:…/vega-gin-annie/
ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER:…/vega-manchester-academy…



Out on 6th of October 2017 on Napalm Records!



"Swan Songs II", the brand new Ensemble Album, the sequel to the successful Ensemble Debut "Swan Songs" from 2015.


01. Waiting For You To Die
02. Lighthouse
03. The Broken Ones
04. My Better Me
05. Ribcages
06. Wander In Sable
07. The Devil You Know
08. We Were Divine
09. From The Brink Of The Other World
10. Fall Asleep

Get a first glimpse into "Swan Songs II with this exciting album teaser right HERE

Available As:

-Gatefold LP
-LIMITED Deluxe Box (+3 more bonus CDs +7" inch vinyl single +signed postcard!)
-Digital Album


Lord Of The Lost † Ensemble Tour 2017:

17.11.17 DE - Hamburg † Markthalle ADDITIONAL SHOW!
18.11.17 DE - Hamburg † Markthalle SOLD OUT!
21.11.17 DE - Dresden † Alter Schlachthof
23.11.17 DE - Berlin † Huxleys
24.11.17 DE - Bochum † Christuskirche
25.11.17 DE - Munich † Backstage
26.11.17 DE - Frankfurt † Batschkapp


UK Shows:

05.09. Newcastle – Think Thank
06.09. Glasgow – St. Lukes
07.09. Manchester – Ruby Lounge
08.09. Birmingham – O2 Institute
09.09. London – O2 Academy Islington
10.10. Bristol – Fleece

US Shows:

10/1:Chicago, IL – Metro (Cold Waves VI Festival)
10/2: St. Louis, MO – Delmar Hall
10/3: Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue
10/4: Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
10/5: Falls Church (Washington, DC), VA – The State Theatre
10/6: Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
10/7: New York, NY – Irving Plaza
10/8: Allston (Boston), MA – Brighton Music Hall
10/9: Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
10/11: Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade – Heaven
10/12: New Orleans, LA – House Of Blues
10/13: Austin, TX – Mohawk
10/14: Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live!
10/15: Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
10/17: Tucson, AZ – The Rialto Theatre
10/18: Tempe (Phoenix), AZ – Marquee Theatre
10/19: Las Vegas, NV – Fremont Country Club
10/20: San Diego, CA – House of Blues
10/21: Los Angeles, CA – tbd
10/22: San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
10/24: Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
10/25: Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
10/26: Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
10/27: St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar and Hall
10/28: Milwaukee, WI – The Rave II



Band photos: Franz Schepers

7" vinyl photo and overall artwork: Vdpictures - Video & Photo Productions


More Info Visit: 

Tragedy strikes Adrenaline Mob

Early Saturday morning we saw the tragic news about a fatal crash involving members of the band Adrenaline Mob.  


According to, a total of nine people were in the vehicles. One died, six were taken to area hospitals, and the other two declined medical treatment. The majority of those injured were listed in serious condition and one was in critical condition as of late Friday night. Those injured were taken to UF Health Shands Hospital and North Florida Regional Medical Center.


The people in the crash and their injuries, as per the Florida Highway Patrol:


* Robert Edwin Haines, 59, of Largo, driver of the 2014 semi, who was not injured;


* Jason McCole, 41, of Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania, driver of the RV, who was seriously injured;


* Zablidowsky, 38, who was a passenger in the RV. [Note: The Florida Highway Patrol had not released David's identity to the media as of Friday evening, but Zablidowsky's brother Paulie confirmed his passing in a Facebook post.]


* A second passenger in the RV, ADRENALINE MOB singer Russell Allen, 45, of New Jersey, who was seriously injured;


* A third passenger, ADRENALINE MOB tour manager Janet Rains (a.k.a. acclaimed singer Jane Train; apparently misidentified by as Janet Revis), 48, of Pitts Pond, Pennsylvania, who was critically injured,


* A fourth passenger, Dale Campiglia, 51, of Levittown, New York, who was seriously injured;


* A fifth passenger, Robert Dressler, 45, of Plaines, Pennsylvania, who was seriously injured;


* The driver of a 2003 GMC Sierra, ADRENALINE MOB drummer Jordan Cannata, 27, of West Babylon, New York, who was seriously injured; and


* The lone passenger in the GMC, ADRENALINE MOB's 46-year-old guitarist Mike Orlando of Staten Island, New York, who was seriously injured.


The status of the injured is currently unknown, but Orlando's girlfriend Dana Griffo posted on her Facebook account that Orlando, Allen, Cannata and Dressler were "banged up but ok." She also said that she was "praying for" Campiglia, Rains and McCloe.


According to the police, the GMC was traveling southbound on I-75 near Mile Marker 372 with the RV, and both vehicles stopped on the shoulder. The semi collided with the vehicles that were stopped on the shoulder and the RV caught fire where the passenger died. The RV and the GMC were traveling together. The RV had a flat tire, so both vehicles pulled off the highway. The trailer that was being towed by the van was hauling musical equipment.



Message from Russell Allen on his Facebook page:

Yesterday I was involved in an accident that took the life of my dear friend and band mate David Z Rock and left 3 of our crew in critical condition. I'm overwhelmed with sorrow. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love we have received from around the world. Please continue to pray for David's family during this difficult time. And those in critical condition. I want to personally thank Marine Lance Cpl. Patrick Dumon for his bravery in assisting me pull our Driver Jason from the wreckage and for attending to his wounds. And for helping me to secure and attend to Jane once I was able to get her free from the fire. Without his selfless act of courage I would not have been able to get them clear of the RV before it was engulfed in flames. On behalf of my band and crew I thank you.

Former MOLLY HATCHET vocalist Jimmy Farrar recovering from heart attacks

Former MOLLY HATCHET vocalist Jimmy Farrar who sang on the band's early 80s albums "Beatin The Odds" and "Take No Prisoners" is currently recovering from 3 heart attacks he suffered beginning on May 17, 2017.


A GoFundMe page has been set up at - Jimmy Farrar medical recovery GoFundMe page


Jimmy's wife Elizabeth Farrar has provided the following comment:


Most people know my husband as the former lead singer for the original era Molly Hatchet. To his family, he is a great husband, father, brother, son and grandfather. On May 17th, Jimmy had an incident at home, which prompted me to take him to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, he had a heart attack. A heart catherization was performed and it was determined that he needed bypass surgery.


After transport to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, he suffered two more heart attacks before surgery could be performed. On May 23rd, Dr James Kauten performed a quadruple bypass. It was a success.


Due to the lengthy hospital stay and time in Atlanta, I no longer have a job. While I didn't really make a ton of money, it was what we used for groceries, cable, phone, etc. In other words, everything except the bills. We now don't have that income.


Jimmy's recovery is coming along, but it is still slow. In order for him to actually come to our house, I must complete some repairs, and be able to buy groceries. Without my paycheck, this is looking dubious.

I know times are hard, but we would appreciate your help. We are rich in love, family, and friends, but cash-poor.


"Beatin’ the Odds" was the third studio album by Molly Hatchet. Released in 1980, It was produced by Tom Werman (Ted Nugent / Cheap Trick / Motley Crue). This is the first album featuring new vocalist Jimmy Farrar, who replaced original vocalist Danny Joe Brown.


"Take No Prisoners" was the fourth studio album by Molly Hatchet. released in 1981. it was once again produced by Tom Werman.


Streamline announce their debut album 'Streamline' this month

Streamline (formerly Diamond Dawn) in association with Phonofile proudly presents the digital release of Streamlines self titled debut album. Starting with the release of the first three singles "Freerider", "Barely Runnin'" & "Talk It Out" on July 20th 2017, the album will be made available on digital platforms worldwide over the following month.  



Written and produced by: Streamline

Mixed by: Victor Olsson

Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovic

Cover art by: Johan Leion 



Track list: 

1. Freerider 2. Barely Runnin' 3. Get What's Coming 4. Save Me 5. Blind 6. Pay The Price 7. Talk It Out 8. 2nd Street 9. Deliver Us 10. The Good Samaritan 11. No Rest For The Vicar 


BAND STATEMENT: "We are incredibly happy and proud to finally in association with Phonofile present the release of our debut album entitled Streamline. The journey toward this end, which is in fact an exciting beginning, has been long and winding yet extremely positive and formative for us. It has enabled us to create a sound and an album that we really want to share with the world, we can't wait to let you all hear what we've been working on and play it live for you! The album surely holds a couple of surprises for those of you who have been following us for some time, however we believe that this 11 song bundle of electric action can bring something thrilling to all sorts of rockers out there! More info and updates will follow shortly, for now we just want to send out an enormous THANK YOU to all you people that have waited patiently, believed in us and helped us out! Let's do this!



Streamline is: Gabriel Lindmark (vocals), Efraim Larsson (drums), Mikael Planefeldt (bass), Niklas Arkbro (keys), Jhonny Göransson (guitar), Olle Lindahl (guitar) 



Facebook Instagram @streamlineofficial Contact


Amaranthe announces new band member!

"Great news! The AMARANTHE line-up is once again complete - and what an addition Nils Molin is! He was at the very top of the list for the male vocals position, and has already proved his worth on a number of shows with AMARANTHE across Europe.







