Artist: David Marcelis (Lord Volture)

Date: 21 August 2014



MM - Well David thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with us. 
– Thank you for inviting me.

MM - So how did Lord Volture come together?
– Well I’d been singing in bands for some sixteen years now and at one point I really felt that I needed to start my own band, with all the songs I'd written by myself, so I felt that I could make the decisions to get a band the way I wanted it. 

So with that idea in mind, I started writing songs for our first CD.  I recorded that album with my brother Paul and the help of a friend who as a technician.  From there, when we had the first album ready, I got the live band together.  I’ve been very fortunate that the live band has remained the same line-up ever since and we became a recording band as well.   

MM - Did you have a mission set out as how you wanted to band to sound from the beginning? 
DM - It's not like I had a concept in mind or planned how it should be, it's just that I had a lot of love for the Judas Priest style of Metal and American bands like Iced Earth and Jag Panzer, so it all came quite naturally.  It just needs to be Metal, as Metal as it can get. 

MM - That’s actually my next question, the band's obviously has been likened to Judas Priest and Iced Earth, is this a fair comparison? 
DM – Yeah I think so.  There is also a bit of the American Thrash bands in there also like Metallica, Megadeth and Agent Steel, but obviously also Iron Maiden and Saxon. 

MM - You’re about to release your third album Will To Power how would you compare this to the bands previous two albums? 
– With this album we’ve grown, both when recording and also the budget has increased.  This time around everything just fits.  The songs have become more compact and more mature.

MM - So you see this as just a natural progression for the band?
– Yeah.   

MM - Most people say the second album is the hardest album, but personally I think the third album is more difficult as it defines a band.  
- Yes I agree.  It’s the one that’s really decisive when it comes to a bands sound and style. 

MM - By the time a band get to the third album they’ve actually found their own sound.  
– Yes exactly. 

MM - I hadn’t actually heard the band's first album, but I bought the second album 'Never Cry Wolf' on the strength of your performance at the S.O.S. Festival this year.  
– Thank you. 

MM - It's been some 3 years since the second album 'Never Cry Wolf' but the band haven’t been idol in-between, so did you find time to write between tours or did you set time aside dedicated to writing the new album?  
– Some of the basic ideas were already there, in between touring I took those rough ideas and put them together around November 2012 to around March 2013.  Then in April we started to rehearse the new songs and in the summer of 2013 we hit the studio.  Then it was a matter of mixing, mastering and then finding the right label. 

MM - This is the bands first album for Mausoleum Records, what did they offer that the other labels didn’t? 
– Because our previous CD’s were self releases, we got a few offers from labels for those albums, but at the time I felt the offers weren't furthering the advance of Lord Volture.  But now with Mausoleum we can get our music to a wider audience by making sure the CD’s are available in as many countries worldwide and with Mausoleum, we can now do something bigger and better.  

MM - Speaking of writing, do the band have a main songwriter or does all the band participate in songs and music?  
– No so much with the songwriting as I do most of that before I bring the songs to the band.  But obviously before the finished tracks are on the album, especially the guitars, they add a lot of layers to make it more interesting.  I can play a bit of guitar but not the way Paul and Leon play, they add a lot of the quality to our music.  With all the band members you can hear their own influences on the music in the way that they play.

MM - So where does the inspiration come from for the songs?  I noticed on the new album you also delves into the Napoleonic Wars.  
DM – First of all it has to be Metal.  I read of lot of historical fiction and novels and I get a lot of influences from those, and think yes this is Metal.  When I come across a phrase or a word that I can say yes, this is a Metal song or title, the same is true for some science fiction novels.  I like to travel and I’m really inspired by landscapes.  The Pugilist on the new album is about a prize fighter, it's just what comes natural. 

MM - The band's albums have always had guest artists on them and this new album is no different as Chris Poland from Megadeth makes a special guest appearance.  So how did you get Chris involved on the album?  
– To tell you the whole story, when we recorded the first album 'Beast of Thunder', my brother Paul the guitarist in the band, he went to one of the Jeff Waters guitar clinics and he actually asked him if he would do a guest solo for our album.  So that was the first album.  So then we thought with the second album why not continue this.  So I contacted Sean Peck for Cage, who I knew and just contacted him and he said yes.

With the new album Paul once again contacted Chris, sent him the songs and he really liked it and really wanted to do some old school metal again and that was it.  Some times you have to have a lot of luck to get these guys involved, but all you have to do is ask.  If you don’t try you’ll never succeed. 

MM - What does the Dutch music scene have to offer your band specifically? What are its downfalls? 
– For traditional Metal is a little harder than some of the other countries.  Yes there is a lot of support for live music, in the underground scene, there are a lot of good people supporting traditional metal and organising concerts, running webzines and promoting bands.  For bands like us, we really need to focus outside Holland, but I think that’s true for a lot of bands.  I see German bands that may only tour in Germany, but we need to find people everywhere, not just in Europe, but the Middle East and South East Asia and South America, so that's what we are trying to do. 

MM - You appeared at this years S.O.S .Festival in Manchester, I understand that this was your first show in England? 
– Last year we played some shows in Northern Ireland, but that was our first show on the British Isles. 

MM – That day I was really impressed with the band, the professionalism of the band, the banners at the side.  I wasn’t the only one because in noticed people coming in from outside the venue to hear the band and for me I was one of the highlights of the weekend. 
– Thank you very much. 

MM - Any plans to come back to the UK because I know you’d go down well with the UK metalheads.  
DM - We already have a few festivals lined up for next year.  We have The Power and The Glory Festival in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and in June we play Les Fest in Scotland.  I hope there will be more to come for you guys in 2015. 

MM - So what does the future hold for the band for the remainder of the year and 2014? 
- After the album release we have our release show.  We have festival in Germany, we have some more shows in Holland, then a Slovakian tour coming up in October.  Then things get a bit more quiet around Christmas time.  Then in 2015 we are making a lot of touring plans in Europe again and the festivals in the UK, then we will start things on what will be on the next album. 

MM – So have you thought about the next album? 
– Yes of course, producing ideas just goes on and on and its mainly a matter of selecting which ideas I want to continue with and which direction to go. 

MM – Thank you very much for taking part to in the interview! 
– Thanks for the opportunity!

Interview by: Barry McMinn



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