Artist:  Jackieonassid 

Date:  Autumn 2000 

MM - Introduce the band to us.
Basically JackieOnAssid is me .. I play a lot of the instruments in the studio and for the live stuff pull in musicians.  Mike Varjak from "THE SISTERS OF MERCY " has played guitar on a lot of the Tracks ... Kevin 'See You ' will be playing guitar on the next set of live dates ... he is a young cute French guy ... and I will be announcing the other members soon ...

MM - Where does the name 'JACKIEONASSID come from, is it more than a play on words?

Jackie is an old girlfriend of mine ... she was really fucked up .. into all sorts of weird stuff ... including continual Acid trips ... and she was also obsessed with JACKIE "O" and JFK'S assassination ... she had the assassination on video and used to watch it over and over ... we used to live in a cave in ISLINGTON in LONDON UK ... sort of ... anyway ... it was love ... video ... super 8 ... mercy song ... don covay ... Jackie is it my birthday or am I dying? ... Jackie take off those false eyelashes ... why is it my birthday ?... well you know what I mean don't you ... Next question...

MM - When was the band formed and how did you all meet?

I met Mike Varjak in Re-Hab ..and Kevin was the cleaner for my apartment. I caught him playing my guitar, sacked him as my cleaner and employed him for "JACKIE"

MM - Where does the band call home?


MM - How would you Describe your music to anyone who hasn't heard it, and who would it appeal to?

This is how the music has been described. Basically JackieOnAssid will appeal to anyone with a healthy dislike of boy bands and pop fodder. If you want to hear it for yourself go to:

"An irresistible blend of intelligent lyrics, sultry, erotic vocals and raunchy slick grooves. Hard driving rhythm guitar & warm reckless harmonies abound. If you like your hard edged rock boisterous and playful, soaked in kinky rhythms, you'll love the powerful sonic force that is JackieOnAssid! "

"He writes dark pop-happy decadent songs with the most savagely intelligent lyrics"



MM - Are you signed/unsigned at present?

We have our own Label "ONASSID" (of course) and are looking to do a licensing deal with a Major ...

MM - Do you currently have any CD's available?

Yeah ...I am never out of the bloody studio.  The first CD I released was an enhanced EP called 4PLAY. It includes two of the videos - Company Car and Meditation Man (but more of that later) This is a bit of a collector's item now, but there are still a few available.  Then I released the album ZIP ME UP.

The latest release is another CD-ROM, JackieOnAssid 2000 of the 4 videos - Company Car, Meditation Man, Zip Me Up and Andy Warhol.  They are all available through .  The videos are a really important part of the whole Jackie thing, which brings me on to yet another rather tasty review:  

"JackieOnAssid's videos are weird, wonderful and above all controversial.

Conceived, directed and photographed by award winning British film maker Paul Hills, they star Chris Constantino and a selection of lunatics, goodtime girls and psychopaths who make up the Jackie cast, in addition to 'the guilty' - passers-by who were forced into appearing, frequently against their will.

'Company Car' was shot in London in the City. "We got attacked a couple of times, crazy really, they saw the camera and went ape shit. Others loved it, they thought they were going to be famous!! Ha Ha!".

'Zip Me Up' contains scenes of bondage, arson and the gratuitous abuse of mannequins, but it was the burning of books that upset Joe Public to the extent that he offered to give the director a good spanking.

Made up of stills which flash in front of your eyes so rapidly that it never looks the same twice, be warned, if you are of epileptic disposition you watch at your own risk! This video is so good it even has its own trailer.

Jackieonassid CD'Andy Warhol' is stark art house bizarre and is so far from mainstream that the word "underground" doesn't do it justice.

'Meditation Man' oozes erotic sleaze, like hot honey, on to your screen. If you are lucky enough to see the original cut, look out for the shot of a part of Buddha's anatomy which you probably haven't seen before!"
To see videos go to:

MM - Who writes and composes the songs you perform?


MM - Is all of your music original material or do you do cover versions as well?

Mostly original but I am looking for a country song to cover ..if any one has ideas please e-mail them to the most delicious JACKIE P.A.- Deborah X

MM - Who designs your posters/flyers/CD covers?

Tulio Campregher - a lot of the design ..he is a genius ..and a great bloke...and of course the loyal and delicious JACKIE P.A. Deborah X

MM - What's the worst/best thing about being in a rock band?

The never ending Global Blow Job for free ... the "bobbing head " as Mike calls it ... no need for toilet paper when doing well ... as you have plenty of ass lickers ... free drinks ... free memberships ... free drugs ... free guitars ... ceaseless upgrades. posh totty ... roadies ... a loyal and delicious P.A. Deborah X.

Re-hab ... Gonorrhoea ... Crabs ... Starting the tour with 3 tour buses and 2 trucks and ending it with 1 Ford Transit van ... Clingy groupies who call themselves "ARTISTS" or who become artists/SINGERS once they have buried you ... Stalkers ... Your A& R guy getting fired ... your mum and dad coming to the gigs with your girlfriend and her parents ... running on stage in front of 100,000 people and your guitar not working...

MM - Has the internet influenced the way the band project their songs and their image?

One of the reviews we have had described us as having been "born on the world wide web". The internet is brilliant because it gives you access to a massive audience. We have done a lot of our promotion through the web and have had a lot of fun creating websites. The image of the sites is all part of the whole Jackie thing. If you want something designed to be a total maze to get lost in pleasureland go to If you want lots of info and are feeling really lazy go to

MM - Which band/artist has influenced you the most and why?

I suppose Lou Reed ...cos he is a grumpy bastard and I can relate to that ...

MM - What was the last CD that you bought and why?

Lou Reed's "LEGENDARY HEARTS" ... because Fernando Saunders bass playing is amazing....

MM - Do you keep in touch with Adam or the other Ants? And any chance of a reunion in the future?

I spoke with Marco a while back but haven't spoken with ADAM for yonks ... No idea about a reunion ... I doubt it ... but who knows...

MM - Lastly, what short phrase would best describe the bands and its members?

Weird and Wonderful


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