Nils is a born rockstar in every aspect yet with a natural sense of humility, and is certain to leave no fan disappointed! He has gathered a vast amount of experience together with DYNAZTY, and as such has honed his performance skills to perfection; since stepping in he is already a natural part of the line-up.

Catch Nils on our upcoming European tour, or any of the planned shows for 2017 - and expect great things to come out of this soon!"

- Olof Mörck

“To have been given the opportunity to join the force of nature that is AMARANTHE, is as thrilling as it is honouring.

AMARANTHE is a band with a sense of uniqueness, skill and personality that you don’t come across often.
I’m also thankful for having been given the opportunity to continue my work in DYNAZTY.

I will do my utmost to bring my absolute A-game to contribute to AMARANTHE’s future! To say that I’m excited is an understatement! Let’s do this!”

- Nils Molin

Power Quest announce details of their 6th studio album 'Sixth Dimension'

Power Quest, the renowned melodic power metal band based in the UK, will release their long awaited 6th album “Sixth Dimension” on October 13th via Inner Wound Recordings in Europe/USA and on October 11th in Japan via Marquee/Avalon. The album cover, once again designed by Felipe Machado Franco, can be seen below.


The album, the first PQ album since 2011, will contain 9 songs (plus a bonus track for the limited edition CD and for the Japanese market) and they are


Lords of Tomorrow
Starlight City
Kings and Glory
Face the Raven
No More Heroes
Revolution Fighters
Pray for the Day
Coming Home
The Sixth Dimension


Steve Williams commented “We are all so excited about this record, probably more so than ever before. I think it has the classic PQ stamp and then some!”


The album will be available in standard jewel case CD, limited edition digibook and also limited edition vinyl. You can pre-order the album via the links below.


Amazon UK:…/…/B072ZQ1JBC

Amazon DE:…/…/B072ZQ1JBC

Amazon US:…/…/B072ZQ1JBC


The band are thrilled to announce that they will be touring the UK as Special Guests of power metal legends Dragonforce in October 2017 taking in 11 shows up and down the country.


Keyboardist and founder member Steve Williams commented


“It’s going to be a real blast touring the UK with my mates Sam, Herman and the rest of the DF lads. Can’t wait to get started and I think it’s a package that all UK power metal fans have wanted to see for a long time……and now it’s here! See you on the road!”

Power Quest Tour Dates 2017

July 16 SOS Festival, Manchester UK
Aug 18 Sabaton Open Air Festival, Falun SWE
Sep 2 Evoken Festival, Tokyo JAP
Sep 3 Evoken Festival, Osaka JAP
Sep 6 PPUSA Festival, Atlanta USA


As Special Guests of Dragonforce

Oct 4 The Garage, Glasgow UK
Oct 5 Riverside, Newcastle UK
Oct 6 Fibbers, York UK
Oct 7 Corporation, Sheffield UK
Oct 8 Sound Control, Manchester UK
Oct 11 O2 Academy, Birmingham UK
Oct 12 Globe, Cardiff UK
Oct 13 Electric Ballroom, London UK
Oct 14 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth UK
Oct 15 Forum, Tunbridge Wells UK
Oct 16 Booking Hall, Dover UK


Headline Shows

Oct 26 Trillians, Newcastle UK
Oct 27 Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton UK
Oct 28 Fuel, Cardiff UK
Oct 29 Underworld, London UK


Power Quest online


Inner Wound Recordings online


Bonfire sign with AFM Records!

After BONFIRE's latest studio records "Glörious" (2015) and "Byte The Bullet" (2017) both made it to the Top 50 of the German album chart and more than 160 live shows played in the last two years, AFM Records and BONFIRE decided to strike a new path together!


During the more than 30 year-long history of the band, there were of course several different label partners releasing BONFIRE's 16 studio records and some were not available at times. So in Autumn of 2017, big parts of BONFIRE's back catalogue will be made available again before the new album will be released in Spring 2018.

Besides being in the studio to record their next record, BONFIRE will be on tour for the rest of the year!

Find all tour dates below and on

Hans Ziller (Git & Back-Voc., founder of BONFIRE)
Alexx Stahl (Lead-Voc)
Ronnie Parkes (Bass & Back-Voc)
Tim Breideband (Drums)
Frank Pané (Git & Back-Voc)


Tour dates:


08.07. (GER) - Ingolstadt - Bürgerfest-Rathausplatz
15.07. (GER) - Jamboree-Open Air
23.07. (GER) - Regensburg - Piazza Open Air
03.08. (GER) - Günzburg Open Air
12.08. (CH) - Gossau Rock On Open Air
19.08. (GER) - Rhön Rock Open Air
02.09. (PL) - Zgierz - City of Power-Open Air
16.09. (PT) - Lissabon - RCA Club
23.09. (PT) - Coimbra - Festival
30.09. (GER) - Alzey - Oberhaus
02.10. (GER) - Teltow Open Air
07.10. (GER) - Braunschweig - Lokpark
19.10. (GER) - Hamburg - Logo
20.10. (GER) - Mannheim - MS Connexion
21.10. (GER) - Memmingen Kaminwerk
11.11. (GER) - Renchen - COME INN -Charity
16.12. (GER) - Obermachtal - Kreuz
19.12. (GER) - Nürnberg - Hirsch
20.12. (GER) - Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
21.12. (GER) - Augsburg - Spectrum
22.12. (GER) - Ingolstadt - Eventhalle
23.12. (GER) - Burglengenfeld - VAZ


03.05. (GER) - Würzburg - Posthalle
04.05. (GER) - Neuss - Partytur-Halle
05.05. (CH) - Aarburg - Musigburg
06.05. (GER) - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik .- Grosser Saal
Juni (AT) Wien Bike & Music-Open Air
20.07. (GER) Burg Greifenstein Open Air
17.11. (GER) Markneukirchen- Framus & Warwick MusicHall


British legends TANK have a new vocalist!

TANK have successfully recruited Pink Cream 69 vocalist David Readman into their ranks to replace the recently departed ZP Theart who is now a full time member of US rockers Skid Row.

Cliff Evans: “We’re really pleased for ZP and hope that everything works out for him. He’s always been a massive fan of Skid Row so it must be so cool for him to be able to front those guys on stage and sing the songs he’s grown up with. We’ll miss touring and recording with ZP but we wish him all the very best for the future”.


Mick Tucker: “We recorded one of our best albums with ZP (‘Valley of Tears’) and shared the stage for many great shows around the world during the three years that we worked together. He will be missed but as usual we thrive on a challenge and are constantly looking to up our game and push the boundaries that little bit further. We’ve always been an admirer of Readman’s particular vocal style and range but never thought the opportunity would arise where it would be possible for us to work together”.


David Readman: "It feels great to make music with a British band with a vast musical history. It's been over 20 years since I played in a British band, this is a sort of home coming for me. Mick also lives in the Netherlands, so many connections, I couldn't miss this one.”


In recent years TANK have been fronted by some of the best rock vocalists around including former Rainbow frontman Doogie White, who recorded the “War Machine” and “War Nation” albums plus former Dragonforce and current Skid Row vocalist ZP Theart who’s featured on the best-selling album, “Valley of Tears”. With the addition of David Readman means that TANK can once again move forward into unchartered territory and take their trademark style of British rock to a whole new level.


Readman’s first live appearances with TANK will be in Hamburg (Pussy Galore) on July, 7th and the Rockharz Festival in Ballenstadt, Germany on July, 8th.


Here’s a little taster of what’s to come from the new ‘David Readman’ fronted TANK:


TANK – lineup:
David Readman (vocals)
Mick Tucker (guitars)
Cliff Evans (guitars)
Randy Van Der Elsen (bass)
Bobby Schottkowski (drums)


TANK – official website:


Frontiers Music Srl announce Kee Of Hearts!

Frontiers Music srl, is pleased to announce Kee Of Hearts, another collaborative vision by Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino and overseen by the unstoppable Alessandro Del Vecchio! The debut album by Kee Of Hearts will be released on September 15, 2017! Checkout the first song and video, “A New Dimension”, to be released from the album here:

You can pre-order the self-titled debut here:
• Frontiers:
• iTunes:
• Amazon:
• Google Play:

Listen to the first single, "A New Dimension" on Spotify here:


KEE OF HEARTS is a new band built around two true melodic rock superstars: Tommy Heart, singer of Fair Warning and Kee Marcello, former Europe guitarist. With a line-up rounded out by Ken Sandin (Alien) on bass and Italian drummer Marco Di Salvia (Pino Scotto), the guys started working on the album in late 2016. With their songwriting strongly focused on melodic rock songs, the album came to completion under the direction of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, JORN). It covers a wide spectrum of styles with much attention given to crafting great hooks masterfully played by musicians that know how to deliver the goods!


Musically, the band operates in a territory defined by Scandinavian AOR meeting German melodic hard rock with influences from the classic U.S. AOR giants (think Giant, Journey, etc.). All in all, another unbeatable melodic rock release from Frontiers!


