Artist: Edu Falaschi (Almah)

Date: 13 October 2011   

With the release of their new album 'Motion' due out tomorrow, we catch up with founding member and lead singer Edu Falaschi to find out how things are progressing in the Almah camp ... 

MM - Hiya Edu ... One of the first things people may notice from the opening track of new album 'Motion' (‘Hypnotised’), is that the album features more of an aggressive edge vocally; was this your intention to have a more edgy vocal style on this release?
EF -
Yeah, and I think this is very much my own style. I’m back to my own vocal world with Almah these days; in fact, always really! 

MM - The first Almah album was released in 2007, then the second shortly after in Sept. 2008; why the three year gap to this new album ‘Motion’?
EF -
That’s largely because I was still working with Angra at this time.  It's impossible to do both bands at the same time realistically, especially when the albums are so important. 

MM - The album mixes several different styles and influences all together with immense power and great musicianship; did you have a plan on how you wanted this album to sound from the beginning or did it develop along the way?
EF -
The main thing we all wanted was to have a more modern and heavy album.  Almah is not a power metal band and we decided to make this clear now.  Of course, there are some influences from bands like Symbols and Angra.  But Almah has its very own spirit and 'Motion' is a really good vehicle to express this.   

MM - Although this album isn’t a concept album, all the songs share a common theme, that being ‘Motion’.  Can you share with us some of the inspiration and meanings behind the songs?
EF -
No problem!  I decided to write about real things this time, real life; no more fairytales, Demons or Dragons.  I have the chance now to use music to talk to real people and talk about important things that can make a real difference in their lives.

That's why the name is 'Motion'.  It's like; move on!  Let's try something new and fresh! 

MM - I believe the artwork for the cover of ‘Motion’ was created with an iPhone?  Wow!  How did that come about?
EF -
Yeah, I took the pic. in Paris and put some effects on, using just some of the apps. that are available.  Having got the result, I showed this to the band and we decided to use it for the cover ‘cause it’s a nice sharp image; modern and different. I want to be creative with everything, not just the music that goes on the record.  

All melodic bands are doing the same artwork, using the same image databases, mixing the images; and often the result is the same beautiful image, with a magical, fantasy atmosphere.  

I want Almah to be different!   

MM - There’s been a few changes in personal over the bands short history; was there any particular reason for this and do you feel the band is now complete?
EF -
No particular reason... The band is now complete yes, and I love these guys!  I hope we can keep this team forever now!!! 

MM - How would you compare this third album to the bands previous two releases?
EF -
It's the Almah sound now, for sure! It really is our style and it’s a little like we’ve just found this out ourselves!  Now we have a style, personality and language! 

MM - So you personally think the Almah sound has developed since that first self-titled debut?
EF -
Absolutely ... Now it's a band; it's sounding natural and people can feel that the whole album, even with different songs, sounds as one! One whole piece. 

MM - Not only did you produce the new album, but you also wrote all the lyrics, did the arrangements and orchestrations, as well as playing acoustic guitar and keyboards; did you see this as a personal journey making this album and would you take on all those roles again for the next album?
EF -
Actually, everyone composed and arranged on this album, so it’s not strictly true to say that.  Of course, I'm the main composer, but we are a band and all of them can give their own touch!

It’s vital that everyone has made their own mark, because, as I’ve said, it defines the overall sound.  Marcelo played the acoustic guitars, I made 7 of the 10 songs, and I wrote 8 lyrics with Felipe writing 2.  I didn't do everything!  For the next album, I think the direction will probably still be the same.  Everyone working together!   

MM - So, you feel, with the backing of this great band behind you, Almah the band, is definitely going ever forward and can hold its own with the more established bands in the Power Metal genre?
EF -
No! As I said, we are not a power metal band!  Definitively!  We are kind of Prog Power / Trash band! Ha! Ha! 

MM - The band is embarking on a worldwide tour to promote the new album; how important for you and the band is it to kick things off in your homeland of Brazil?
EF -
Not so much these days ... We sing in English, and we need to go abroad now!  Japan and Europe were always important for me in Angra, and it's the same for Almah now. 

MM - With the world in economic turmoil, bands throughout Europe are finding it increasingly financially difficult to tour; just how hard is it for a band from Brazil to take to the world stages and make a living at it?
EF -
It's really hard!  Especially for the new bands!  But fortunately, in Brazil I'm reasonably well known now as a musician, composer and producer, so I have many things to do here that can earn pretty good money.  It's harder then before though, of course!  It's worst when you talk about an international tour.  But, I believe the right time will come! 

MM - The band may have a relatively short history, but have managed to make significant waves throughout the Power Metal genre; where would you like to see Almah progress in the next 5 years?
- 3 m
ore albums at least, in that time; touring a lot, especially in Europe and Japan, countries that have been so kind to the band so far.  Lots of video clips, ‘cause I love that creative side; good reaction from the fans and a ‘Consolidated’ career. 

MM - Is there anything we have omitted to ask you that you would like to share with our readers?
EF -
Not too much and thank you for speaking to me.  Anyone can find out more about Almah at, and please, if possible, try to follow me at Twitter @edufalaschi and at Facebook.

We have 2 new video clips; 'Trace Of Trait' and 'Late Night In '85' already up and running on Youtube, so you can visit us at and check those out as well! 

MM - Thanks very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today; we really appreciate it.  Best of luck with the album and the tour!
EF -
Thank you for the opportunity! See you soon!!!  

We'd like to thank Edu for taking the time out to chat with us today and wish him and the band every success with the new album.  Fingers crossed we'll get to see the band in the UK again soon. 


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