Artist:  Ten By Ten 

Date: 21 July 2012   

MM: Hi, great to meet you all.
Thanks, great to meet you too.

MM: How did you feel your performance at todayís SOS Festival go down?
Fantastic, it was a great crowd mid-way through todayís line up of bands.  Yeah, a nice receptive warm crowd and have hopefully we've won over some new fans.

MM: Well I caught you at last yearís SOS Festival on the Sunday and I was totally blown away.  You were amazing and certainly got everyoneís interest,  especially as you were the first band on and most people had a hangover from the night before you certainly got the venues attention.
Yes we had a great response last year.  Being the first band to take to the stage is never easy.

MM: So tell us about Ten By Ten, how did the band get together?
: Ten By Ten came together from a band I was in called Zero, but it all fell apart.  We had done SOS before, everything was going great and like all bands do we came to a conclusion basically, so we were a bit high and dry.  Chris is my brother and we got chatting and decided we would like to do something, as we have very similar interests in music.  The rest of the guys are lifelong friends, so we kind of got a bit of a plan together.  We always wanted to be original and not do any covers, so we started writing and 'Fell From Grace' was the first song we wrote, which we played today and basically just snowballed from there.  You know we got on with it and started to do the networking.  Mark Appleton from Rocksector Records has been fantastic for us and we have developed things from there.  It has really been a giant snowball from there really.

MM: Well I mentioned you guys on New Yearís Eve at The Towler to Mark Appleton and I'd like to think I kind of had some input to you being back here today! .. Ha ha!
Ha ha, Thanks very much!

MM: SOS festival is growing, do you have any other festival appearances lined up at the moment?
: All of them! No seriously, nothing else at the moment but we would love to do Bloodstock.

MM: What bands have influenced you all?
Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Nirvana. 

MM: Yes I can see there is a grungy influence in your music. 
Yeah we like that groove, but I think we all have a diverse taste in music.  I mean personally I like all types of music, but it is predominantly in Rock and Metal, but I have come from a background of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, I love all that stuff, so it is definitely there in Ten By Tens music. But when we got together with Al, whose other band is called Strain, who became a full on metal band.  So if you can imagine coming from a background of Black Label Society and Black Sabbath and mixing it up with the grunge influences, that's us.   

We have been called Grunge infected Southern Rock and I think that kind of fits. I think thatís a fair comment about our sound.  We arenít a screamy metal band.  Whereas there is nothing wrong with that type of Metal, we are more melodic sounding, with Al and his sound.  We get so many great comments about our guitarists and the riffs we have and we have been really lucky that everything we have done so far has been really liked.  

MM: If there was a band who you could tour with who would that is?
We all have different tastes but as four individuals we will throw in Soundgarden.  Chris Cornell has an amazing Voice.  Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Pantera.  

MM: When are we likely to see an album released?
Chris: Well we arenít actually signed at the moment ...

MM: Oh I thought you would have been signed to Rocksector by now? 
Chris: No, but Rocksector have been really good to us.  They've taken us on a tour and over to Belgium when they could of taken their own bands is really good.  They are a busy label with busy working bands and with Mark and Lynne from Rocksector asking us to go the road with them, we feel very privileged to have done that.  But no, as it stands we aren't currently with a label, it's just four guys doing what we can.  You know there is no tour funding or stuff like that, that all comes out of our four pockets and we all have jobs away from the band and our own lives.  It is one of those things where we can justify putting money aside and we want to do it. 

We have been invited back to Belgium towards the end of the year to co-headline a venue, but we also need to get more stuff recorded, but it is all about the money.  You know we pay for the T-Shirts and CD's, sell them and make some more.  You know we are not doing it for the money, we are doing it for the love and passion, but unfortunately things do cost and whatever we can get on merch and gigs that pay us.  I mean we do an awful lot of support slots, so we donít get paid, but whatever we can put in the pot will go towards recording and what is left over we will put towards going overseas again.  That will be great.

MM: How would you describe the band in one word? 

MM: What are your feelings on the music industry?
Chris: Itís still thriving.  Thereís loads of good bands at this level and higher and it is the luck of the draw.  An event like the SOS Festival is great to be involved with as you know itís going to be pulling people in.  Itís great that we are having people come back to see us and we are building a loyal following now.  People have traveled a long, long way to see us, which is nice.  But back to your question, I feel it is quite promising as the band Broken who were on earlier today are due to be playing Bloodstock, which is something that if they can do it, then so can we.  I mean itís not a competition, but there is a glimmer of hope that we could get on at something like Download .

MM: Well I hope you do get there as I think you guys are brilliant and you really blew us away at last yearís SOS and were part of the reason for us going to Kendal earlier on in the year when you supported Fury UK.   Plus todayís performance was fantastic again.

MM: Can you explain the meaning behind the 'Jesus Road Trip' song?
Chris: Someone on MSN had a picture of Christ from the film Dogma and we were messing around with a riff.  We had no words or melody and I saw that Christ picture and it was the second coming.  Jesus is coming back to kick-ass!  Heís got hand grenades, sub machine guns, Mother Teresa and the Pope helping him to kick off and basically heís going to sort out all the bad guys in a bad way.  The song just grew from there really.  We are not religious at all, it's just a bit tongue in cheek.  On the video Mother Teresa is shooting people in the head.  We will probably burn in hell for it! It is a pretty dark song as well, so itís all down to the film Dogma.  

MM: Anything you would like to say to our readers and listeners?
Band: We would like to say thank you to Matt who did our video.  Please check out our Website, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.  Please check out our video, keep hitting the likes, letís get us noticed and let's push Ten By Ten as far as possible.

MM: Brilliant was great to meet you! 
: Thank you!

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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