1. The Storm
2. A New Dimension
3. Crimson Dawn
4. Bridge To Heaven
5. Stranded
6. Mama Don’t Cry
7. Invincible
8. S.O.S.
9. Edge Of Paradise
10. Twist Of Fate
11. Learn To Love Again


PRODUCED BY: Alessandro Del Vecchio
STUDIO: Ivorytears Music Works Studios, Somma Lombardo, IT
RECORDED BY: Alessandro Del Vecchio
MIXED BY: Alessandro Del Vecchio
MASTERED BY: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, L.A., CA


Tommy Heart: vocals
Kee Marcello: guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio: keyboards, backing vocals
Ken Sandin: bass
Marco Di Salvia: drums





To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, Eden's Curse will release 'Revisited' - a two disc set including the debut album re-recorded in it's entirety and a bonus DVD 'Live In Glasgow - The Official Bootleg', on 25th August 2017 worldwide via AFM Records.


Bassist Paul Logue explains: "The first album really was the foundation for all that was to follow and ever since Nikola joined the band we have been inundated with fan requests to re-record the older material and whilst it would be great fun, it would also be the same amount of work as recording a brand new album. In actual fact, that is one of the main reasons we recorded the live album, 'Live With The Curse', so the fans could hear Nikola's voice on the older songs. However, it did not stop the flow of requests - in fact it made it worse! So, with this pivotal tenth anniversary coming up, we thought it would be a good idea to do it and AFM agreed. It's turned out really great and given the older songs that little bit of freshness. It's not to out-do what went before but to pay homage to a very important record in our career".


The debut re-recordings were mixed by Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation, Grim Reaper) & Mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).


Coupled with the re-recorded debut album is the 'Live In Glasgow - Official Bootleg DVD' which is the 'Live With The Curse' live album recording show in it's entirety. Filmed at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on 28th November 2014, the release mark's the band first official live DVD release, albeit in a bootleg form. "The footage is absolutely excellent" states bassist Logue. "We did not intend to film a DVD, but the audio recording company brought two cameras along to capture the show and when we saw the results we were really surprised! We put out four videos on You Tube to promote the live album and the fans kept asking to see the full show on DVD. So, here it is! We've called it a 'bootleg' because it wasn't recorded on 6 cameras, e.g one above the drummer and one on the keyboard player - like we would do for a proper DVD release. However, beyond that is looks and sounds great! We WILL do a DVD in the future but in the meantime this give our fans across the world something to enjoy time and time again and it makes 'Revisited' a very special package indeed" he adds.


'Revisited' is the ultimate package for Eden's Curse fans old and new and a fantastic introduction to the band's music. It's a true celebration of the record that started it all, from the guys who carry the legacy forward. Over 60 mins of music and 100 mins of film make 'Revisited' a must have for all Eden's Curse & Melodic Metal fans.


Order yours today from AFM Records here:


Michael Schenker Fest signs worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast!

MSF signs worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast; announces new studio album for spring 2018, plus North American tour!


Michael Schenker is one of the most significant rock guitarists in the history of music. He has mesmerised the rock community since the 70's with his characteristic guitar play and contributed not only to SCORPIONS classics such as 'Lovedrive', 'Coast To Coast' and 'Holiday', but also constructed himself a monument during his time in UFO by writing hits like 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Rock Bottom' among others. His playing has influenced several generations of guitar players enormously.


Back in 1979, the "German Wunderkind" decided to be his own boss. He founded the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP aka M.S.G. and released the masterpieces »Assault Attack« and »Built To Destroy«, the live legacy »One Night At Budokan« as well as the McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP pearls »Perfect Timing« and »Save Yourself«. Around that time, outstanding musicians such as Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG etc.), Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE etc.), Cozy Powell (ex-JEFF BECK etc.), Chris Slade (AC/DC), Pete Way (UFO etc.) and Neil Murray (ex-WHITESNAKE) were all invited by Schenker to play with him. M.S.G. also became home of great vocalists, most notably Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet (ex-RAINBOW etc.) and Robin McAuley. Those guys were also a part of the comprehensive MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST, whose celebrated Tokyo show was released as live CD, DVD and Blu-ray this March recently passed.


Now the time has come for Michael Schenker to move another step forward: He fulfills the long-awaited dream of all hard rock fans by etering the studio as MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST. The band have just started the recording process for a brand-new studio album with producer Michael Voss. Its release is set for spring 2018 through Nuclear Blast, the band's new record label.


Comments Schenker, "I am very happy to have signed with Nuclear Blast Records and I am looking forward to releasing a killer MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST studio album in the spring of 2018. The album will bring together past and present in the form of 3 original M.S.G. singers - Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet & Robin McAuley - and the current MICHAEL SCHENKER'S TEMPLE OF ROCK vocalist Doogie White (ex-RAINBOW). Keep on rockin'!"


With this latest signing, a long-desired dream came true for the South Germany-based label. Owner Markus Staiger grew up with Michael Schenker's music and is also one of his greatest admirers. "I'm proud to be able to work with the ultimate guitar god, Michael Schenker. He has always been my idol and he's the reason why I started to play the guitar when I was 13 years old. But I was ungifted in that area, so I had to stop and decided to found a record label instead. It's a great day and I feel happy just like back in the day when I was listening to »Lovedrive« and »Michael Schenker Group« for the very first time, and went nuts! Thanks!"


MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST will be playing several shows this year, including two German performances at Bang Your Head!!! Festival and Capitol Offenbach.



featuring 3 original M.S.G singers Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley

15.07.  D         Balingen - Bang Your Head!!! Festival
15.10.  J           Tokyo - Loud Park Festival
25.10.  D         Offenbach - Capitol
27.10.  E          Santander - Escenario Santander
28.10.  E          Pamplona - Auditorio de Burlada
29.10.  E          Barcelona - Razzmatazz
31.10.  NL        Zoetermeer - De Boerderij
02.11.  UK       London - o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
03.11.  UK       Sheffield - o2 Academy
04.11.  UK       Manchester - o2 Ritz
05.11.  UK       Hull - City Hall

Meet & Greets:



featuring 3 original M.S.G. singers Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley plus Doogie White (ex-RAINBOW, MICHAEL SCHENKER'S TEMPLE OF ROCK)

03/06  USA     Silver Springs, MD - The Fillmore
03/07  USA     Pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Music Hall
03/09  USA     Boston, MA - Berklee Performance Center
03/10  USA     New York, NY - Irving Plaza
03/11  USA     Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts
03/12  CDN     Montreal, QC - Club Soda
03/14  USA     Detroit, MI - Royal Oak Music Theatre
03/16  USA     Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
03/17  USA     Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall
03/18  USA     Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theater
03/19  USA     Minneapolis, MN - Cabooze
03/22  USA     Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre
03/24  USA     San Jose, CA - Events Center
03/25  USA     Anaheim, CA - The Grove
03/26  USA     Phoenix, AZ - Marquee Theatre
03/27  USA     Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
03/29  USA     Denver, CO - Cervantes Ballroom
03/31  USA     San Antonio, TX - Vibes Event Center
04/01  USA     Dallas, TX - Bomb Factory
04/03  USA     Tampa, FL - The Ritz

More info:


MOB RULES Releases New Digital Single And Announces Tour Dates

Northern German Metal band MOB RULES have released a new digital single for the song "Somerled" today - taken from their current studio album Tales From Beyond.


The band commented on the track: "Somerled is based on a famous historical character and combines all trademarks of Mob Rules in a powerful metal hymn. It is a homage to the life of the Scottish warlord born with Viking roots who united Scotsmen and Vikings in the so-called Kingdom Of The Isles after two epic sea battles. A true story, revived through this powerful song."



The current album "Tales From Beyond" is available on Steamhammer/SPV as Digipak (incl. 1 bonus track + poster), double coloured vinyl LP and digital download.



The band is proud to announce that they are back on tour as very special guest with Orden Ogan. Orden Ogan will release their new album and play three shows in Hamburg, Munich and Bestwig. Get your tickets soon and join the party! Tickets available at:


MOB RULES On tour with: Orden Ogan

07.07.D-Hamburg - Hafenklang

08.07.D-Bestwig - Fort Fun (Adventure Park @  "Saloon")

09.07.D-Munich - Backstage




30.09.D-Emden - Coast Rock Festival




SKAM announce UK tour with Voodoo Six

Straight off the back of releasing a new single, UK hard rock trio SKAM have announced that they will be heading out on the road with fellow Brit-rockers, Voodoo Six.

The dates run throughout September and take in cities across England, Scotland & Wales in what is sure to be a GREAT BRITISH ROCK TOUR.

Last week, SKAM released Fading Before The Sun, the first song to be taken from a brand new album, slated for release in November 2017; their third album will be a follow-on to their breakthrough second album, 2014’s Peacemaker and a raucous SKAM:LIVE album earlier this year.

Singer/Guitarist, Steve Hill, said, “We were so pleased with the reaction to Fading Before The Sun and now we will get to melt some faces with it across the country with our good friends in Voodoo Six. No doubt we will be playing more songs from our new album too, so we can't wait!”

Fading Before The Sun is available via all good digital outlets and streaming sites.

The song is accompanied by a jaw-dropping lyric video produced by Unit 15 Productions.


Ahead of the dates with Voodoo Six, SKAM hit the road for a bunch of summer dates that includes WildFire Festival in Scotland & Ramblin Man Fair in Maidstone.


Saturday, 24 June - Wildfire Festival, Biggar, Scotland                           
Saturday, 8 July - Melfest @ Trillians, Newcastle     
Friday 16th July - The Venue, Selby             
Saturday, 29 July  - Simon Says, De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Sunday, 30 July -  Ramblin Man @ Mote Park Maidstone                  
Saturday, 26 August - Reaper Fest 3 @ Eternit Sports & Social Club, Meldreth
Sunday, 27 August - Phantom Fest, The Phantom Pub, Loughborough


Friday, 8 September - The Underworld, London
Thursday, 14 September - Rock City Basement, Nottingham
Friday, 15 September - Rebellion, Manchester
Saturday, 16 September - The Corporation, Sheffield
Sunday, 17 September - Yardbirds, Grimsby
Wednesday, 20 September - Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Thursday, 21 September - The Cluny, Newcastle
Friday, 22 September - Bannermans, Edinburgh
Saturday, 23 September - Cathouse, Glasgow
Thursday, 28 September - Talking Heads, Southampton
Friday, 29 September - The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
Saturday, 30 September - The Garage, Swansea 

Its Come To This – Album 2011
Peacemaker – Album 2013
SKAM: LIVE – Album 2017
New studio album coming soon – 2017

SKAM are: Steve Hill - vocals/guitar, Matt Gilmore - bass/vocals, Neal Hill - drums/vocals 

The Black Dahlia Murders vinyl release news and new video

On July 28th, Metal Blade Records will release The Black Dahlia Murder's classic album, Nocturnal, on vinyl, to commemorate the record's 10th anniversary. Available in a black and blue split-colored vinyl (limited to 1000 copies!), Nocturnal can be pre-ordered now at:

Nocturnal track-listing
1. Everything Went Black
2. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
3. Virally Yours
4. I Worship Only What You Bleed
5. Nocturnal
6. Deathmask Divine
7. Of Darkness Spawned
8. Climactic Degradation
9. To a Breathless Oblivion
10. Warborn 

A bass play-through of the album track, "I Worship Only What You Bleed", (by ex-The Black Dahlia Murder bassist Ryan Williams!) is also online now at: 

Currently finishing work on their
upcoming 8th full-length, The Black Dahlia Murder will head back out on the road this summer, as co-headliners of "The Summer Slaughter Tour" with Dying Fetus!


 Featuring Oceano, Origin, Slaughter to Prevail, Rings Of Saturn, Betraying the Martyrs and Lorna Shore as support, this USA trek will also see The Black Dahlia Murder perform Nocturnal in its entirety - making this one show not to be missed! See below for all dates. 

"The Summer Slaughter Tour" dates

w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Origin, Slaughter to Prevail, Rings Of Saturn, Betraying the Martyrs, Lorna Shore

July 27 - Reverb - Reading, PA
July 28 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
July 29 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
July 30 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
Aug. 2 - The International - Knoxville, TN
Aug. 3 - The Masquerade (Heaven) - Atlanta, GA
Aug. 4 - Southport Music Hall - New Orleans, LA *
Aug. 5 - Come and Take it Live - Austin, TX
Aug. 6 - Gas Monkey Live! - Dallas, TX
Aug. 7 - House of Blues - Houston, TX
Aug. 8 - Tricky Falls - El Paso, TX *
Aug. 9 - Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
Aug. 10 - The Marquee - Tempe, AZ
Aug. 11 - City National Grove of Anaheim- Anaheim, CA
Aug. 12 - The Novo - Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 13 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
Aug. 14 - Strummers - Fresno, CA *
Aug. 15 - The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall - Berkeley, CA
Aug. 16 - Bossanova - Portland, OR *
Aug. 17 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
Aug. 18 - Diamondz Event Center - Jerome, ID *
Aug. 19 - The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
Aug. 20 - Crown Upstairs - Wichita, KS **
Aug. 21 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 22 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL
Aug. 23 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH
Aug. 25 - The Majestic - Detroit, MI
Aug. 26 - Agora Theatre and Ballroom - Cleveland, OH 

*="Summer Slaughter" off-date w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Slaughter to Prevail, Lorna Shore
**="Summer Slaughter" off-date w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Oceano, Slaughter to Prevail, Lorna Shore 

Catch them in Europe

24/06/17 DK - Copenhagen - Copenhell
26/06/17 DE - Hamburg - Logo
27/06/17 DE - Köln - Underground
29/06/17 IL - Tel Aviv - Tmu-na
30/06/17 DE - Frankfurt - Das Bett
01/07/17 DE - Münster - Vainstream Rockfest
03/07/17 DE - München - Kranhalle
04/07/17 DE - Saarbrücken - Garage Kleiner Club
06/07/17 ES - Viveiro - Resurrection Fest
07/07/17 UK - Nottingham - Techfest
08/07/17 HU - Budapest - A38
09/07/17 RS - Peterwardein - Exit Festival
11/07/17 CZ - Prague - Modra Vopice
12/07/17 PL - Warsaw - Klub Poglos
13/07/17 DE - Hannover -Lux
15/07/17 SE - Gävle - Gefle Metalfest

Portrait announces new album 'Burn The World' and release first single

Launches pre-order and reveals artwork! 'Burn The World' out August, 25th!

On August 25th Swedish Heavy Metallers PORTRAIT will release their new album 'Burn The World' worldwide via Metal Blade Records!

Surf now over to to check out the first single which is the title track 'Burn The World'! Make sure to have a look at the pre-order section, you can purchase 'Burn The World' in the following formats:

--180g black vinyl
--pale violet red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
--pastel rose marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
--mahogany brown marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
--multi-coloured splatter vinyl (eBay exclusive - limited to 150 copies)
--orange red marbled vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 150 copies)
--box-set (limited to 500 copies) with the album on pale pink clear vinyl and digipak CD, plus a patch, slipmat, photo card (hand signed by all members), and 'Mother Sun' 12" featuring a cover of Judas Priest's 'Mother Sun' as well as two exclusive demo versions on side B
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

PORTRAIT comments on the new album: "'Burn the World' is our fiercest one to date, holding all aspects of Portrait within it, yet in an even more dynamic, empowered and elevated form than its predecessors. Expect nothing else than sheer heavy metal rage dedicated to all forces that seek to end this world through their fires of adversity."

'Burn The World' contains guest appearances by Set Teitan (Dissection) and Kevin Bower (Hell).

Find out more about 'Burn The World' in the interview up on Bardo Methodology.

'Burn The World' track listing:

1. Saturn Return (intro)
2. Burn The World
3. Likfassna
4. Flaming Blood
5. Mine To Reap
6. Martyrs
7. Further She Rode
8. The Sower's Cross (CD bonus track)
9. To Die For
10. Pure Of Heart

PORTRAIT line-up: 
Per Lengstedt - vocals, Christian Lindell -guitars, Robin Holmberg - guitars, Fredrik Petersson - bass, Anders Persson - drums   

Seething Akira play Victorious Festival, Portsmouth in August

The ever fabulous SEETHING AKIRA are delighted to announce that they're confirmed to play Victorious Festival in Portsmouth this August. They'll be playing the Seaside Stage on the 27th along with SHY FX and many others, & a fantastic performance (as usual with their live show!) is expected!

With so many fabulous bands playing, including the likes of Charlatans, Elbow, Stereophonics, Madness, Rita Ora, Franz Ferdinand, Jesus and Mary Chain along with many more, this whole weekend's going to be pretty damn awesome & Portsmouth will definitely be the place to get down and party!

The band are currently working on their hugely anticipated debut album which is due for release later this Autumn, and is being produced by Jim Davies (Prodigy, Pitchshifter). Having heard several of the tracks, I can confirm this one's going to be a monster!

Upcoming shows:
24th June, La Fetes De La Musique, Belgium
27th August, Victorious Festival, Portsmouth
7th October, Mammothfest, Brighton

Backlash featuring Olly Simmons (The Qemists)
SEETHING AKIRA release their brash & bristling high energy new single 'Backlash' featuring Olly Simmons (The Qemists) on 27th March. This is the first single to be released from the band's long awaited debut album which will be released in June, and will usher in the rise and rise of this fabulous South Coast band!

"...Seething Akira breathes new life into an increasingly growing underground scene..... hooking beats like The Prodigy and a unique style like Enter Shikari, this band create something personal but show the ability of becoming front runners in an ever growing popular genre!"
Soundscape Magazine

“Serving up the perfect party soundtrack, UK outfit Seething Akira underline their credentials”
Rock Sound 

'Backlash' was produced by vocalist Charlie Bowes, Rhys Fulber & Jim Davies, mastered by Greg Reely (Canada), and features Olly Simmons on vocals.

Seething Akira are a 5 piece crossover band from Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. Created back in 2011, Charlie Bowes (writer and vocalist) and Kit Conrad (lead vocalist) decided they wanted to create a hybrid band of electronic synths, guitars and "Beastie Boys" style vocals and they've been working tirelessly for the past 4 years to fine tune their sound & get out and show they're unique style and live show whilst supporting the likes of Skindred, The Qemists, Hacktivist, Senser, Don Broco, Pop Will Eat Itself to name a few.

Anyone who's ever seen them live will attest to their crazy wild & wonderful live show, if you like your music full on, high energy and body shakingly irresistible, this band is most definitely for you!

Charlie Bowes (Vocals/Synths/Producer/Writer), Kit Cuntrad (Vocals), Ryan Jarrad-Keen (Guitar), Stu Radcliffe (Drums), Richard Speaight (Bass)   

Alice Cooper's 'Paranoiac Personality' coming soon!


Last Thursday evening on his radio program, "Nights With Alice Cooper," ALICE COOPER debuted the first single, "Paranoiac Personality" off the forthcoming album Paranormal.  As previously announced , Paranormal features two songs written and recorded with the original members of the Alice Cooper band and also has guest appearances by ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, U2 drummer Larry Mullen and Roger Glover of Deep Purple. The album is out July 28 on earMUSIC and can be pre-ordered via Amazon and ITunes a limited run of blood-red vinyl available at indie retailers across the country.

The guitar-driven "Paranoiac Personality" is a perfect entry point to Alice's searing rock record. An album that explores the fringes of society, the end of the world, encounters with the devil and more. Paranormal was produced by long-time collaborator Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple). In addition to the new studio album and the two new recordings from the original Alice Cooper band, fans will receive a bonus of six live tracks recorded at one of Cooper's 2016 shows in Columbus, OH. 

Alice Cooper's North American tour also kicked off this week. He'll join up with Deep Purple beginning in August. Highlights include The Greek in Los Angeles on August 13 and Jones Beach on August 26. Alice Cooper is on a world tour throughout 2017. Full North American tour dates below.


1. Paranormal
2. Dead Flies
3. Fireball
4. Paranoiac Personality
5. Fallen In Love
6. Dynamite Road
7. Private Public Breakdown
8. Holy Water
9. Rats
10. The Sound of A

New studio recordings with the original Alice Cooper band:

11. Genuine American Girl 
12. You And All Of Your Friends

Live in Columbus, Ohio, May 6, 2016 with the current Alice Cooper band:

13. No More Mr. Nice Guy


Gun's new album 'Secret Pleasures' to hit the streets 15 Sept 2017



GUN's seventh studio album, 'Favourite Pleasures' – out on September 15 - stands proudly alongside the very best of their work. The band will be showcasing tracks from the album in 3 live dates in December.


Informed by a back-to-basics approach tempered by an innate sense for melody, the record was made in the band's own Morse Code studios in Paisley. It's an album that dances on a knife-edge, one that can turn on a single note from the raw pain of emotions hitting the rocks, to an unbridled celebration of hedonism.


From the pile-driving opener 'She Knows' to the infectious, glam-stomping of 'Here's Where I Am', this is the GUN you know and love.


But there's a new GUN here too - 'The Boy Who Fooled The World', resplendent in naked honesty, is a little-seen look at another side of the band as they go back to a time of innocent ambition, hungry to break out and seize the world. They don't hold back and neither will you.


'We wanted to go back to our rockier roots and I think we've achieved that,' says frontman Dante Gizzi. 'GUN will always have tons of melody – over the years that's been instilled in us annd it's what we love, and we love playing those songs live – but I think with this one, we've become tougher. I'm also looking forward to playing Glasgow's Barrowlands, The Electric Ballroom in London and the Academy in Manchester – we have had great gigs at all these venues and it's 2 years since we played the Barrowlands – a venue which we were born to play'


Dante is also quick to offer credit where it's due. 'The introduction of new guitarist Tommy Gentry has added so much more to the band and to the sound, and it's a welcome change,' he says. 'This is the toughest album we've done in a while. It's up there with 'Swagger' and 'Taking On The World'.'


'These songs mean so much to us and now that they're ready, we can't wait for people to hear them and see them live." asserts Dante. 'Of course, we'll be playing the hits, but these songs stand up to those and then some.'


He's not wrong. Across the album's ten tracks are songs that encompass all that's good and great about GUN – melodies, instantly memorable riffs and an unabashed, unrestrained desire to rock out. These songs are truly their Favourite Pleasures – and soon they'll be yours. 


The first song out of the traps is the album's title track, played exclusively on Planet Rock on 12th June. As told by Dante, with a glint of mischief in his eye 'The title was inspired by a friend of ours who was into S&M, big time, and it was a side of him that not many people knew about,' confides Dante. 'He'd go on tour working with us and whatever his weekly per diem was, it would be spent in a day on hookers and sex shows the moment we hit Amsterdam and Hamburg and all those places.'


Dante quickly adds: 'Those were his favourite pleasures… mine aree a lot different from that.'


Favourite Pleasures Track List:

She Knows

Here's Where I Am

Favourite Pleasures

Take Me Down

Silent Lovers

Black Heart

Without You In My Life

Tragic Heroes

Go To Hell

The Boy Who Fooled The World


Catch GUN live:


17th Stone Free Festival, The O2, London


2nd Glasgow Barrowlands (Headline Show)

8th Manchester Academy 3 (Co-Headline with InMe)

9th London Electric Ballroom (Co-Headline with InMe)


HInder Aannounce new studio album The Reign'

Multi-platinum rock act Hinder have announced their new studio album The Reign, set for release August 11 via BMG/The End. Please see below for all album artwork and tracklist information.  


For this album, the band dug deep to try to express the emotional struggle of the rock and roll life. They explain: "The constant emotional expenditure that an artist must do in order to always be creating and the ups and downs of a career in music tends to lead to substance abuse and suicides. Unfortunately, the world has lost way too many music legends this way. Overall, this album is definitely darker and heavier than most of the past Hinder albums. However, for our old school fans, it also has a few songs that have that signature 'Hinder' sound."

The Reign includes "Remember Me," a heavy song about trying to get your head above water while buckling under the weight of how you'll be remembered. "With chugging guitars and a wall of sound," says Loudwire, "singer Marshal Dutton’s voice powers through this raucous new track." The song is now available for download and streaming.

Album Tracklist: 

01. The Reign
02. Burn It Down
03. King Of The Letdown
04. Remember Me**
05. Too Late
06. Another Way Out
07. Making It Hard
08. Drink You Away
09. Play To Win
10. Long Gone
11. Loser’s Salute

**Available Now!

Hinder is fresh off their major U.S. tour with Nonpoint and Nine Shrines, and will be performing select shows leading to the album release: 

7/13 – Harker Heights, TX – All Bottoms Up
7/14 – Chickasha, OK – Legends 
7/22 – Goshen, IN – Elkhart County Fair
8/04 – Malone, NY – Franklin County Fair
8/19 – Lapeer, MI – Lapper Days Festival


About Hinder:

Multi-platinum rockers, Hinder, have sold over 3.8 million albums, more than 7.5 million singles,garnered north of 130 million video views, racked in 80 million spins on Spotify, and counting. On May 13, 2016, they released their first-ever acoustic EP Stripped. 


Stripped followed their fifth full-length album When The Smoke Clears. When The Smoke Clears entered the Billboard 200 while also claiming four other Top 10 chart positions upon its May 12, 2015 debut. With over a decade-long career under their belts, and having honed their chops touring with the likes of Mötley Crüe, Nickelback, Aerosmith and Papa Roach, their album When The Smoke Clears breathed a new sound, and new air, into the ever-evolving band. When the Smoke Clears runs the gamut from rowdy rock to subtle country influence, to memorable pop hooks; all of which retain the DNA-distinct spirit of Hinder. That ability to walk the tightrope between genres, without a net, is something the band has had fun with in creating the new album.

As one of the few bands to have massive cross-over success, Hinder’s debut album Extreme Behavior climbed to #1 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart and made its way to #6 on The Billboard 200 chart. The album featured one of the biggest songs of the year, "Lips of an Angel" - a Top 5 hit across EIGHT Billboard singles charts (including #1 on Top 40). Their sophomore effort, Take It To The Limit surpassed their debut, peaking at #4 on The Billboard 200, solidifying Hinder as the biggest new breakout rock act and catapulting them into packed arenas worldwide with their explosive live show. Proving they consistently make hit records, the band followed the first two albums up with a #1 Top Modern Rock/Alternative Album (All American Nightmare), and a #3 Top Hard Rock Album (Welcome To The Freakshow).

With increasing social media stats (1.6 million Facebook followers), it’s clear that Hinder fans are along for the ride and as hungry as ever for more.

Toto to celebrate '40 Trips Around The Sun'


New Album To Be Released On Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings Worldwide In February Of 2018 Will Contain Classic Remastered Hits Alongside Brand New Tracks


Los Angeles, CA --- TOTO is pleased to announce the first set of shows in support of the band’s 40th Anniversary beginning in 2018. The 40 Trips Around The Sun Tour will begin in February 2018 in Europe. The tour will be the band’s most extensive run in years and will be a worldwide tour to celebrate the band’s enduring career. More shows will be announced shortly. Tickets for most shows go on sale this Friday.

Along side the launch of the tour, TOTO along with Legacy Recordings have created a brand new Greatest Hits package. also titled: 40 Trips Around The Sun. The album will feature brand new previously unreleased music along side newly remastered classic tracks worked on by Elliot Scheiner & Gavin Lurssen and his team. The core Toto members, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams re-entered the studio this past year to work on the material. Full details on that album along side many other projects the band has in the works with Legacy Recordings will be announced at a later date.

“Myself, David, Steve and Joseph are humbled and thrilled at the long lasting success of the band,” Steve Lukather remarked. “This 40th Anniversary tour is going to be a special one for us and all of the fans that come out. On top of all that, it’s really exciting to be working with Sony Music again. We’ve spent a lot of time this year working on new music and re-mastering the older tracks.”

Few ensembles in the history of recorded music have individually or collectively had a larger imprint on pop culture than the members of TOTO. As individuals, the band members can be heard on an astonishing 5000 albums that together amass a sales history of a half a billion albums. Amongst these recordings, NARAS applauded the performances with more than 200 Grammy nominations.

With close to 40 years together and literally thousands of credits, including the biggest selling album of all time: Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and accolades to their names, TOTO remains one of the top selling touring and recording acts in the world. They are the benchmark by which many artists base their sound and production, and they continue to transcend the standards set by the entire music community, being simply synonymous with musical credibility. Their repertoire continues to be current via high profile usage on broadcast television. They are pop culture, and are one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles to a career enjoy a multi-generational worldwide fan base.


2/19 Hamburg, DE - Mehr! Theater
2/21 Dusseldorf, DE - Mitsubishi-Electric Hall
2/22 Munich, DE - Olympiahalle
2/24 Berlin, DE - C-Halle
2/25 Leipzig, DE - Haus Auensee
2/28 Krakow, PL Tauron Arena
3/2 Vienna, AT - Gasometer
3/10 Milan, IT - Mediolanum Forum
3/13 Stuttgart, DE - Porsche Arena
3/15 Lille, FR - Zenith
3/17 Amsterdam, NL - Ziggo Dome
3/18 Brussels, BE - Forest National
3/20 Offenbach, DE - Stadthalle
3/23 Bologna, IT - Unipol Arena
3/25 Marseille, FR - Dome
3/26 Toulouse, FR - Zenith
3/27 Lyon, FR -Halle Tony Garnier
3/30 Paris, FR - La Seine Musicale
4/1 London, UK - Royal Albert Hall
4/2 Manchester, UK - Bridgewater Hall
4/4 Dublin, IE - Vicar Street
4/7 Belfast, UK - Waterfront Auditorium
4/8 Glasgow, UK - SEC Armadillo


Frontiers Music Srl announce full details of new Mr Big album

Frontiers Music Srl announced full format details and a slightly delayed release date for MR BIG’s new album, ‘Defying Gravity’, pushing it back from the previously announced street date of July 7.


The album will be available on CD, LP, deluxe CD/DVD, digitally and a deluxe Collector’s Edition box set that includes: deluxe CD/DVD, LP, poster, numbered lithograph, T-Shirt, sticker. The box set is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide. See artwork below.


The CD and LP contain the following tracklisting: 

Open Your EyesDefying GravityEverybody Needs A Little Trouble / Damn I’m In Love Again / Mean To MeNothing Bad (About Feeling Good) / Forever And Back / She’s All Coming Back To Me Now1992Nothing At All / Be Kind


The DVD contents are:

Defying Gravity [music video] / Everybody Needs A Little Trouble [music video] / Making of Defying Gravity [video] / Making of Everybody Needs A Little Trouble [video] / Track by track interview. Total length is approximately 65 minutes.       




The Box set includes: CD/DVD deluxe edition, Vinyl, Lithograph, Poster, Sticker and exclusive T-Shirt (L size only).


The first video from the new record, for ‘Everybody Needs A Little Trouble’, was made available on June 5 and can be seen here: . The group are currently on tour in the U.S. and are planning European dates in the autumn.


MR. BIG - ‘Defying Gravity’: press release


“OK, we’re rolling.” With those three declarative words (spoken by producer Kevin Elson right after the music kicks in on ‘Open Your Eyes’, an instant callback to the beginning of ‘Addicted to That Rush’, the hard-charging lead track on the band’s self-titled 1989 debut), Mr. Big plants the flag between past, present and future with ‘Defying Gravity’, the band’s ninth original studio album.


Recorded in just six days at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California, the album reunites Mr. Big with the aforementioned Elson (Journey, Europe, Lynyrd Skynyrd), who is back behind the boards for the first time since helming the band’s first four albums. ‘Defying Gravity’ deftly showcases that patented Mr. Big blend of crunch and melody, from the freight-train ride of opening cut ’Open Your Eyes’ to the harmony-laden wonderment of ‘Damn I’m In Love Again’ to the nostalgia trip of ‘1992’ (recalling the days when the band was flyng high atop the singles charts with their international smash ‘To Be With You’) to the barnstorming slide-blues closing track, ‘Be Kind’. Overall, the album is prime evidence that the only thing Mr. Big remains tethered to is their ongoing pursuit of achieving creative excellence.


“It’s inspiring to work with Mr. Big,” observes guitarist/songwriter Paul Gilbert, who penned much of the material on the new album. “I know that any ideas I bring into the studio have to go through our long-established band filter, which means the songs all have to rock, have melody, and put a grin on the faces of all of my bandmates to make the final cut.” What that means is Gilbert, lead vocalist Eric Martin, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Pat Torpey all have to agree collectively on the finished product — as does touring drummer Matt Starr, who also joined in on the studio proceedings this time around.


That tried-and-true “all for one, one for all” mentality is one of the main things that fuels Mr. Big to reach for new heights whenever they are recording. “That’s what makes a band a band,” believes Torpey. “I think we all feel that way. It’s not one guy’s vision that the other guys all just follow. We’re always kicking ideas around to come to some kind of consensus. And that makes Mr. Big music what it is.”


Adds Sheehan, “I like recording with a sense of urgency. Put a mic in front of us, roll tape, and that should sound like what you’re hearing from us live. When you can create that kind of pressure in the studio in a short amount of time, it makes for better songs — and better performances.”


Once Martin got in sync with Gilbert, the album took shape in a relatively short amount of time. “My music tells you more about me than I can actually tell you myself,” the vocalist admits. “And ‘Defying Gravity’ is about ignoring everybody in life who tells you it can’t be done; that it’s impossible to do what you love. You have to stand your ground whenever someone tells you to give up your dream to do anything your heart desires — whether it be as a musician, painter, dancer, or whatever you want to be — in favour of a life that’s safe and conventional.”


To a man, Mr. Big couldn’t be more pleased to be working with Elson again. “Kevin Elson is really good at steering the ship through rough waters and making it seem like they’re not rough waters,” Gilbert notes. “He’s a very even-keeled guy — mellow, but he still gets it done.” Concurs Sheehan, “It was glorious and fantastic. Kevin creates an atmosphere of ease and creativity. He’s full of so many ideas. Really a wonderful man.” Torpey adds. “We’ve got a lot of history with him. He’s a great guy, super-talented. It’s not like having a dictator for a producer, just somebody who barks commands. He’s got so much experience, history and pedigree — and he’s also a really good friend, so the vibe in the studio was perfect.” Sums up Martin, “I always loved Kevin because of his musical sense, and I love singing in front of him. Kevin has a different approach that’s more cerebral. He has a lot of ideas like a musician and a songwriter would. Kevin’s a huge piece of our recording puzzle. He’s a musician’s friend. He gets good sounds, and I trust his insight and his criticism. Kevin has the golden touch, and he knows how to make great voices sound even greater.”


One of the key tracks on the album, ‘1992’, hearkens back to the glories of much headier days for Mr. Big - albeit with tongue planted firmly in cheek. “That was an incredible period in our lives, right when the rumblings of grunge were starting to happen,” Gilbert points out. “So here I am writing about and tweaking something that was so positive in just about every way, but it did open the world to us. Suddenly, we were playing stadiums in Indonesia, just going all over the place. And to this day, whenever we start a  tour, we end up going all around the world. That whole era, back when we all still had giant hair(!), really opened the door for us. Thankfully, people still gravitate toward the underlying thing that is still important, and that’s the music.”


Sheehan adds his own spin: “It’s a song about its own history. It reminds me of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’, a song where a band looks back and talks about how it all went down in a clever way. And ‘1992’ certainly pops for me from a philosophical point of view.” Muses Torpey, “Who would have thought we would actually be talking about something like this 25 years later? But I’ve had those thoughts myself. It’s really interesting to reflect back like that and actually have it come out in a song. It’s an epic kind of song that’s got the classic rock stuff, the crazy guitar-and-bass stuff, and the big vocals from Eric. It’s a Mr. Big song, no doubt.”


Speaking of the band’s inherent instrumental virtuosity, there is plenty of it on display during the middle section of ‘Mean to Me’, where Paul and Billy trade a score of hot licks back and forth. “That song came about very quickly,” Gilbert reports, “and the solo was a first take with no overdubs at all; it was done live with the band. The delay I used helped make it twice as fast, but you still have to be dead-on accurate, and play the notes super-staccato so that it doesn’t get sloppy. Billy, however, does it all for real where no effects were necessary. He battles my technology-aided solo with the pure fire from his hands.” Observes Torpey, “The songs themselves are always important, but we always want to come up with the right vehicle to have some gymnastics between those twin towers of rock, Billy and Paul. That’s a big part of what we do, and we utilise it. I hope the fans like it.”


Martin is proud that ‘Defying Gravity’ showcases the best of what Mr. Big has to offer. “There’s something about this band. We’ve been through a lot of stuff together,” he notes, “but there’s a spiritual bond we all share, no matter what. And that raises you up to give the best performance you can for a record that came together so quickly, like this one did.” Adds Sheehan, “This record really seems to fit in with some of my favourite times in music, which were right around ’68 to ’74. The other thing is, Mr. Big is really a singing band, and I love the fact we have that here with the background vocals we were able to add to some of the songs.”


For his part, Gilbert is very much looking forward to bringing ‘Defying Gravity’ to life for Mr. Big fans the world over: “We’re aware that we’re going to be playing this music onstage, and we’re no longer just going to be looking into each other’s eyes — we’re going to be looking into the eyes of the audience. We know our audience quite well, and we’re looking forward to seeing their reactions to the album.”


Torpey has the final word: “The title says it all: 'Defying Gravity'. We’re still here, and we’re still keeping the ball rolling down that hill. We’re still doing it. The album has a positive message, and that’s what I like about it. We can still fly, even after all these years.”


Indeed, Mr. Big’s keen combination of their virtuosic nature with a DNA-infused sense of melody continues to enable listeners the ability to sing along to every word they hear. Not a lot of acts can do that as deftly as Mr. Big does, and ‘Defying Gravity’ finds this still-hungry band collectively leaning into it to push their music into new stratospheres. Climb aboard.


MR. BIG: Eric Martin - Vocals, Paul Gilbert - Guitar, Billy Sheehan- Bass, Pat Torpey- drums, with Matt Starr - drums, Produced by Kevin Elson


Frontiers Music Srl unleashes their Dirty Animal in 2018!

Frontiers has had an ongoing successful working relationship with the one and only Jeff Scott Soto for many years now, so when JSS put a band in front of them and told them they HAD TO HEAR IT, they turned up the volume, leaned back, and awaited what would soon wash over their ears. What immediately stood out was the way the singer had such a commanding presence of the hard rock songs that were being performed. So, a conversation was started and a deal has been struck. 


Frontiers Music Srl is now very pleased to introduce the world to ANIMAL DRIVE, a young and driven hard rock band founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 2012 by singer Dino Jelusic, who is the primary writer and driving force behind the band's sound. Dino was chosen by the late, great Paul O'Neill to tour as a featured vocalist on Trans-Siberian Orchestra's most recent U.S. tour, which is how he crossed paths with Soto and which would ultimately lead to them becoming labelmates.


ANIMAL DRIVE's line-up is completed by guitarists Ivan Keller and Alen Luke (who unleash a ferocious twin guitar attack on the listener), Damjan Milekovic on bass, and Adrian Boric on drums. Influenced by legendary bands such as Whitesnake/David Coverdale and SKID ROW with progressive rock and metal elements from Dream Theater thrown in the mix, Animal Drive take their listeners on a wild ride of hard rock bombast.


Dino says: "I am more than delighted and excited to be part of Frontiers' machine, the label that Animal Drive's music can relate to in so many aspects, from classic rock, progressive metal, heavy metal, hard rock... Our music contains everything that Frontiers holds right now, and some of the bands that are our biggest influences are signed to the label, which makes us even more excited. Can't wait to share material we have been working on for almost a year now, and can't wait to kick ass!"


The band's debut album is expected to be released in late 2017/ early 2018 with a tour in support of the release to follow.


Tony Martin to release third solo album

Ex-BLACK SABBATH singer TONY MARTIN has confirmed that the making of his long awaited third solo album has begun. Teamed with drummer DANNY NEEDHAM of Tony Martin's Headless Cross and Venom, and American guitarist SCOTT McCLELLAN, Tony says this collection of songs is currently under the working title of THORNZ. It was previously going to be under the moniker BOOK OF SHADOWS but this was dropped because of other works under the same name.


Tony says this is heavier than he has attempted in the past due to the prolific writings of unknown guitarist SCOTT McCLELLAN who contacted him by chance on social media some 4 years ago. He sent Tony a guitar track to check out and this chance meeting grew into a very productive writing period that has resulted in this solo release for MARTIN. He said "Scott really surprised me with his energy. I found that I could pull out the riffs that really work for my voice so I was more than happy to have him involved in the 'TONY MARTIN project'.


The album will have 10 tracks, mostly written by Martin and McClellan and some by Martin alone. Apart from the title track of 'THORNZ' - the story of a woman struggling with being abused, there is the previously cited 'BOOK OF SHADOWS' still in the track list along with 'NO SHAME AT ALL', 'AS THE WORLD BURNS' and 'DAMNED BY YOU' amongst others. This promises to open your ears and get your pulse racing. It is missing keyboards completely in favour of guitar based riffs which MARTIN says "... was hard to lose GEOFF NICHOLLS" and felt he could not attempt to replace that part of the sound.


He says at 60 years old it is likely to be his last solo project but doesn't rule out future embellishments to his solo career. He added that it would not affect any re connection with SABBATH guitarist TONY IOMMI if and when that happens.


Wayward Sons to release debut album on Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl are delighted to announce the release of Wayward Sons debut album “Ghosts Of Yet To Come” on September 15.


Pre-order the album here


Wayward Sons is a UK guitar act made up of Toby Jepson (Vocals/Guitar), Sam Wood (Guitar), Nic Wastell (Bass), Dave Kemp (Keys) and Phil Martini (Drums). They have an impressive resume of groups they have previously worked with – Little Angels, Gun, Spear Of Destiny, Treason Kings and Chrome Molly to name a few - which is reassuring in terms of the band as players, but doesn’t really hint at their sound. Wayward Sons sound nothing like the sum of their parts. The music is hard rock but mixed with a vitality and energy – both musically and lyrically.


The band is set to release four videos to support single releases. The videos together will make one short film. You can see the first video (for debut single “Until The End”) on YouTube.



“Ghosts Of Yet To Come” is a hugely accomplished debut album – as might be expected. From the staccato riffing of “Give It Away” to the melodic intro of first single “Until The End”, from the hard rock of “Ghosts” to 4/4 rock of “Don’t Wanna Go”, the album sounds familiar yet of its own. Toby Jepson had the basis of songs written when the band formed. Together they then took these rough song ideas and forged their own sound. Lyrically the album sees Jepson treading a far more personal line than some of his previous output.


“I feel I have unfinished business, stories still left to tell, points to make, noise to create, all of the above... besides, it wasn't a choice, more of a need. My intention is very simple. I want to write about what makes me tick; about what I believe in. Hopefully you will believe in it too. It will be warts and all,” says Jepson.


The album was produced by Wayward Sons (Toby Jepson’s previous credits as a songwriter and producer include the likes of Katie Melua, The Virgin Marys, The Answer and Toseland) and Chris D’Adda (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds).


“Ghosts Of Yet To Come” will at turns surprise, beguile and inspire…


Wayward Sons have a series of dates through 2017, with more to follow. Confirmed so far are


Wed 26th July 2017                        Bristol, Louisiana headline

Fri 28th July 2017                            Derbyshire, Rock And Blues Custom Show Festival

Sat 29th July 2017                           Kent, Ramblin’ Man Fair festival

Sun 30th July 2017                          Ebbw Vale, Steelhouse Festival


Headline tickets are available at

Festival information is available at -


“Ghosts Of Yet To Come” is released through Frontiers Music Srl on September 15.  @WaywardSonsBand


Travelin Jack to release new album in Sept 2017

You can't design rock´n`roll at the drawing board. You have to feel it from within, be really passionate if you want to play this music authentically and convincingly. Flo The Fly, guitarist with Berlin rock group Travelin Jack, refers to this phenomenon as self-entertainment, putting his band's philosophy in a nutshell. He and his three comrades-in-arms, vocalist Alia Spaceface, bassist Steve Burner and drummer Montgomery Shell, are prototypes of passionate rock musicians who won't be deterred from following their chosen path. We don't care what other people think about us, whether we rub them the wrong way or polarise, says Flo. We do what we believe in and what we enjoy most. This enthusiasm and their uncompromising attitude is the seed that has borne fruit on their upcoming new album Commencing Countdown. From 8 September 2017, Travelin' Jack's latest offering will be released on Steamhammer/SPV as CD Digipak, Vinyl LP, download and stream. Mark the day in your calendar, because that's when the annals of rock music will be enhanced by another colourful chapter.


Founded in summer 2013, Travelin Jack have developed into one of Germany's most unusual rock acts over the past four years, establishing their inimitable style, which is tailored to the vocals of Alia Spaceface, with two successful tours and shows at important festivals beyond the German borders. The general flair of Commencing Countdown may bring to mind great rock groups from the seventies, such as Thin Lizzy, Rush, Scorpions and Deep Purple, but the Berlin band's compositions and the warm, analogue production of their new album are both contemporary and modern. Flo: There's nothing retro about our material, we simply prefer the sound of the era when this music was really wicked.


This motto is emphasised by the visual trademarks of their explosive live show – the make-up, the platformm shoes and the glitter outfits which Travelin Jack are set to don when they present their album Commencing Countdown live on stage soon. As the legendary David Bowie would probably have commented: I don`t know where I`m going from here, but I promise it won`t be boring!


Here's a little taster of the first single and video "Keep On Running", both will be released by the end of June:




1. Land Of The River 4:31

2. Metropolis 4:04

3. Keep On Running 3:39

4. Cold Blood 4:47

5. Galactic Blue 4:42

6. Time 5:06

7. Miracles 3:51

8. What Have I Done 3:50

9. Fire 4:01

10. Journey To The Moon 3:59

TRAVELIN JACK live 2017:


11.08.D-Plattenburg - Aquamaria Festival

18.08.D-Bad Katzting - Void Fest

19.08.D-Luckenwalde - Sky Way Jam

07.09.D-Bochum - Zeche (with  Wucan)

08.09.D-Munster – Rare Guitar

09.09.D-Berlin - Cassiopeia

21.09.D-Hannover – Mephisto >(with Wucan)

22.09.D-Erfurt - Tiko

23.09.D-Dresden – Scheune (with Wucan)

05.10.A-Vienna - Das Bach (with Wucan)




Kissin Dynamite to release debut live album

On time for their 10th anniversary, hard rockers of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are striking a balance. All members are just in the middle of their twenties, though the group around singer Hannes Braun have seen and achieved a lot since they first appeared on the map in 2006: 5 worldwide released studio albums, extensive touring in Europe and Asia, TOP 20 entries in official German album charts.


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are known for producing high-quality studio albums, but they are even more infamous for their energetic, intense live shows. So there is no better way than to celebrate the first ten years of band history with the group’s first ever Live release. 


“Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights” will be available as DVD/2-CD and BluRay/2-CD Digipak and contains 25 songs (incl. all their hits) – recorded at their sold out “hometown” show in Stuttgart, Germany, which took place in December 2016. This is pure dynamite! “Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights” comes up with an excellent setlist, consisting of songs from all of the band’s five albums. As a special highlight, Jennifer Haben (vocalist of popular German symphonic metal band Beyond The Black) guests on a duet with Hannes on the track “Masterpiece”. Out July 14.



Discography: Steel Of Swabia (2008) Addicted To Metal (2010) Money, Sex & Power (2012) Megalomania (2014) Generation Goodbye (2016) Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights (2017)


LINE-UP: Hannes Braun (Vocals) Jim Müller (Guitar) Ande Braun (Guitar) Steffen Haile (Bass) Andreas Schnitzer (Drums)


· Recorded at the sold out show in Stuttgart, Germany (December 2016)

· Guest appearance by Jennifer Haben (Beyond The Black) on the song „Masterpiece“

· Available as DVD/2CD- and BluRay/2CD packages

· Includes the entire concert

· Video bonus material on DVD and BluRay

· 25 songs, incl. all hits und fan favorites


Frontiers Music Srl To Release Third Album From World Trade

Frontiers Music Srl To Release Third Album From World Trade, “Unify”, on August 4th!


Composed of some of L.A.'s most recognized studio and songwriting talents, Billy Sherwood, Guy Allison, and Bruce Gowdy, World Trade will release their third album, “Unify” on August 4, 2017 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Lead vocalist and main songwriter, Billy Sherwood has been a fixture of the L.A. studio and recording scene since the mid-80's. Billy's talents range from producing a Recording Academy / GRAMMYs nominated album for Paul Rodgers Official to being the current bass player of YES (official), handpicked by Chris Squire to replace him before his untimely death. He also recently joined up with Original Asia as a replacement for John Wetton after his passing for the band’s current US tour with Journey.


"World Trade was always a very special band, with a unique sound. It's amazing all these years later to be able to make another record and have it feel just as special as the first,” says Sherwood.


Guy Allison and Bruce Gowdy, a pair of musicians also known for being behind the awesome melodic rock band Unruly Child Band, and drummer Mark T. Williams (son of famed composer John Williams and brother of Toto singer Joseph) round out the line-up.


“World Trade was always one of my favorite bands that I had the pleasure to be involved in. We are a real bunch of creative souls. Our debut record had such a great vibe and our new CD ‘Unity’ does as well! To our fans, we hope we can come out and play for you soon,” says Bruce Gowdy.


"If I had heard World Trade back when I was an impressionable young man (one who fell in love with the band U.K. on the very first listen), they would have made a lifelong impression on me. I'm very proud to have been a part of that musical journey with some of my very best friends,” adds Guy Alliison.


No doubt that World Trade is a world-class band in every sense. “Unify” is a mature sounding recording reflective of the years of experience within the band. With great songwriting, excellent vocals, and immense production values, this album will appeal to fans of Toto's most recent releases and 90125/Big Generator-era Yes, as well as fans of other progressive rock bands who value musicianship and songwriting craft.


Unify Track Listing:

1.The New Norm
2. Where We're Going
3. Pandora's Box
4. On Target On Time
5. Gone All The Way
6. Unify
7. For The Fallen
8. Lifeforce
9. Same Old Song
10. Again


Billy Sherwood – bass and lead vocals
Bruce Gowdy – guitars
Guy Allison – keyboards
Mark T. Williams – drums


Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of THE NIGHTS self-titled debut album

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of THE NIGHTS self-titled debut album on August 4. 2017!


THE NIGHTS have already debuted their first single, the acclaimed “Welcome to the Show”, which you can hear here: or here:


Pre-orders are available here:
• Frontiers:
• Amazon:
• iTunes:
• Google Play:

The Nights is a dynamic Finnish duo formed by two well known members of the melodic rock scene in Finland. Ilkka Wirtanen handles guitars, production, and songwriting and Sami Hyde is on vocals and handles songwriting duties too. Both Sami and Ilkka have established careers in music in both Finland and abroad. Sami has been a singer for a variety of acts and projects, including the Tony Mills Band (SHY, TNT) which also included Geoff Nicholls (Black Sabbath) on keyboards and Neil Hibbs (SHY) on guitar. Additionally, he has written songs for many artists, including The Magnificent ("If It Takes All Night", "Lost", and "Drive"). Ilkka Wirtanen is best known for his work as a producer with international acts like glam rockers Reckless Love, for whom he has produced four albums and co-written many of their more well-known songs, including "Hot" and "Night On Fire". He has sat in the producer’s chair for several other rock bands (Baton Rogue Morgue, Hellcity Punks) and has worked as a mixer for international acts (S.E.X. Department).


The band also recently appeared at two exclusive shows supporting Brother Firetribe last April to rave reviews:


• “It’s amazing how composing insanely catchy songs using only (…) is still possible... If the Swedish Work of Art is to your liking, but a heavier output is not a problem, I’d suggest you dig into this band right now. As a whole, the show was excellent… My money’s on wider success!” (


• “I can hardly believe it this is only the SECOND show by The Nights!!! The quartet from Helsinki and Jyväskylä does really well and I am really looking forward to her debut album which is due to be released in August.” (undercover-rock-and-metal)


With a line-up completed by Jan-Erik Iivari on drums & percussion and Harri Kokkonen on electric, acoustic and fretless bass, THE NIGHTS are going to provide the soundtrack to your late summer days!


THE NIGHTS tracklisting:
1. Welcome To The Show
2. Nothing But Love
3. Juliette
4. I Will Never Stop Loving You
5. In A Blink Of An Eye
6. Hold On
7. Elegy (You Should Be Here)
8. Take Me To Heaven
9. You Belong To Me Tonight
10. I Wanna Be Your Superhero
11. We Can Rule The World Tonight




Fireforce reveal new album artwork

The complete artwork for "ANNIHILATE THE EVIL"!! Be sure to put this one on your wish list for September 1st, 2017. On LIMB MUSIC!

The album was recorded and produced by the same team (Producer RD LIAPAKIS and engineer CHRISTIAN SCHMID) and in t
he same studio (THE PROPHECY STUDIOS) as the previous releases. The cover artwork was done by UWE JARLING and the booklet design by ANESTIS GOUDAS.

JONAS SANDERS, the drummer for PROPAIN, and a good friend of the band, was enlisted to play the drum tracks for this new album.

Be prepared for 12 COMBAT METAL tracks that will get you in their grip!

If you're interested in booking the band:

If you're interested in playing the drums in Fireforce:

The band: Filip “Flype” Lemmens: Vocals, Erwin Suetens: Guitars, Thierry van der Zanden: Guitars, Serge Bastaens: Bass, Jonas Sanders: Drums

Masterplan announce release date for 'PimpKings' on AFM Records

Masterplan's upcoming release will be a special one for band leader Roland Grapow, because it shows the man revisiting his Helloween past. "PumpKings" includes 11 songs which Roland contributed to Helloween's rich legacy during his time in the band. These songs have been re-recorded by Masterplan's current line-up recently. "PumpKings" will be released on July 28th as Digipak and colored (of course ORANGE ;-)) double Vinyl in gatefold sleeve.


01. The Chance
02. Someone's Crying
03. Mankind
04. Step Out Of Hell
05. Mr. Ego
06. Still We Go
07. Escalation 666
08. The Time Of The Oath
09. Music
10. The Dark Ride
11. Take Me Home